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Dislcaimer: By no means is this a leak from Cataclysm beta (something I’m not involved with just yet), this is merely opinion of how you can best gain/lose reputation with your guild.

With Cataclysm it is bringing obvious changes — class changes, new races, and a myriad of others, but one that piqued my interest is Guild Perks and Guild Reputation.

There’s absolutely no telling at this point what is actually going to impact your Guild Reputation, but I’m sure it will have to do with your participation in guild events — raids, instances, battlegrounds, etc.  From a developer’s standpoint, it’s very difficult to standardize what is a good contribution to the guild when it comes to materials, raid flasks, food, etc. because every guild wants different things and ultimately has different goals.

Thinking a little outside the box here, Wikipedia defines “reptuation” as the following:

Reputation is the opinion (more technically, a social evaluation) of the group of entities toward a person, a group of people, or an organization on a certain criterion. It is an important factor in many fields, such as educationbusinessonline communities or social status.

So if you have good reputation with your guild, what does that mean? The hope is a guild will have active members who work toward a common goal – whatever that might be.  The easy measurement for a good guild member is activity levels — the investment they have in the guild, and the effort put forth. If a guild member is always trying to participate in guild events, helps out other guild members and plays well with others, they should have pretty good Guild Reputation. “Effort” is pretty difficult to define though from a sheer objectivity standpoint.

The Looking for Dungeons tool has taught us that people who don’t try can be carried through 5-man heroics, but they queue up all the time.  Same thing goes for people who get into Battlegrounds all the time — there are some who just don’t try.  I have a hard time giving them credit for “effort” if they just stand there.

I do think once Cataclysm launches though, negative reputation should be considered. I’m a big advocate of counting certain things against people, and GMs ought to have a simple interface where they can track this sort of thing and act on it accordingly — either through Guild Reputation or other means of their choosing.  Below are some examples.

  1. Signing up to an event you’ve been invited to and not showing.
  2. Standing in fire/void zones/whatever is trying to eat your feet this encounter.
  3. Leeroy Jenkins.
  4. Coming unprepared to a raid. (not repaired, no flasks, no food, no consumables, etc.)
  5. Clicking yes on a ready check and then going AFK.

Is guild reputation best left at the discretion of the guild, or is it best left standardized by Blizzard?

I think this question is very dependent on your guild and guild leaders.  I’m sure there are some out there who have the want to be complete jerks about guild reputation, and others who will give it out to anyone and everyone.  I think for the formalized system, participation measured by Blizzard is going to be best — it will be standardized across all guilds, so the expectation of how guild reputation is given out is the same for everyone.

Guild reputation is currently handled through the Guild Rank system — where officers and Guild Masters can promote and demote members of their guild as they see fit.  I think how this system is managed is what is going to set one guild apart from another.  If you have to invest time and a significant amount of effort into becoming a member of a guild, chances are you’re going to automatically have good Guild Reputation.  If you’re in a guild that makes anyone an officer, then it might not mean as much depending on that guild’s system.  On Destromath for Alliance, Shadowmelded Moonkins is one of the guilds that will invite anyone and everyone and make them officers because they feel like it – not necessarily because the person truly earned it.

In my current and past guild, people are promoted into being a member of the guild after a trial period.  Once you’re a member and you’ve proven your worth to the guild, you’re then made a Core member of the raiding team, and truly exceptional individuals may get to be an Officer eventually.  Putting forth the effort and contributing positively to a guild is going to get you where you want to go — just like you hope your job will do at some point.

Bottom line, in Cataclysm, I see the Guild Ranking (member, officer, GM, etc.) system being the distinguishing characteristic of how a guild recognizes its members– it will truly tell you how you’re performing in a guild, provided there is some effort involved in gaining these ranks.  The Blizzard general Guild Reputation system will likely help you gain the bonus rewards of being a member of a guild just by playing the game — running instances, participating in Battlegrounds, raiding, earning achievements, etc.  Between the two systems, any guild will be able to provide bonuses to members who play all the time, but those guilds who want to recognize exceptional members will still need to show their appreciation through rank or some other means.


