Cataclysm: 5 Beta Myths Debunked

Morynne —  September 11, 2010 — 1 Comment

This post will contain Cataclysm spoilers.  If you do not wish to read them, please disregard this post.

1. Beta’s been out for a few months now, it’ll be like playing on release!

Bull.  It’s buggy.  It takes 4-5 clicks to accept anything in the Worgen starting area, and for some users it actually crashes the client.  Some quests are bugged out where you can’t interact with the items you’re supposed to, and some areas of the game are instant-disconnects.  If you think beta is just there for you to play with before release, you’re very wrong.  They really are getting all the kinks out before release day.  I’ve only been in beta for 24 hours, and I’ll tell you now, it’s not ready.

2. OMG the Worgen starting zone is soooo lame compared to Goblin!  Blizzard should just /wrists and start over.

Wrong.  It’s different, and a matter of opinion.

First off, the Goblin area has some very fun quests.  I’m a big fan of the quest chains.  It’s colorful, lively, and very exciting to progress from quest to quest.  A welcomed departure from the grim grey and blue overall theme of Wrath of the Lich King.  There’s a bugged quest for my little goblin, but I know once you get shipwrecked, and end up on an island, it’s gorgeous and loads of fun.

The Worgen starting area is bleak and dreary, very Victorian and old fashioned.  It’s chocked full of lore.  Your character effectively starts out helping King Greymane try to save Gilneas from the Worgen attacking the city — when you get changed yourself.  It’s a very deeply rooted lore, so take the time to read through it, and spend some time with the Worgen.  It might not be flashy and shiny, but it certainly has a very deep history that’s rewarding if you take the time to appreciate it.  Not to mention the phasing in the Worgen areas is breathtaking.

Friday I have the day off, so I intend to go through the new Gnome and Troll starting areas as well and give them their once over now that Gnomeregan is back, and Echo Isles have been retaken.  I should be able to do write-ups for both of them, as well as the Worgen and Goblin.

3. Cataclysm release date is set in stone for November 1st! Gamestop told me so!

Wrong.  That’s a placeholder.  Until you see the release date on, control yourself.  It’ll be okay.  November 1 is very aggressive as the Blizzard staff (all of them) will be recovering from Blizzcon.  More than likely we’re looking late November, early December release.  Again, all of that is speculation — we all might be very surprised.

4. Everything is unbalanced! Blizzard will have to do lots of patching post-release to fix how broken it is!

Yes and no.  Yes things need balancing still, no, they’re not done yet.  Those of you that have been around for awhile probably remember how unbalanced things were when the 3.0 patch hit — For heaven’s sakes, Retribution Paladins were… good (/gasp) again. ;)

Blizzard is constantly re-balancing classes, so seeing them do lots of patching when Cataclysm comes out shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.  It doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrong, or the beta testers aren’t giving the right feedback — sometimes it takes a much larger population to really see the impact of something that might seem small to a controlled group, like beta users.

5. Quest implementation is finished! I should be able to figure out the fastest way to level now in Beta.

While it’s true you’ll be able to figure out some of the fastest ways to level, it’s choppy still.  I went through an entire zone, and came to a dead end in leveling already, so they’re not done, and there’s not a logical progression to the next zone.  It should be coming though!

So far things have been great in Beta.  I’ve reached level 82 on my main, and have several lowbie characters. The last beta patch allowed me to race change into Goblin, so that’s what you’re seeing above.  The hunter changes are pretty slick, and I’m hoping to get a post together for some of them soon.  For now, I’ll leave you with a screenshot of the most awesome mount ever.


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