Strategy: Valiona & Theralion

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This fight is a very coordination and movement dependent fight.  You’re facing two dragons who are very unahppy to see you.  You will only fight one dragon at a time, but that doesn’t make the task any less daunting.

  • Name: Valiona & Theralion
  • Raid: Bastion of Twilight
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: You’ll be transitioning between the two dragons throughout the fight.
  • Tanks Needed: 1
  • This strategy is for the normal encounter.

Each of these dragons has different abilities depending on if they are the “grounded” dragon, so I’ll go over their abilities when each is grounded.

Phase 1: Valiona

While on the ground, Valiona will periodically cast Devouring Flames, which is the worst of her abilities in this phase.

Theralion is airborn and is the one that is causing the most havoc.  He will cast Blackout on a random player and when dispelled, will deal ~300,000 split amongst players within 6-8 yards. He will also cast Twilight Blast on a random raid member and splashes to other players within 8 yards, including melee.

Right before the phase change, Theralion will cast Dazzling Destruction which is indicated by gigantic galaxy looking swirls on the ground. If you get hit by these you get sent into the Twilight Realm — which is bad.

So how do you handle all this?

Click to Embiggen. Placement at pull.

At the pull, your raid needs to be spread out on half of the dragon.  When blackout happens, your raid needs to collapse into the melee area, quickly get Blackout dispelled, and spread immediately back out.  Don’t get too comfortable though, you’ll have to keep moving.  Valiona will rear back and cast Devouring flames, run through the dragon, and set yourselves back up on the other side — same set-up, just the other side of the room.

This process will repeat a few times, then Theralion will cast Dazzling Destruction on the phase change.  Stay out of the arcane swirlies.  If you happen to get caught, just make your way as quickly as possible to the portal to get back into the normal realm.  It’s better if you don’t get caught though, so avoid it at all costs.

Phase 2: Theralion

Click to embiggen. Theralion initial placement.

When Theralion comes down, make sure first of all, that you’re targeting the right dragon.  Your placement should be similar to the one in the bad paint drawing to the right.

Theralion will cast Engulfing Magic on a random raid member which increases damage and healing done by 100%, but also deals that damage or healing to nearby allies – so it’s very important that the person hit with Engulfing magic gets out of whichever cluster they’re in.

During this time, Valiona is in the air and will constantly be casting Twilight Meteorite on a random raid member, indicated by a big arrow above their head. It splits its damage amongst nearby allies — thus making sure you do have groups stacked together.

When the phases are getting ready to change, Valiona will  cast Deep Breath which deals ~15k damage and sends the player into the Twilight Realm. She will cast this in one of 3 rows in the room and is predictable.

So how do you deal with this?

Click to embiggen. Handling Twilight Meteorite.

Well your melee need to be stacked, as do your range.  As you look at the room, you’ll see there’s a center square.  The most complicated part to this phase is managing the damage being delivered by the Twilight Meteorite.  Since your range are grouped, as are your melee, the damage will automatically be split, but your raid needs to be nimble.  They need to get out of the void zone as quickly as possible, and just stand at the edge of the one that is dropped.  The important thing is that everyone moves as a group.  When your range get hit, have them move to the left, when melee get hit, move to the right, staying grouped up.

It’s very important that when someone gets hit with the Engulfing Magic that they get out of the raid, because surely it will cause a wipe knowing the amount of damage thrown out on those around them.  If you’re not in range to DPS, too bad.  Stay out.  It’s better that the remainder of your raid stays alive, versus your place on the meters.

When the phase is about to end, Valiona will take a few passes over the room with her breath, just make sure you get out of it.  It goes in a straight line, and she doesn’t repeat areas until she’s covered the room.  If you get caught in the fire, you’ll be taken into the twilight realm, so avoid it.

Once you’ve gone through the Theralion phase and dealt with the fire breaths, you’ll be back in the Valiona phase, rinse, repeat. /win

What does a Hunter need to know?

Throughout all the phases, make sure you stay light on your feet.  Aspect of the Fox may end up helping you on this during Valiona’s ground phase.  During Theralion’s ground phase, make sure you stick with the group and move according to directions.   The most annoying part of this phase is the transition between dragons — and figuring out where you’re going to group up as ranged.  Once you get the flow of things, it’s not so bad.

If you’re a worgen hunter, Darkflight can be invaluable on this fight to not only get to your group for the Theralion phase, but also to get out of the Valiona breath.  Nitro boosts are also a good addition, but be aware that they can malfunction.  In a pinch, Swiftness Potion works, but your potion should likely be saved for the extra DPS boost from an agility potion.

Hunter Loot from Valiona & Theralion:

Still need more help? Check out Tankspot’s Video. (note: their strategy is slightly different than mine, clearly use whatever works for your raid.)

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

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  1. me want piercer. that is all.


    I know the PvP one is technically better, but I am in agreement with Frostheim. I refuse to accept that a PvP item is BiS for PvE. Bad form on Blizz's part.

  3. Hey, I have a simple question, couldn't find an answer anywhere… After how many Feuds do you usually bring him to 20%?

    • Typically we see 3, maybe 4. It depends on how fast our DPS is if we can avoid the last one. Sometimes we'll eat the 4th Feud so we're able to top off the raid before pushing into phase 2. Pretty sure this comment is directed toward Chimaeron and not Valiona and Theralion though :)

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