Ruby Sanctum Released!

Morynne —  June 30, 2010 — 3 Comments

I’m all for new content, and Ruby Sanctum is going to provide that.

How it was launched? Garbage.

For several battle groups, they experienced server downtime of 24 hours the same time that Ruby Sanctum was released for public consumption.  I have a big problem with this.

For progression raiders, timing is everything.  You live and die by how fast you can down an encounter.  Several battle groups weren’t able to do this yesterday — not and be competitive for the world-firsts.

Before this post turns into a giant QQ fest, I want to say that I enjoyed my night off raiding last night — gave me a good night’s sleep before I had to face the DMV at 8am this morning.  My biggest issue though is the fact that it wasn’t even left as an option for the servers that were down to participate in the “first” kills of Halion.

If you’re going to do a content release like that, at least make it open to everyone at the same time.  Not only will it save you about 70 pages of whining on the forums, but will also give the feeling of everyone being on the same playing field.


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3 responses to Ruby Sanctum Released!

  1. Try playing on EU servers, with these sorts of encounters we don't even get a look in for world firsts. Not saying I personally would anyway, but it'd still be nice for EU guilds to have the equal chance to compete against US guilds, for the single boss encounters and such, just for once.

    • I can only imagine how frustrating that can get, but also remember that there are some guilds in EU that get world firsts — despite the time difference of when the content comes out. Pretty sure an EU guild got world first Yogg+0. I just have a big issue with "we want to wait until everyone can play" and then they happen to release on the same day 40 servers are down for Cataclysm. I'll take the downtime and the inconvenience if it means that when Cataclysm comes out and the server population doubles or triples on release that the servers can handle the volume.

      I know my guild isn't out for world firsts — we just want to have extremely good progression on our server, so we're still competitive in that regard, but I know there are lots of guilds out there who want that world first.

      • EU get world firsts on stuff that's been out for a while, the easy, one boss raids EU don't get a look in.

        I'm pretty sure I'd heard Blizzard had said they'd be releasing this on the Thursday so everybody gets a chance at world firsts, but ah well, what can ya do?

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