Strategy: Omnitron Defense System

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This encounter is a council-type fight, and consists of being able to handle four different mobs, and their various abilities. In Blackwing Descent, you can either start with ODS or you can start with Magmaw, which will be covered in a later post.

  • Name: Toxitron, Electron, Magmatron, Arcanotron
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Phases: Many
  • Catch: You can be dealing with any combination of 2 throughout the fight.
  • Tanks needed: 2
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

All four constructs will share the same health pool — so it doesn’t matter how much you burn down one of them, they all go down at once.  Your goal will be to DPS the construct who is most recently active.  Each construct has a shield or shell it puts up after the next construct becomes active.  Once the third construct becomes active, the first one goes dormant.  It might sound confusing, but it’s really not that bad.

Let’s talk about these guys…


  • Chemical Bomb -  Causes chemical AOE which doubles damage taken. Affects constructs as well as raid members.
  • Poison Protocol – Spawns an ooze that will fixate on a random raid member, and if it reaches its target, it will explode causing massive damage.  If you’re targeted, make sure you run away until it’s gone.
  • Poison Soaked Shell – Causes a stacking DoT to people who attack the construct.  The DoT also adds nature damage to your attacks, so if you do DPS while this is up, watch your stacks.


  • Lightning Conductor – This will target a random raid member and cause them to do damage to other raid members.  If you get targeted with this, run out of the raid.
  • Electrical Discharge – Chain lightning.  Stay spread out.
  • Unstable Shield – Does AoE damage when attacked.  Don’t DPS when this is active.


  • Incineration Security Measure – This does massive AoE damage to the raid.  It cannot be prevented, just heal through it.
  • Acquiring Target – Targets a random raid member with a red beam for 4 seconds, then hits them with a flamethrower.  If you’re the target, stand there.  Everyone else, get out of the damage cone.
  • Barrier – This absorbs some damage Magmatron would normally take, then explodes to damage the raid.  Don’t DPS when this is up.


  • Power Generator – Summons an arcane puddle on the floor that increases damage done by anyone standing in it.  Get the constructs out, your DPS in.
  • Arcane Annihilator – Single target damage.  Can’t be interrupted, heal through it.
  • Power Conversion – Converts incoming damage to increased DPS.  Purge, spellsteal, or stop damage when this is active.

As stated earlier, the grouping that you’ll have is going to be entirely random.  Let’s talk about some combinations.

  • Arcanotron/Magmatron
    • This combination tends to be one of the more annoying. On one hand, you want to have your group spread out because of Magmatron, but grouped up because of the arcane puddles from Arcanotron. In this case, the strategy would be to stay spread out, because dead DPS do 0 dps. I’d rather them be alive.
  • Electron/Toxitron
    • This is also one of the more annoying combinations. You need to be spread out to avoid the chain lightning of Electron, but faced with the slimes from Toxitron, you have people running through the raid getting close to people. For this, you have to stay spread out, and have your healers step up their game.
  • Toxitron/Magmatron
    • This, according to my Resto Shaman husband, is the most healing intensive. You’re dealing with the slimes again, but you’re also juggling the red laser beam flamethrower target. God forbid someone gets both. That slime should take priority.
  • Magmatron/Electron
    • This is one of the easiest combinations because both constructs require being spread out. Your healers should be able to regain some mana during this phase.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Stay spread out if Magmatron and/or Electron are active.  Be ready to deal with slimes if Toxitron is up, and nothing special for Arcanotron.  ALWAYS DPS the most recently active construct, and watch your pet — make sure it’s attacking the right target!  Other than that, blow your cooldowns on a phase where you’re not likely to have to move much (like Magmatron/Electron) and DPS as quickly as possible.

Hunter Loot from Omnitron Defense System:

Still need more help? Check out Tankspot’s Video.

Good luck!


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2 responses to Strategy: Omnitron Defense System

  1. Arcane Annihilator can be interrupted. Also, I have been wondering if I could use auto shot or steady shot against the Poison Soaked Shell, as those shots are not melee or spell attacks.

  2. Additional notes Mory. Magmatron: We can FD and cancel the Flamethrower mechanic entirely (Mages can iceblock it too). Deterrence will also mitigate 100% of the damage.

    Drop Ice Traps for the slimes. Helps slow them immensely.

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