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Morynne —  February 15, 2011 — 3 Comments

Chimaeron is an experiment that has been mangled by Nefarian over time. This guy is deadly, thankfully we have Finkle around to save our behinds.

The basics of this fight are: keep one of your two tanks topped off all the time, the rest of your raid above 10k HP, and in phase 3, it’s a race to see who dies first.

Phase 1: Bile-o-Tron

When you enter Chimaeron’s room, you’ll see him passed out on the ground.  Your raid should be evenly spread out around the room.  To start the fight, you talk to Finkle Einhorn in the cage at the back of the room.  When you do, a Bile-o-Tron will activate, and buff your raid.  The buff keeps your raid from dying while you’re about 10k HP, and any attack will just reduce your health to 1HP.

Your main tank will also be held to the 10k rule for this phase, but your second tank that is soaking Double Attack will need to be topped off during the whole fight.  Double attack happens pretty frequently throughout the fight, but basically it’s 2 very quick hits that will drop a tank to dead in no time.  The restriction of the buff you’ve got is once you’re at 1HP, the next hit you take will kill you. Your second tank MUST be topped off the whole fight.

During the phase, Chimaeron will cast Caustic Slime on 2 random raid members, and this happens about every 30-45 seconds.  This drops those 2 targets to 1HP (because it would otherwise kill them), and they need to be healed back to 10k very quickly.

Chimaeron will periodically cast Massacre, which will drop your entire raid to just 1 HP.  When it happens, it does weaken the Bile-o-Tron, and after a few of them, the bot will go offline.  When the bot is offline, Chimaeron’s heads will Feud, and keep him from attacking for about 30 seconds.  Caustic slime will still go out.  Keep in mind, when the Bile-o-Tron is offline, you will no longer have the buff that keeps you alive.  It’s important during Feud that you do group up together to split the damage and AOE heal as much as possible.  He will end his Feud with a Massacre, and the Bile-o-Tron comes back online.

When the boss reaches 20%, he will enter phase 2.

Phase 2: Turn and Burn

During phase 2, Chimaeron will get a buff called Mortality, which increases damage taken by him, and debuffs the raid with Mortality, which reduces healing taken by 99%.  This is a burn phase.  Since your healers can’t heal, they might as well DPS.

The strategy for this phase is really when you enter it.  The goal should ultimately be enter phase 2 with as much health as possible, and then burn the boss as fast as you can.  It’s truly kill or be killed here.  Save your DPS cooldowns for this phase.

What does a Hunter need to know?

During the initial phase, make sure you’re spread out and DPS as fast as possible.  Collapse into the group for Feud, and disengage back out when it’s time to spread again. During phase 2, use any potions you may have brought, and use Rapid Fire.  Turn Growl on your pet, and misdirect to it as much as possible in phase 2.  Feign death as much as you can.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been the highest on DPS for this fight, and the last (wo)man standing.

Hunter Loot from Chimaeron

  • Chimaeron Armguards - It’s worth noting that these bracers are really the only option for epics in the current Tier 11 bracket of PvE gear.

Still need more help? Check out Tankspot’s video.

Good luck!


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3 responses to Strategy: Chimaeron

  1. My healers can't seem to get through this fight. We got him to ~25% last night….best pull so far in weeks

  2. The moment you get the Caustic Slime debuff you wanna start with an Aimed shot cast as you'll most likely miss with anything while the debuff is on you. Caustic lasts 2.4 seconds so your Aimed should hit him moments after you lose the debuff.

    • That's a great tip. I've been running SV in raids for awhile because that's what my 10-man needs at the moment.

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