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Morynne —  March 31, 2011 — 6 Comments

Cho’gall is the final boss in Bastion of Twilight.  He’s got 2 heads, and 2 very different personalities.  This fight is a raid-wiper.  Expect to spend many hours on him.  It’s significant to note that my guild does this a little differently than the strategies I’ve read to prepare for this, so bear with me.

  • Name: Cho’gall
  • Raid: Bastion of Twilight
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: Interrupts and AOE damage is key. You also have to watch a corruption bar.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

The Cho’gall encounter adds a mechanic where you have to watch your saturation of corruption.  Corrupted Blood happens whenever a player is hit by one of Cho’gall’s abilities. (fire puddles, getting hit by adds, etc.) As your corruption rises, you gain debuffs.  When you get to 25% corruption, you get Corruption: Accelerated, which needs to be dispelled as soon as possible.  At 50%, Corruption: Sickness happens, and basically you cause damage and corruption to everyone around you, so just make sure you’re facing away from people.  At 75%, Corruption: Malformation, which gives you a tentacle that starts casting shadow bolts at the raid.  And last but not least, at 100%, Corruption: Absolute, which means you can’t be healed, but you can dish out a lot of damage quite quickly.  You’ll know when this happens because your form changes.

Phase 1

Initial Positioning - Click to embiggen.

The encounter begins when you pull Cho’gall, and he will reasonably quickly start casting Conversion, which needs to be interrupted quickly so Cho’gall doesn’t get the Twisted Devotion buff.  This mechanic alone dictates how your raid is positioned.  Melee should be grouped reasonably close together, and the remainder of your raid/healers need to be grouped together.  Anyone who has an interrupt should be using it when the MC happens — the faster people get broken out, the more successful you will be.

Tanks will need to taunt back and forth when inflicted with Fury of Cho’gall.  Cho’gall will alternate between shadow and fire mini-phases throughout phase 1, so just be mindful of which one we’re dealing with.  Shadow is a lot of raid damage and will be intensive to the healers, where the fire mini-phase will drop puddles of fire all over the room.  As always, fire is bad, stay out of it.  Fire in this fight also increases your corruption, so it’s even more vital to stay out of bad stuff.

Cho’gall will summon a Corrupting Adherent which will come out of one of the two side areas (where the trash was in the room).  This add will cast Corrupting Crash and Depravity.  Just from timing experience, I can tell you if your tanks are swapping back and forth correctly, the tank that starts the encounter will likely end up being the add-tank as well.  Both of the adds abilities will increase corruption, so it’s important to stay out of it.  Corrupting crash looks like Dazzling Destruction from the twin dragons, and it’s got quite a diameter on it.  Move quickly out of this.  Depravity just needs to be interrupted while you’re killing the add.

Adherent Corpse Positioning

Your add tank will be dragging the add to the side of the throne, and it’s important that there’s some logic to where the adds die, because from their corpses, lots of little oozes will spawn when Cho’gall casts Fester Blood. You will want to have these bodies all grouped up as much as possible, and from everything my guild tried, this strategy worked the best.  The first time an adherent dies, and Cho’gall casts Fester Blood, you’ll have 5 adds, the second time you’ll have 10 adds, etc. When Cho’gall casts this, get all of your AOE’s together and burn them down as quickly as possible.  The Blood of the Old God can be slowed and knocked back, so make sure you’re using anything you can to buy more time. If a Blood of the Old God reaches the raid, lots of corruption will be gained, so clearly important to avoid it.  Cho’gall continues to MC during all of this, so it’s important to stay on top of that as well.

Once all of the oozes are dead, Cho’gall returns to spewing fire and shadow throughout the room.  This cycle keeps repeating itself until 25%, when Cho’gall moves into Phase 2.

Phase 2

Phase 2 Positioning


During phase 2, Cho’gall stops MCing people, and he stops spawning Adherents… in fact, when he enters Phase 2, any Adherents that are up will despawn.  Getting to this phase is a DPS race, because you don’t want to enter phase 2 with oozes up — that nearly guarantees your raid to wipe.  Instead of all this, Cho’gall will use Darkened Creations, which will spawn 4 adds near him.  Depending on your positioning, they can be all clumped up, or spread around the room.  We’ve found that tanking Cho’gall as close as you can to a wall gives you a better chance to get the creations all clumped up.  If they are clumped up, you can easily AOE them down.  These creations; however, will cast Debilitating Beam, so interrupt them if you can.  This phase has a constant increase of Corruption, so make sure your raid is spread out so you’re not puking on each other.  Continue to dispell the Corruption: Accelerated debuff during this phase and keep on DPSing.  This phase will consume all of your DPS cooldowns, and health potions/ health stones, and he should go down without a problem provided the Creations are dealt with swiftly.

What does a Hunter need to know?

