Cataclysm: Hunter Tier 11

Morynne —  October 15, 2010 — 7 Comments

Click to embiggen.

I just want to say when are we going to get something that doesn’t look crazy?

Fish heads, really?  Once again I’m thankful that I can turn off the helm.  I can guarantee you no matter what race I’m playing, that bad boy will be turned off.  I will say that the coloring on this set is one of the best I’ve seen.

This looks like the hunter got tangled up in a boat shop and was eaten by a fish.

What do you guys think?  Have the sets gotten more ridiculous with each expansion?

So let’s recap the sets, shall we?

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7 responses to Cataclysm: Hunter Tier 11

  1. Oh my !!

    That helm is very silly indeed.

    Also what is with the three different colours ?

    Surely not one for each spec ?

    Thanks for showing :) .

    • I'm sure the 3 different colors are just like the ones for ICC. One's for purchase with points, the next is the regular upgraded tokens, and then the third color is for heroic tokens.

      • Ahhhhhh.of course thats why !

        thanks :) .

      • I'd agree except that there are only normal and heroic modes in Cata… 10 & 25 drop the same loot. Or could the final boss in each raid instance drop upgraded loot like Lich King including upgraded tokens?

        • Which is why I'm figuring they'll use the same tier system from ICC. Buy your pieces with points, then upgrade it with regular from 10/25, and upgrade again from heroic encounters.

  2. The other day I was looking at all the tier sets for all the classes. I have to say, most hunter sets look like they were beaten with an ugly stick.

  3. I for one look welcome our new fishstalker overlords.

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