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13 responses to Thoughts on Guild Reputation

  1. Great post Morynne! I prefer having the ranks actually mean something. Sort of like how forums work with members and moderators, a select few exceptional members might reach higher officer ranks, and maybe be able to participate in key guild decisions. I would bet you are right about blizz letting people gain rep based on participating in instances, BGs, raids, etc, but I still think we need a system for rewarding those who do things well and have an attitude that helps the guild on the whole. We'll seeeeeee. :)

  2. Very interesting take on the shared topic, saying there are 2 reputation buckets, the guild's and the hierarchy.

    I tend to agree with you, regarding the working the way up the ladder in order to get to higher ranks, and thus earning reputation in the guild.

    The new guild reputation system if done correctly I hope builds on the guild aspect, and not just favors those who run dungeons until their eyes bleed, but instead gives rep to those who better the guild.

    • The Blizzard Guild Rep system is likely to be very 1-dimensional, but it's ultimately up to the guild leader and officers to make their exceptional members feel valued, and motivate people to want to be contributing members to the guild beyond running stuff until they want to die.

  3. If I had the stick of negative rep debits to keep our raid signups in line I would be a happier O for sure. :)

    Great post!

    • I think most raid leaders and officers would be so happy if they could actually punish someone for being dumb besides just sitting them out or telling them not to do it again.

      Pipe dream, but I know if they implemented something like that, it'd be abused by a lot of guilds.

  4. I considered negative reputation as well and I can't help but feel that giving a whipping stick to the majority of WoW players would result in misuse. I can't count the number of times an emotional reaction caused a member to gquit or an officer to boot someone. Giving power to the player (guild leader) in terms of guild perks encourages favoritism and although I'm sure we'd all like to sit here and say "I'd never do that!" let me be the first to say that eventually, I would. I think it ought to be standardized in terms of increases (and decreases but Blizz is pretty big on the low/no penalty systems) but have many different avenues for achieving your guild rep.

    • There has always been, and will always be gkicking as punishment, and that's something that a GM and officers should be expected to use responsibly — I don't think Blizzard will give ways to reduce guild reputation to individuals — nor do I think they'll have it implemented where people lose reputation with their guild. I have a feeling that once you have it, you have it, until you leave that guild — then you start over with whatever guild you move to.

      The only objective way to really measure guild "reputation" is going to be through a character's activity level — meaning that if you sit in Orgrimmar or Stormwind all the time, you won't gain anything, but run some instances and you'll gain rep. The more active you are, the faster you'll gain. Blizz likely won't punish people who don't have a lot of time to play by reducing reputaiton.

  5. I don't know how well the system is implemented now (all kinds of guild-related things are messed up) but here are some of the things that I gained guild rep for:

    – Completing instance
    – Completing quests
    – Killing bosses in instances (any boss)

    None of these were at all consistent. Sometimes I'd get 1 or 2 guild rep, sometimes not. I could run a whole instance and get nothing, but the next time I'd gather a bunch.

    After leveling to 83 (lots of questing, decent amount of instancing) my rep was 500/3000 into neutral. I'm really hoping they speed that up a bit :)

    But at least at the time in beta, guild officers had no control over rep.

    • Bad Frost, no gravatar? Really? ;)

      I figured just activity levels would have to do with the guild rep system, and I'm quite thankful the guild leaders don't have control over it. Not saying that everyone would abuse it, but I'm sure there are some out there that would.

      Based on how slow you're earning rep, I'd hope they would step it up as well — not that I'd be expecting Exalted that quick, but it seems rather low, unless you really start reaping the rewards of guild rep at 85 with heroics and raiding.

      Fingers crossed, hopefully I can come join in on the beta fun. Just haven't had any luck getting a key or my account flagged.

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