Choosing New Gear: Emblem vs. Tier 10

Morynne —  December 11, 2009 — 1 Comment

I find myself in a very tough situation as ICC starts and Emblems of Frost are collected.

Do I buy Tier 10 initially (which is a DPS loss if you’ve been in end-game content for awhile) or do you invest your Emblems of Frost in other badge gear that will give you an instant upgrade?

For example…
Now, please notice on this table, I have the Windrunner’s Handguards of Triumph at the bottom.  The Ahn’Kahar Blood Hunter’s Handguards (not heroic, just the badge ones) aren’t listed anywhere here.In this case, I would certainly choose to purchase the Logsplitters.  The only worth while upgrades aren’t Tier 10 pieces based on my current gear selections.

chestfrostvst10In the case of the chest piece, it’s very tempting to take that Tier 10 piece minimal upgrade, right?  I agree.  The Longstrider’s Vest is ultimately going to be the bigger immediate DPS increase, but the Heroic Tier 10 piece is 100 DPS more than that!

Downside: We won’t see those tokens until after Arthas is killed in 25 man regular.  That’s a few months off.

So what do we do?  Spend the badges to get the base tier gear to start?

That’s certainly an option.  It really depends on how aggressively you want to improve your gear.  If you’re doing the weekly raid quest, doing your daily random dungeon, and are clearing the current content in 10 and 25 man ICC every week, I’d do both.

Here’s my plan: do a quick snatch and grab of the Tier 10 pieces that are an upgrade currently.  I would also plan on getting the Emblem of Frost gear that sits in the top 3 lists on the spreadsheet, alternating between those and the Tier 10.  This is going to take some time, so if something better comes around, that’s cool too. Remember, Tier 10 25m is only available AFTER you’ve purchased the base Tier gear, so if you want it, you better start farming those badges.

Ultimately you can spend your badges on whatever you want, but if your aim is like mine, and want to get as many upgrades as possible as quickly as possible, it’s important to prioritize so nothing gets wasted.

(resource used to determine DPS increases is the EJ Hunter DPS spreadsheet)


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One response to Choosing New Gear: Emblem vs. Tier 10

  1. Personally, I'd rather grabs whatever upgrades I can and wait for the Tier 10, rather than spend Emblems beforehand, because spending emblems on the Logsplitters means waiting even longer for Tier 10 :<
    Even if it does mean buying the item and waiting until it will gain you a yummy set bonus.
    .-= Jaedia´s last blog ..Pre-Raid Hunter Gear List =-.

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