Marksman Talents in 4.0

Morynne —  October 10, 2010 — 1 Comment

With 4.0 likely to drop next week, it’s important to be prepared, so I’m going to look at each of the talents in the Marksman tree for hunters, and what we should expect. Also keep in mind we will only have 41 talent points to use at level 85, and 31 of that will be used to get to the bottom of your main talent tree.  Once I go over everything in the tree, I’ll talk the new Marksman priority for a rotation in the 4.0 patch.

You’ll find that Aimed Shot is the signature shot of the Marksman tree, which is a bit surprising, and the Mastery ability is Wild Quiver — which does the same thing it did in the 3.0 talent trees, which is free additional shots.

Go for The Throat – 2 Ranks.

  • Your ranged auto-shot critical hits cause your pet to generate 5 Focus.
  • Your ranged auto-shot critical hits cause your pet to generate 10 Focus.

Why’s that important?  As a Marksman hunter, you should expect to crit all the time.  Your pet will be able to utilize their special abilities more often — which makes this talent important for BM hunters as well.

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