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Maloriak is the mad scientist to Nefarian’s ambitions.  He is the driving force behind Chimaeron as well as Atramedes, which you’ll see in a nifty cut scene before the blind dragon pull.

  • Name: Maloriak
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: Technically 2, Really there’s 4
  • Catch: You need to be really good at changing strategy based on color.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

The reality of this fight is just a big game of red, blue, and green light.  I hope you’re not colorblind!  Maloriak changes the colors in the fight by throwing vials into his cauldron.  The colors from now on will be called “Red Vial,” “Blue Vial,” and “Green Vial.”  The order of the vials can be Blue/Red/Green, or Red/Blue/Green.  The third vial is always a green one.

Throughout the fight, Maloriak will use Arcane Storm, and it must be interrupted.  Anything to help slow that cast timer will also be appreciated by your interrupters. He also uses Remedy on himself, which will need to be dispelled.

Phase 1: OMG Colors!

  • Throughout this phase, Maloriak will occasionally cast Release Aberrations, which will spawn three adds. Those adds have a buff which minimizes their damage taken. More on that later.
  • Red Vial – When this happens, you need to group up! My guild tends to tank him right in front of the cauldron, and everyone stacks up right behind the tank.
    • Scorching Blast - Targets a random player, then does fire damage in a cone.  The damage is split across all raid members in the cone.
    • Consuming Flames – If you’re targeted with this, you need to move away from the group.
  • Blue Vial – Spread out! Maloriak is tanked in the same place, but your raid needs to be evenly spread out behind the tank across the room — door side.
    • Biting Chill - Damages a random raid member and anyone standing near him. This is the reason why you’re spread out.  If you are melee heavy, may want to give them a designated spot to go to to get away from the group. ProTip: Beside the cauldron is typically away enough.
    • Flash Freeze – Remember the ice blocks in Hodir? Same deal, break out the ice blocks when they happen.
  • Green Vial – Lots of adds! Lots of AOE!
    • Remember the Aberrations? You do want to interrupt some of those casts of Release Aberrations.  In order to prevent your add tank from getting overrun, it’s a good idea to only have to deal with 9 at a time, until a green phase comes up.
    • Maloriak will coat everything in the room with Debilitating Slime. This increases everyone’s damage taken (including Maloriak’s), but more importantly it counters the protection buff the adds mentioned above have.
    • A total of 18 adds can spawn, and to beat the enrage, you can only have 2 green phases.
    • Group up the released adds on Maloriak and AOE everything down.  When the adds are down, burn the boss.

Phase 2: Burn!

At 25%, Maloriak will enter phase 2, and will release all of his remaining minions, including 2 large ones that need to be kited around the room by the add-tank

Maloriak also gains 3 new abilities:

  • Fire – He will periodically cast Magma Jets on a random raid member. He will face the target beforehand and this can be strafed out of. It also knock the target into the air, causing fall damage. So yeah.  As always, fire is bad.
  • Frost – He will also cast Biting Chill which is an orb summoned below the target and slowly drops to the ground, exploding on impact. Blue orbs? stay away from those.
  • Poison – Finally, he will cast Acid Nova which will hit the whole raid and do AoE damage. This is just be healed through.

The strategy here is avoid the damage around the room and DPS the boss as fast as you can.

What does a Hunter need to know?

During the first phase, make sure you’re dropping Frost traps wherever your add tank is heading.  The adds don’t hit terribly hard, but when there’s a lot of them, it can be a little overhwelming.  This is a Survival-friendly fight, just because during the green phase you need to bust out as much AOE damage as possible.  Mutli-shot, Explosive Trap, and Snake trap all need to be happening.   Once the adds are down, burn the boss as fast as you can.  During phase 2, burn quick, but make sure you’re aware of what’s around you.  If you get a blue orb near you, burn your Disengage to quickly get away, and as always, fire is bad.

Hunter Loot from Maloriak

Still having issues? Check out TankSpot’s video.

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

2 responses to Strategy: Maloriak

  1. From my experience the Magma Jets in Phase 2 will only target the tank. If he's slowly kiting Maloriak along the wall looking away from the middle, the raid can safely ignore those.

  2. I would add this fight is friendly to Survival for another reason…TRAPS. I added the Ice trap glyph and talents to my spec specifically for Magmaw, Omnitron, and Maloriak. Specific to Maloriak, our OT kites the adds back and forth by the stairs. He LOVES my Ice trap locking down the Aberrations. This becomes essential during phase 2. I drop traps along the outer wall ahead of the Maloriak MT kite.

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