During Phase 1, and if you’re assigned to add duty, you should really be Survival.  The added AOE damage from Serpent Spread can make or break your raid’s add management in this fight.  When there’s no adds up, you need to be pushing as much DPS as possible on Cho’gall.  Save Rapid Fire for pushing into Phase 2, or if your raid has the DPS power, save it for during phase 2 when you really have to burn.

As a Hunter, your role is mainly with the adds during this fight.  First off, Misdirect the Corrupted Adherents to the appropriate tank and make sure the tank has it positioned correctly before it dies.  It’s worth glyphing Trap Launcher and Ice Trap, you’ll need both.  The DPS on the Adherent needs to be tight, so you may find yourself a bit focus starved when you get ready to AOE.  Save yourself a little bit of focus when you launch that trap, and give it a little extra range.  I tended to launch the trap when the Adherent was at about 20%, then Cobra Shot to regain some focus so you’re ready to Mutli-Shot your brains out until those adds die.  In my attempts, I found that Explosive Trap and Snake Trap cost more and do less damage than just Multi-Shot spam.

To handle MC’s, and assuming you’re Survival, Scatter Shot works.  If you’re doing this fight as Marksman, I’d imagine that Silencing Shot works just as well.  I’d recommend keybinding these abilities because you’ll need it pretty frequently.

During Phase 2, stay spread out, make sure you’re at least 6 yards away from people — it’ll keep you from puking on people causing additional unnecessary damage to the raid. Burn your cooldowns and make sure your rotation is as tight as possible on the boss when there’s no adds up.  If you’re lucky, all of the Creations will be grouped up, and you can DPS them and Cho’gall with Multi-Shot, but they should be your primary targets when they’re up.  One thing I did notice is that the Debilitating Beam did not seem to interrupt using Scatter Shot, so your best bet is to just work on DPS during this phase.

Hunter Loot from Cho’gall

Still having trouble? Check out Tankspot’s video.

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

6 responses to Strategy: Cho’gall

  1. Great guide morynne. We are struggling with about 1 million health with just too many people dieting too soon. I have a few tips to add to this.

    Depending on the dps of your raid in our 10 man I find that I can blow all CDs as survival right off the pull and have them back up in time for phase 2. Another thing worth mentioning is that the talent Entrapment can be useful for the adds that spawn from the adherent puddles. If you aren't having trouble with the adds do not get it, but it can be helpful if you are struggling with them.

    Great guide here I may steal your placement as we use the back of the room and getting them stacked together can be a pain.

    • Great call-out on the Entrapment talent. My guild is currently doing the fight with a boomkin, an ele shaman, a mage, and myself to handle the adds — so we haven't had much of an issue. I'm sure with a melee heavy group, Entrapment would be invaluable.

  2. Ya, Enrapment is win on this fight.

    We tank Cho'gall on the right side of the room and kill the big adds on the stairs. This funnels the slimes around the corner, so they all get slowed by one trap and our cleaves hit them all. I drop a frost trap just as the add climbs the stairs, which allows me to drop another if the adds get out of control. And yell immediately if youre MC'd as the adds come out. You dont want your friends Entrapped as the slimes come out.

  3. Honestly as an SV Hunter I find having Entrapment just awesome for all times, I would add that Point of No Escape is an excellent point dump if you are a little low still on damage. As you get to all 359 level gear, the extra damage from PoNE is negligible.

    I also always try to keep Glyph of Ice Trap active, swapping out Raptor Strike and Trap launcher as needed.

    I always remind people that if you are speccing SV, you are EXPECTED to provide top end CC utility. MM and BM should be prepared to do it as all Hunters should; but really, the talents are there for SV Hunters to really really shine.

  4. Follow up for anyone interested, we did Cho on Sunday night with both me (SV) and an MM hunter. We had good attempts, didn't down him, got as low as 15% or so.

    They went back in last night, but without me because I was working late. Once I logged in I was bombarded by the MM Hunter…"OMG! This was so much easier with you in here!!!"

    Now, I know I am a likable and personable person and all, but I assume he meant it was the SV utilities. :)

  5. Entrapment is absolutley amazing in the Cho'Gall encounter, however, if you're playing as MM, you can also do some nice CC-ing with the combination of Bombardment and Concussive Barrage.

    In nearly 80% of the adds spawn ( from my experience ), they always leave the area covered in ice when they're on about 30% of their health, and roam the room for about 10 seconds before dying. With the combination of these two talents, you can shoot about 4 consecutive Multi Shots, and keep them dazed. This keeps them slow, but also gives you some nice damage output on them. I tend to do it this way, since I'm more comfortable playing as MM then SV. Yes, SV currently has the best AoE damage output, but if you're spamming those Multi Shots, the only time you're making any use of the Serpent Spread talent is when you fire off your last Multi Shot before the DoT starts ticking. Now I find that as a DPS loss.

    Furthermore, in 4.1, the Multi Shot's damage is being increased by 250%, and that's why I prefer this way over the SV way.

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