Cataclysm NDA Lifted – Beta starts!

Morynne —  July 1, 2010 — 2 Comments

Cataclysm Beta officially launched yesterday, which means there’s a huge flood of information that has been released out to the public.  I’m still trying to digest all the information, and as I get through it, I’ll put in my $0.02. has a very comprehensive list as of right now, albeit messy.

Now, call me selfish, but I sincerely hope that the guy to the right is the Blizzcon mount — just remember that we were seeing builds of the Wrath beta that showed the mount reward from 2008 — here’s hoping we get another sneek peek!


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2 responses to Cataclysm NDA Lifted – Beta starts!

  1. It figures that they lifted the Non Disclosure Agreement the only weekend I am out on vacation. Now we just need to filter through all the data that comes out. Do you know which guilds got the permission to try the beta?

    • I haven't seen anything for what guilds got the beta invites — and frankly we probably won't. Everything I'm reading is saying that the beta invites are taking awhile to go out and flag all the accounts, so I'm sure we'll keep getting new information as more and more people get their invites and start plastering it all over the internet.

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