Tame This Before Cataclysm: The Kurken

Morynne —  October 1, 2010 — 4 Comments

Want the Kurken in Cataclysm? Me too.

Are you Horde? Yes? Tame it now.

But I don’t have room in my stables!!!

My advice: make room.

Here’s why:

  • Darkshore is entirely changed.  The boats to Azuremyst Isle, Teldrassil, and Stormwind are gone, and replaced by flight paths. (Edit: Boat between Darkshore and Teldrassil has been removed, but Teldrassil has become the hub for boats.  Teldrassil now connects to Stormwind and Azuremyst Isle.  Still making this more difficult. Horde will have to brave fatigue on their flying mount to get to Teldrassil to grab the boat.)
  • The length you have to fly between Darkshore to Azuremyst or Teldrassil to Azuremyst will cause fatigue on your mount.  Yes, even with a 310% speed flying, and with the mounted speed buff of guild perks. (I tried)

Let’s recap what a Core Hound is for in Cataclysm:

  • Lava Breath: No longer does fire damage, just 25% cast speed reduction. Cooldown reduced to 8 sec. Focus cost removed.
  • Ancient Hysteria: Increases attack speed/casting speed of all party/raid members by 30% for 40 sec. 6 min cooldown, but causes 10min Sated debuff preventing Ancient Hysteria and Bloodlust.

So yeah, this guy is a cheap Heroism/Blood Lust for your groups.  Pretty much awesome, and he’s the only grey corehound model in the game.

Go get him!


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4 responses to Tame This Before Cataclysm: The Kurken

  1. I'll have to double-check, but I'm pretty sure the boats are still in the game only they're at Teldrassil now.

    If not, then not only did taming the Kurken become tough for Horde, so did the For the Horde achievement.

    And yes, I think he's my favorite Core Hound model too.

    • I flew all over the dang place trying to find where the boats would come in. You can fly to Teldrassil from the new Alliance area with no problem, and then evidently catch a boat (if you're horde) from Teldrassil.

  2. Got mine. Had to release my raptor, but the risk is high here with Blizzard's ability to change their mind.

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