The future’s in the air…

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I can feel it everywhere blowing with the wind of change. – Scorpions, “Wind of Change”

Nope. Still not in Cataclysm Beta.  That’s okay though!

There’s been lots of news that’s come out of the last few Beta Builds that I haven’t talked about, mostly out of anger in not being in the Beta, but I digress.

Before I dive into the most recent Hunter changes for Cataclysm, wanted to give you all an update on where I’ve been lately, and why so sparse posting.

Awhile back, I mentioned that I’m now on the Horde side, running as an Orc with one of the top guilds on my server.  I’m not in their main runs, but that’s fine by me… real life needed a bit more attention than usual, so raiding only once a week is no big deal.  I’ve now cleared 8/12 Heroic 25-ICC.  Only things I have left are Lady Deathwhisper, Professor Putricide, Sindragosa, and Lich King.  I’m reasonably certain we’ll be doing Deathwhisper in the next couple weeks, so you can expect some more Heroic strategy from me soon.

I can’t say I’m especially happy with my new guild, but it lets me raid, so I’m okay with it — I’d much rather be back with Controlled Anarchy in the long run.  That’s where the news comes in.  It sounds like with Cataclysm, CA is intending on getting the gang back together at least for 10-man raids, so I’ll be back to raiding where I want.  Still not sure if it will be Alliance or Horde, but I’m excited about this.

Now, on to the most recent Hunter changes for Cataclysm….

Volley removed from the game (And of course when I don’t report a missing skill because I think it’s a bug, it’s actually gone for real)
It’s gone. We want to make Multi-Shot the spell hunters use for AE.

Channeling a spell that makes arrows fall out of the sky doesn’t feel like a hunter ability and doesn’t even really match the name of the spell.

Only class with a minimal range and now without volley only class without an aoe /shakes head
You realize “only class” claims are viewed as a success by the developers. The classes are too similar as it is. (

Most seem to think they simply removed it & that we will be using multishot instead.
Yep. Volley was edging out Mult-Shot, even though we think the latter is the more interesting ability. Volley felt too much like a magic spell and not something a hunter was doing with her bow or gun. (

I know I’m going to regret posting in this thread again, but I think it’s the right thing to do so I’ll take one for the team. 

We think Multi-Shot is a more interesting ability and can fill the hunter AE niche (along with Explosive Trap). We’ll have to change Multi-Shot from the current version to get it there. I’m very sorry if for some unusual reason Volley was your favorite spell as a hunter. We’ve been trying to consolidate abilities and free up some bar space and having multiple AEs that competed with each other seems like a good area to hit up. The Volley and Multi-Shot niches were very similar, which resulted in the latter being dead. We wanted to pick one and we though Multi-Shot felt more huntery and less “clunky” (to use a favorite Wow forums term).

Do consider that you won’t be AE’ing yourselves through Cataclysm content the way you do currently. When you do need to AE, hunters will have the tools to do so. In situations where you do have to AE, you are probably not also trying to CC. When you’re back to the level of trivializing lower level content, nobody is going to say “Don’t bring a hunter. Their AE spam isn’t spammy enough.” We don’t consider easily breaking rogues out of stealth a good reason to keep Volley around.

I think that hits most of the reasonable concerns. I care much less about addressing the unreasonable ones. 

As always, those of you whose sole contribution is to post very inane or derogatory things will be banned.

Man, have we come a long way from “AE is only for trash.” (Source)

Here’s my thoughts:

Volley is was a great AOE ability pre-Wrath.  The damage amount was not extreme, but if you needed to DPS more than 3 mobs at once, it wasn’t a horrible option, but clearly focusing on one target at a time would likely give you better results.  When the 3.0 patch hit, the amount of damage that Volley produced was ridiculous, and frankly still is.  The idea that a Hunter can keep up with a Mage or a Warlock for AOE damage on trash pulls is a bit ridiculous.  When I think of a Hunter, I’m not thinking of a person who can do lots of damage to lots of targets, I’m thinking of someone who can fire a gun or shoot an arrow with such precision to cause a lot of damage to a single target.  Volley, while I will miss you, I’m not sorry to see you go.  I’m glad they’re redesigning Multi-Shot to serve more as the Hunter’s AOE type ability, I just hope it doesn’t turn into Volley 2.0 that hits more than 3 targets.

So for today, I think that’s all I’ve got.  Oh, and I ding’d 28 for real yesterday. 30 is a scary number. :)


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  1. Happy belated b-day :D

    30 isn't so scary. Learning Feign Death is fun. The paramedics still laugh when they remember my 30th b-day party :D

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