Fun Thing! Lawn of the Dead

Morynne —  November 24, 2010 — 1 Comment

This series of 5 quests is in Hillsbrad Foothills, just south of the Dalaran crater, and was added in the 4.03a patch.

The objective? Save Brazie’s farm from the invading ghouls.

How? Play Peacebloom vs. Ghouls (or… Plants vs. Zombies)

There are 5 rounds of this mini-game, the last you have to save the farm from a Professor Putricide looking ghoul named Warden Stillwater.

  • Round 1: Basic Botany – This is the easiest and least hectic of the games.  You have 1 lane of zombies to defend from, and you just have to survive one massive wave of zombies.
    • R1 Strategy: Right click the glowy yellow sun powers, and put your plants in a row down the center lane.  Win.
  • Round 2: Flower Power – You now have Sunflowers unlocked.  They create additional sun power.  You now have 3 lanes of zombies to defend.
    • R2 Strategy: Create at least 3 sunflowers quickly in the game.  The more the better for the remaining rounds.  You will also have a rocknut to use, which will keep those early ghouls busy while you create your offense.  During this round, you will also get Freezya seeds, which give you a plant that slows ghouls down. Use these as much as possible. Win.
  • Round 3: Ghouls Hate My Grains – You have some more tools this round.  You’ll have tentacle plants that grab zombies and fling them around.  You’ll also be handling all 5 lanes this time, so stay alert!
    • R3 Strategy: As before, the more sunflowers the better.  Use the slowing plants as well as your standard pea shooters with rocknuts in front of them.  It’s a good idea to put your tentacle plants in front of those as quick early defense.  At the end of this round, you’ll get the Pumpkin Bomb to use in the next round.
  • Round 4: Someone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb – You’ll be dealing with bigger “massive waves” of zombies this round, and you have to survive 2 of them.  Your resources will seem depleted very quickly, so be smart about what you’re putting out there.
    • R4 Strategy: Sunflowers, sunflowers, sunflowers.  You can use the same setup as the last round and do pretty well, and when you feel like you’re going to get overrun, use a Pumpkin Bomb to clear the field.  If you think this round is bad, just wait until the next one.
  • Round 5: Lawn of the Dead – This is the hardest round, and you don’t have a map showing you anything about when you should expect a massive wave, and the Warden throws out bombs that take out some of your plants.
    • R5 Strategy: Build your resources quickly, and use the same setup as before.  When you lose a plant, make sure you replace it with another as quickly as resources allow.  Use Pumpkin Bombs to defeat the Warden.

Once you’ve completed Lawn of the Dead, you can no longer play the mini-game, but Popcap has a free web version, and it’s available for PC, and iOS devices, but you are rewarded with Brazie’s Sunflower!

She sings and idles about, and is super cute.  The tune she’s humming is from the Plants vs Zombies music video.



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