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This big guy is blind, and is pretty dang resourceful.  He’s an experiment gone wrong between Maloriak and Nefarian.  To be honest, this is one of the most innovative fights I’ve seen Blizzard do in awhile.

  • Name: Atramedes
  • Raid: Blackwing Descent
  • Tanks Needed: 1
  • Phases: 2 (Ground and Air, alternating)
  • Catch: You now have a sound bar to watch.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter. Heroic guide found here.

Empty Sound Bar - This is good

Full Sound Bar - This is bad.

Because Atramedes is blind, he’s learned to use sonar to locate your raid members.  You will have a sound bar show up on your screen when the boss is pulled, and the more “sound” you have, the more damage you’ll take and will change how fast Atramedes is able to zero in on your location (and kill you).

The sound bar increases when you get hit by Atramedes’ abilities, and if you reach 100, Atramedes will turn and kill you outright.  If you’re running Deadly Boss Mods, there will be a window that comes up on your scree that will tell you how much sound the outliers in your raid have.

Phase 1: Ground Phase (80 Seconds)

  • Sonar Pulse: Atramedes creates four disks in random locations around the room. These move around slowly, and if they touch you you take some damage and gain 7 sound.  My guild calls these “Tron Circles”
  • Modulation: This damages and applies 7 sound to every raid member. Cannot be avoided.  Just take it.
  • Sonic Breath: This is cast on the target who has the current highest amount of sound, and affects anyone else standing nearby. When you get Sonic Breath, “kite” it in one direction while the rest of the raid moves in the other direction to reduce damage to the rest of the raid. The more sound you have, the faster the flames will reach you—meaning other raid members will take more damage before you have the chance to move.
  • Searing Flame: This does a ton of damage to the whole raid. It can be interrupted by ringing any of the 10 gongs that are sitting around the room. Hitting the gongs will stun Atramedes and increase his damage taken for 5 seconds, but afterwards Atramedes will find and destroy the gong you hit—so you only get to do this 10 times.

So let’s talk about positioning…

Click to Enlarge. General Placement

Atramedes will pull from the far side, and it’s best to have a Misdirect pull if possible.  The tank will be to the left of the door (facing it) and the range will be to the right.  Melee will be at the other side of the dragon.  You can put a healer in this group too for better coverage.

Click to Enlarge. Sonic Breath Handling

Now, dealing with Sonar pulse, your range group will always want to move right. Toward the door. Why? Well if Atramedes targets a range with Sonic Breath, that range will continue to run to the right (up toward the tank) until it’s over, and won’t be dragging the beam through the remainder of your range.  When Sonic Breath goes out, everyone who is NOT targeted moves left.  Something similar happens for melee.

Periodically throughout the ground phase, Searing Flame will be used, and can’t go for more than a tick.  Typically it’s best to have 1-2 people assigned to handling the gongs, and they need to be ready to hit it after the first tick of Searing Flame goes out.  Every time a gong gets hit, your sound also gets reset.

Once your 80 seconds have elapsed, Atramedes will take flight.

Phase 2: Air Phase (40 seconds)

  • Atramedes will cast Sonic Breath on the player with the highest amount of sound from the air as well, chasing down that player and damaging him until you’re forced to interrupt it by hitting one of the gongs again. After this, Atramedes will chase down the player that used the gong. You’ll want to have a player with movement speed (like a rogue, or a druid) do this.
  • The fire breath, as well as another ability called Roaring Flames, will spawn flame patches on the ground that damage players and increase their sound level. As always, stay out of fire.
  • Sonar Pulse: These spawn a disc on the ground, and seconds later a missile will come down to that spot and explode. Keep moving and don’t get hit.

During the air phase, it’s most important to stay moving, and as a hunter, continue to damage the boss.  When the phase is over, make sure you’re back to phase 1, and the cycle repeats itself.

What does a Hunter need to know?

During phase 1, it’s all about not getting hit with unnecessary sound, damage, and coordinated movement.  If you get hit with Sonic Breath, make sure you move the right direction, and if you’re not picked, move out of the way.  In Phase 2, the Hunter class really shines.  Use Aspect of the Fox and continue to DPS the boss through moving around.  If you happen to be the designated gong-hitter, make sure you time it correctly to interrupt after 1 tick during the normal phases.  During the Air phase, it’ll usually be handled by a rogue or a druid.

Hunter Loot from Atramedes

Need more help? Check out Tankspot’s video.

Good luck!


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  1. Mory…why do you always make it sound so much simpler than it is? :)

    • :) Really, it is easy. Once you get the hang of what your roles are, it's not too bad. The difficult part is making sure the whole of the raid knows what to do — it's like herding cats.

      Trust me, the first few times I do any fights, I screw up just like everyone else — but the important thing is not making the same mistake twice. =D

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