Blizzcon 2010: Survival Tips

Morynne —  September 21, 2010 — 2 Comments

We’re officially a month out from Blizzcon! Get excited folks!  I have a series of articles coming all about how to get through Blizzcon in the most painless fashion (while not just settling for the DirectTV feed).

Tickets? Well, as of this post, the bar codes haven’t gone out, but they’re still purchased!

Flight? Check!

Hotel? Check!

Convention survival tactics are essential! If you’re not careful, you’ll not have as much fun as you possibly could.

Here are some of my most valuable survival lessons I learned from last year:

  1. Print out your barcode tickets before you leave home! There’s no telling what kind of printers you’ll have access to at your hotel.
  2. Get lots of rest before the con. You won’t be sleeping much that Friday or Saturday, so make sure you’re prepared.
  3. Shower, daily preferred. The rest of the convention will thank you. Stinky people are no fun to stand next to in line. Also, don’t forget deodorant.  Many people forgo this.  Please don’t.
  4. Stay hydrated. Bottled water in this case is your friend.  Con prices for sodas and drinks are pretty high, so come prepared in the morning.
  5. Pick up badges/loot bags the night before if you can. Last year I saw a lot of people walking around the convention on Day 1 with giant bags with their Noobz figurines in them. Save yourself the hassle, pick it up the night before and stash it in your car or hotel room.
  6. Prioritize. Once you get your schedules for the convention, I highly recommend figuring out what is a “must see” for you and your group.
  7. Swap phone numbers with your group. Super handy when you’ve got a few people to help you get through lines faster, or if you happen to get separated.  And, bonus, if you’re going with guild members, particularly officers, you will now have their number to text if you’re going to be late to raid — or whatever.  I don’t recommend drunken text bombs though. ;)

Remember also that you don’t have to do too much in one day.  The first day is going to be filled with lots of costumes, and LOTS of people in the convention hall.  I think my group waited 45 minutes a couple times to play with the Cataclysm starting zones, but on day 2 we waited maybe 10 minutes.  Also, if you want to get some game time in, remember that most people want to watch the costume and dance contests — that’s your “in” for quick lines for game play, vendors, etc.

Coming soon… my essential “must-pack” list.


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  1. These are great tips. #4 is definitely important. I would also make sure all your reservation info is confirmed.

    Oh, and for anybody that for some reason still doesn't have a place to stay for BlizzCon, check out I got a vacation rental there for very cheap and I had used them in the past as well.

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