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Grim Batol is a dungeon housing the Dark Iron Clan, and the Twilight Hammer — two of the big foes of Cataclysm.

Here are the particulars:

  • Location: Twilight Highlands
  • Level: 84-85, 85 for Heroic.
  • Bosses: 4

General Umbriss

General Umbriss is a bit of a jerk.  He casts Blitz after focusing a target party member.  The goal is to get out of his way.  Ground Seige also happens, but it’s not fatal, and seems to be target-less.

The trick to this fight is dealing with the trogg adds that spawn. One Malignant Trogg and three Trogg Dweller will spawn the first time. The Trogg Dwellers will continue coming in groups of three every time Umbriss calls them, but if you CC/kite/offtank the Malignant Trogg, no new ones will spawn — which makes this fight far easier. If you decide to kill the Malignant Troggs, make sure you do it away from other troggs and the boss, since they cast an AoE of Modgud’s Malice, turning other nearby troggs into Malignant ones, and increasing the boss’ damage by 100% if it hits him.  At 30%, Umbriss enrages and stops summoning adds.

What does a hunter need to know?

Trap the malignant trogg if that’s your job, stay out of Blitz and DPS the boss.

On heroic?

More damage going out, but the fight remains unchanged.

Forgemaster Throngus

This fight is all about paying attention to what weapons Throngus chooses.  He has a base ability of Mighty Stomp regardless of what weapon he has.

If Throngus picks up the mace, the boss needs to be kited around.  The Encumbered debuff will keep Throngus slowed, but will also make him deadly if tanked in one place. During this phase he will also use Impaling Slam on random people, incapacitating them. As he walks, his mace will drip lava, which will stay on the ground and damage players for a while. Ultimately stay out of bad stuff here.

If Throngus picks Dual Blades, he will start doing a lot of damage to the tank through his quick attacks and a stackable DoT. The debuff is magic, so make sure it gets dispelled.  He will also use Disorienting Roar, which can be easily countered by casting three instant spells in a row.

If Throngus picks up Phalanx (shield), this is the heavy AOE phase. Untargetable Twilight Archers will shoot Flaming Arrow at random players.  To add insult to injury, Throngus will periodically target a random player and his shield will blow fire in a cone.  Stay away from the business end of the shield.  It’s better that way.

You will always see all 3 weapons before you see a repeat, so be ready, and he does cycle through his weapons throughout the fight.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss, stay out of bad stuff, avoid the business end of the shield.

On heroic?


Drahga Shadowburner

This is a 2 phase fight, the Drahga phase and the dragon phase.

Drahga phase:

Burning Shadowbolt is the boss’ primary means of damage, and it can be interrupted.  The key to this fight is managing the fire adds that are periodically spawned around the room. Make sure these fire adds are eliminated quickly, and do not reach their target.

Dragon phase:

Shortly after the fight begins, Dragha jumps on the back of Valonia (boss from Bastion of Twilight).  Valonia needs to be kept toward the center of the room, and don’t spread out too far.  The fire adds are still spawning, so as range you will likely be damaging them the most.  They need to take priority.  Valonia will periodically breathe on the group in a particular direction — stay out of purple fire.  It’s hot, and burns.  She will also periodically drop arcane puddles on the ground causing a serious slow effect.  Stay out of them as much as possible.

When Valonia gets low on health, she will dump Drahga off and fly away, just finish off the boss.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the adds, stay away from the business end of the dragon, stay out of puddles.

On herioc?

No strategy change.

Erudax < The Duke of Below >

This boss really isn’t too bad, though if he’s looking at you, move to one side or the other.  He will be casting Binding Shadows on the area where you’re standing, and that’s bad.

Enfeebling Blow will knock your tank some distance back and debuff them with Feeble Body. Backpedal a little bit and simply wait for Erudax to return to the tank.

Shadow Gale is the big deal in this fight.  You need to move to where Eurdax casts Shadow Gale, and stay there until it’s over.  It looks like a swirly void zone on the ground, but it denotes the safe zone for this mechanic.  Once the Gale is over, Erudax will call for assistance from 2 guardians.  Your group needs to split up and DPS down these adds as quickly as possible.   Stuns/CC will not work, but slowing effects DO work.  Use those.  These guardians goal is to get to the eggs on either side of the room and release little whelplings.  Each whelpling is unkillable, and does unnecessary AOE damage to your group.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss, get in the big purple swirly thing, get out of the Binding shadows, and use frost traps on the adds.  You’re a multi-tool on this fight.  Enjoy it.

On heroic?

No change in strategy.

Hunter Loot from Grim Batol:

Good luck!


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  1. An excellent very straightforward guide. So many posts on a fight strat get over complicated and not easily followed. Very concise and the extra time you spent on the links is an appreciated touch. Thanks!

    • Thanks! I'm going to try to get started on some raid boss guides in much the same fashion soon — then I can hopefully get back to talking about hunter stuff — especially with the 4.06 patch coming out.

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