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The Stonecore is a 5-man dungeon in Deepholm, and all of its loretastic awesomeness.  I hate this place, but love it all at the same time.  Some of the trash mechanics just make me want to claw my eyes out.

  • Here’s the particulars:
  • Location: Deepholm, above the temple.
  • Levels: 82-84 for normal, 85 for heroic
  • Bosses: 4


This fight is deceivingly annoying.  It sounds really easy, but for some reason PUG groups I’ve been with wipe here constantly.

Dampening Wave gets cast on random party members, but the only one that needs to really be paid attention to is the tank.  After all, this thing only lasts 6 seconds.

Move away from Crystal Barrage and be ready to quickly AoE the adds that will spawn from it. Try to kill them from a distance, since they explode in a stacking debuff that increases damage taken. (This is what wipes my groups)

A few times during the fight, Corborus will submerge, and adds will appear.  They do need to be killed, and should take priority, even when Corborus resurfaces.

What does a hunter need to know?

Watch your feet, stay out of the crystal barrage, and help kill adds.

On heroic?

No change.


Slabhide is probably one of my favorite fights in the instance.  This is a fight where ranged DPS can really shine.  Most of this fight is situational awareness, and don’t stand in bad stuff.  Periodically during the fight, Slabhide will cast Sand Blast, which has a cone, so just make sure you’re not standing in front of the dragon.  Stick to the sides and the rear.

Shifting earth will show you where magma pools will spawn, stay out of those.  When the boss becomes airborn, avoid the rocks by not standing in their shadows.

When the boss comes back down, Crystal Storm (heroic only) will happen.  Just get out of line of sight behind one of the rocks.  Keep at least 10 yards away from the boss though, sometimes it will bug and count you in LOS when you’re that close — despite being behind a rock.

What does a hunter need to know?

Be aware of your surroundings — stay out of the goo on the floor, and DPS the boss.

On heroic?

Make sure you hide behind a rock during Crystal Storm.


This fight you have to pay attention.  Elementium Bulwark and Elementium Spike Shield are obstacles for melee and casters, but this is good! You want to keep attacking, and the damage isn’t so bad your healers can’t work through it.  Ground Slam will be cast at Ozruk’s current target, which should be the tank.  The boss doesn’t move or rotate as he casts, so run through him to avoid the damage.  Everyone but the tank should be behind Ozruk the whole fight. Paralyze and Shatter are the next pair of abilities this boss has.  Paralyze hits everyone, but can be broken by damage, which is why you want that DoT on you.  Shatter will likely kill you, and comes right after Paralyze, you’ll want to run away as soon as you’re free.  About 20 yards.

What does a hunter need to know?

Paralyze is terrible if you get stuck, because you’re not likely to have a DoT on you.  If you can stay max range on the right side of the boss, you might be able to avoid the whole mechanic.

On heroic?

No change in mechanics.

High Priestess Azil

This is a 2-phase fight.

Phase 1: Boss Phase

Periodically during this phase, Azil will use Force Grip, which should be interrupted, and Curse of Blood should be removed when able.  Summon Gravity Well is the big ability in this fight, and it will happen pretty frequently.  If you get caught close to a well, you’ll get pulled in and take damage.  Stay away from them.  Adds can be kited into the gravity wells, and should happen as the primary means of dealing with them.

Phase 2: Add Phase

Azil will cast Energy Sheild and move back to her altar, stay away from her to avoid the damage.  Adds will spawn even more frequently, just remember to use the gravity wells to handle them.  DPS down the stragglers.  Watch your feet though, there will be some kicked up dust for Azril’s Seismic Shards — which will kill you instantly.  If you’re feeling frisky, you can force the adds to get hit by these shards.

What does a hunter need to know?

Help kite the adds into the gravity wells, and DPS the boss as much as possible.

On heroic?

No change in strategy.

Hunter Loot from The Stonecore:

Good luck!


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  1. One note regarding Heroic Ozruk. If you have access to a Direbrew's Remote, picking up some Sulfuron Slammer and using one each time Ozruk emotes about Feeling will leave a minor DoT on you that will break Paralyze. I've found you need 5 or 6 per kill, depending on group DPS.

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