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Morynne —  March 21, 2011 — 6 Comments

or… where’s Morynne, and why hasn’t she done Nefarian and Cho’gall?

It’s performance review time at work, which means all of my writing-fu is being used to craft performance reviews for my employees.  Yeah, that means I’m in charge of people.  Scary.  It also means I don’t have much spare time outside of work.

Did I also mention I’m a season ticket holder for Tampa Bay Lightning? Yeah — push for the playoffs is happening. Go Bolts!

Needless to say, writing strategy and stuff for here is taking a bit of a back seat — life’s taken over for a bit.  My guild has spent countless hours wiping on Cho’gall (with no luck, I might add), and we’re starting attempts on Nefarian tonight to try something different.

Soon as I get a new boss down, I’ll write something, I swear! (Though there’s no promises if it’s when playoff hockey is happening :) )


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6 responses to Current Progression

  1. haha, that's awesome, Yzerman's doing a heck of a job down there,

    should make that my signiture

    -I don't raid during playoffs.

    • Hahaha… I raid during playoffs, but anything else? probably not.

      Yzerman's done some great things. I'm looking forward to the game tonight vs. the Islanders — one of the smartest things he's done is get Roloson. He was the missing piece in our D!

  2. No need to apologize for taking some time for yourself to attend to RL happenings Mory. Totally understandable.

    And color me jealous. I can;t get my people past Atramedes and Ascendant Council. ugh…please stop standing in fire PLEASE!!!!!

    • You'll get there. Don't lose hope. My guild made some progress on Cho'gall last night — we'll probably have him down this week. That's the hope anyway.

  3. Yea chogall is a fun fight. We got vey close to a kill but lost by about 30k up. If only they had kept me up for a few seconds more for a double kill shot.

    Playoff hockey is amazing and your bolts have been great this year. I'm starting to worry about my flyers. They need to get some positive momentum or I fear an early exit in the playoffs.

    • I'm a little concerned about the momentum the Bolts seem to be losing now, but we've had a couple of our key powerplay guys out injured for awhile. Hopefully we'll get them back and end the season strong to rock the playoffs. :)

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