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Shadowfang Keep is one of two instances that were re-tooled for a level 85 character on heroic.  I will have to say that this instance is fun… but maybe a little long for heroic.

Here’s the particulars:

  • Location: the South portion of Silverpine Forest
  • Levels: 18-21 on normal, 85 on heroic
  • Bosses: 5
  • This is a Heroic Guide

Baron Ashbury

Your healers will hate this fight.  It’s important that everyone understand exactly what he’ll do.

You will need at least 1 interrupt, but it’s better if you have 2.

Ashbury will cast Pain and Suffering on random people, and with the remainder of the damage going out, your group will be low on health.  Interrupt this every time.

Ashbury will also cast Wracking Pain, making both his Pain and Suffering and Calamity (in the last part of the fight) much more deadly.

Every 40 seconds or so, Ashbury will cast Asphyxiate on the whole party, reducing everyone’s health to 1, and immediately after that channel Stay of Execution, which heals him and your party for 10% every second.  Interrupt this after 1 tick becuase otherwise this fight goes on FOREVER.

When Ashbury gets to 50% health, he will start using Mend Rotten Flesh, which should be interrupted every time.

At 20%, the boss will take on his Dark Archangel Form, and chain cast Calamity.  At this point, burn the boss and hope your healers can keep you up.

What does a hunter need to know?

On this fight, it’s mostly do as much damage to the boss as possible, and if you’re Marksman, you may want to help clean up the interrupts a little bit with Silencing Shot.

Baron Silverlaine

This fight is almost a tank-and-spank fight.  He uses 2 spells that can be countered.  He will use Summon Worgen Spirit, which will summon one of the pre-Cataclysm SFK worgen bosses.  They all have different abilities, but nothing you have to pay attention to.  Just burn the boss.

Silverlaine will also cast Cursed Veil, which your healer should remove quickly.

What does a hunter need to know?

Burn the boss.  If the adds get out of control, DPS them down, CC, kite — do what hunters do best.

Commander Springvale

When I did this fight, the tank pulled him all the way to the courtyard to handle him instead of dealing with the adds.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Blizzard eventually prevented you from doing this.

When you pull Springvale, he brings 2 adds with him, a Tormeted Officer, and a Wailing Guardsman.  Throughout the fight, Springvale will call for aid, summoning 2 more adds.

If your group can CC undead, use that on the Wailing Guardsman, burn the Tormented Officer, then kill the Guardsman, and back to the boss.  Both adds have Unholy Empowerment, which heals the boss, and allows him to cast high powered abilities.  Interrupt if possible.

Springvale will also cast Desecration on the ground, just get out of it.  He’ll generate Unholy Power (like the Unholy Empowerment) on his own by using Malefic Strike, so you will have to deal with some of his super powerful stuff.

If/when he reaches 3 Unholy Power, he’ll cast Shield of Perfidious, or Word of Shame.  As a general rule, stay behind the boss to avoid the frontal cone for Shield.

What does a hunter need to know?

Trap if you have no other CC.  Remember, that trapping is location based and can sometimes be less reliable than say… shackle undead in this case.

Lord Walden

This guy is basically a game of red-light, green-light.

He throws Frost Mixtures and Poison Mixtures around throughout the fight.  Stay spread out.

He will channel a mysterious mixture as well, and it will be green or red, and it’s chosen randomly every time.  After the mysterious mixture, he’ll cast Ice Shards, so just watch your feet so you can get out of it.

The Green Mixture stacks Toxic Coagulant every second you stay in one place.  Just jump or move during this spell.

The Red mixture stacks Toxic Catalyst whenever you move, so for a red phase, stay put.

What does a hunter need to know?

DPS the boss, but make sure you pay attention to what he’s casting so you can react appropriately.

Lord Godfrey

Godfrey is a pretty straightforward fight for being a final boss.  He needs to be tanked facing away from the healer and DPS. During the fight, he will Summon Bloodthirsty Ghouls, and cast Pistol Barrage after that, targeting a random party member (4.06 update).  The ghouls will typically die to the barrage, so just make sure you kill off any stragglers.

He will cast Mortal Wound on the tank, but it will fall off during Pistol Barrage.

Periodically through the fight, Godfrey will cast Cursed Bullets at people, and if your group can remove curses, remove it, otherwise just heal through it.

What does a hunter need to know?

Stay behind the tank, get out of the Pistol Barrage, and help clean up adds that may still be alive.

Hunter Loot from Heroic Shadowfang Keep

Good luck!


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