Strategy: Argaloth

Morynne —  January 28, 2011 — 3 Comments

Argaloth is the first tier boss of the new “Vault of Archavon” — which is Baradin Hold.

He is available in both 10, and 25-man flavors, and truly is one of the most simple bosses I’ve ever done.

Argaloth has three basic abilities: Meteor Slash, Fel Firestorm, and Consuming Darkness.  He will also Berserk if you don’t kill him fast enough. (note: linked abilities are for 10-man)

How do you handle this?

The room has a center square on it, put half of your raid on one corner in front of the boss, the other half on the other corner in front of the boss.  There needs to be a tank at either corner.  The damage from Meteor Slash has to be distributed across group members, so that’s the reason to stack up.  The tanks will alternate letting the debuff from the slash wear off from the group to prepare for the next one.

Consuming darkness needs to be dispelled ASAP.

When Argaloth casts Fel Firestorm, stay out of green fire.  Really, that’s it.  Rinse, repeat.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS as quickly as possible, pay attention for Fel Firestorm — watch your feet.  I saved my Rapid Fire for when we stack back up after a Fel Firestorm, and you’ll likely get your Heroism (or whatever you’re using that’s like it) toward the end of the fight.  This boss is so simple, I don’t even think I used a potion.  Handling movement in Fel Firestorm? You have a couple options.  You could move to Aspect of the Fox and move a lot, or you can stay in Aspect of the Hawk and only take a couple steps when you need to.  There’s not a lot of need to run around like a headless chicken (unlike Artramedes, but I’ll save that for that strategy), but it all depends on your play style.

Hunter Loot from Argaloth:

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

3 responses to Strategy: Argaloth

  1. You nailed it. Its really that simple. Tank and Spank and open up with everything. The fight should last just long enough to open up fairly heavy handed. Save Rapid fire and a potion of tol'vir for post 20% and the Bloodlust/Time Warp/Heroism/AH buff you should be getting.

    One item of note for us in particular….Aspect of the Fox. When Firestorm comes, switch to Fox and continue popping off any and all shots while moving. It might possibly lower your average dps, but will increase your total damage and help with getting him down prior to the enrage timer with relative ease.

  2. Thanks for the usual fantastic guide!

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