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6 responses to Cataclysm Beta Opt-In Emails

  1. There is a special ring in hell just for these a@@holes.

    • Well not just that, but the fact that they're just blasting random wow-related email addresses in hopes to find an idiot. I'm hoping that by pushing this stuff out, it'll save a few people's accounts from getting hacked.

  2. Indeed, it is even worse when they do send it to the correct address. In that case, it takes everything in me not to click on the link.

    Those are the worse and I think the ones where people, in their excitment, don't follow proper Cover Your Butt protocol, such as going to directly and checking.

  3. I get so many emails like that a day, I wasn't sure if the "real" email would come through properly, but it did, about 14 hrs after the cata beta was added to my battle net page… XD

  4. I get these all the time on my email that is no longer connected to my battle dot net account. Its crazy because that one doesn't get any.

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