Totally Unrelated

Morynne —  May 3, 2011 — 2 Comments

This is so not Warcraft related it’s not even funny.  But the Tampa Bay Lightning are up 3-0 in their series against the Washington Capitals.  I just have to share.

Go Bolts!


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2 responses to Totally Unrelated

  1. wow, I was pulling for tampa, but I didn't think they we're going to get the brooms out and sweep the caps,

    I'm hoping for a Canucks vs Lightning Final,

    • I'd like to see San Jose v Lightning in the final. There's history with their big defensive guy and the Lightning — as well as their backup goalie. I was sad to see Dan Boyle go to the Sharks, but I think it'd be one hell of a matchup considering he was on our cup team, and we still have our two hotshot forwards — and have just built from there.

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