Blizzcon 2010: In Game Item Announced!

Morynne —  August 25, 2010 — 3 Comments

D’awww… isn’t he cute!

Today Blizzard announced the Blizzcon in-game item, and it turns out to be Deathy.  A murlock skinned like Deathwing with that great big iron jaw.  Now we haven’t seen his animations yet, but I think he’s got potential.

I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping for a mount this year, but I suppose I’ll live.

My only thing is that Blizzard seems to be taking this Deathwing theme a little too far.  After all, the Collectors Edition will come with Mini-Deathwing for a mini pet, and this murloc is basically the same thing, just with legs and no wings.  See?

I’m updating my Blizzcon page with this information now, so I can keep everything together.


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3 responses to Blizzcon 2010: In Game Item Announced!

  1. I have to agree, was really hoping for a mount this year and Deathwing style mount would have been awesome

    • I do think a deathwing mount would have been cool, but since a good portion of the Cataclysm world will be under water, why not an underwater turtle mount or a seahorse? a manta ray of some kind? I dunno, I'm just rambling. Deathy is cute and all, but certainly not something I can ride.

  2. it seems like there is always something murloc related with blizz con…
    Deathwing big deal…
    I think i will be getting a collectors edition…
    a mount styled like deathwind would have been sooooo nice… or totally agree SEAHORSE! if i get a seahorse mount at annny point in the expac I am going to be ooohhh so so so happy!

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