Itemization: Deathbringer’s Will = Hunter Loot

Morynne —  December 16, 2009 — 2 Comments

you-make-bunny-cryIf you follow my twitter, you know that last night I lost Deathbringer’s Will to a DPS warrior. I don’t necessarily mind so much, but I don’t know that he really realizes that the proc on Deathbringer’s Will will be wasted on him half of the time.  I do want to say congratulations to that DPS warrior, it’s still an amazing trinket, and I’m sure he’ll get lots of use out of it.

The text on Deathbringer’s Will reads as follows:

Deathbringer’s Will
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 80
Item Level 264
Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 155 (12.59% @ L80).

Equip: Your attacks have a chance to awaken the powers of the races of Northrend, temporarily transforming you and increasing your combat capabilities for 30 sec.

The proc can go into any one of the following:

  • Strength of the Vrykul – Granted 600 strength by the form of the Vrykul.
  • Agility of the Wolvar – Granted 600 agility by the form of the Wolvar.
  • Power of the Taunka – Granted 1200 attack power by the form of the Taunka.
  • Precision of the Iron Dwarves – Granted 600 armor penetration rating by the form of the Iron Dwarves.
  • Aim of the Tuskarr – Granted 600 critical strike rating by the form of the Tuskarr.
  • Speed of the Gorloc – Granted 600 haste rating by the form of the Gorloc.

And here’s the break out of how the trinket tends to proc by class:

  • DK: Str, Haste, Crit
  • Druid: Str, Agi, ArP
  • Hunter: Agi, Crit, AP
  • Paladin: Str, Haste, Crit
  • Rogue: Agi, ArP, AP
  • Warrior: Str, Crit, ArP

So let’s talk this through.  For straight up melee classes, they have a hard crit cap and a haste cap.  There comes a point where all your abilities are nearly instant, but are still governed by the global cool-down.  For most DPS warriors in end-game raiding, they are close to their ArP cap as well, and with that proc, it would put them rediculously over the cap, and wasting the ArP.

For hunters, here’s why it’s so good.  Agi increases DPS both for Marks and Survival.  No cap, but there is a point of diminishing returns.  No Crit cap.  Seriously.  When all my stuff goes off, I can have close to 70% crit, and recount confirms that I really do crit that much.  Why not add another 600 crit rating?  Attack Power also has a huge impact on a hunter’s DPS, none going wasted.  I’ve also heard that ArP will proc for Hunters as well, but cannot confirm.  Most hunters in end game raiding will stack toward Agi instead of ArP because it has a bigger impact, so because of that, getting a proc for 600 ArP would be really awesome, and would get them closer to 50% ArP, or in some cases past it.

On the flip side to all of this, there are always going to be procs that are more beneficial than others, but realistically, very little from this trinket gets wasted on a hunter.  There is a reason this is Best in Slot according to Elitist Jerks.

I really do wish everyone who can use this trinket a lot of luck.  It is absolutely amazing what it does, but don’t be terribly surprised if you have a hurt hunter in your raid if they didn’t get it (or don’t already have it).


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  1. Best-in-slot for Beast Mastery, as well ^_^
    .-= Pike´s last blog ..A Sad Day for Bestial Wrath Addicts Everywhere =-.

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