Fireland Raid First Impressions

Morynne —  June 29, 2011 — 11 Comments

Last night I had the opportunity to raid with my new guild, and spent some time with two bosses in Firelands.

What did I learn?

The PTR was a decoy.  Largely the mechanics are the same, but it’s safe to say that you can’t rely on the videos and strategies written by the PTR versions of the fights.  Blizzard pulled a fast one.

I’m sure on Thursday when we go back in we’ll be able to down some bosses since we’ve got an idea of what the differences are now, but man last night was frustrating for awhile.


We spent some time with Shannox, which seemed to have the biggest mechanic difference in the two we worked on last night, and Beth’tilac.  In just completing the trash in the zone (before they hotfixed the guild standards), we managed to get to Friendly reputation, so everyone in the raid got a shiny new cloak.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to kill the turtles.  You’ll be there forever.

Shannox is a hunter-type boss with 2 fire dogs.  Rageface and Riplimb.  I’ll let you guess what they do.  There’s traps he throws around, and he’ll pitch a spear out every once in awhile that a dog will retrieve.  There’s a catch to that mechanic that we’re still trying to work out.  One thing we did do last night is keep the range DPS on Rageface because he’ll periodically target a random raid member and not leave them alone until he gets hit by a 40k shot of some type, and that seemed to work in our favor.  I’ll have more once I down him.


Beth’tilac is the spider boss, and it’s a pretty fun fight, but chaotic doesn’t even begin to describe it.  It looked like our best attempt last night got her down to around 26%.  Having the mechanics be changed, I’d say that’s pretty good.  For a hunter, that fight is largely about add control, and the ability to burn down single targets.  Frost traps are your friend, and it might be worth spec’ing into improved traps to lock the tiny adds down.  May also be worth spec’ing MM for the stun on your Multi-Shot ability.

So. Those of you that did spend some time in the Firelands last night, do you have any tips to share?


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11 responses to Fireland Raid First Impressions

  1. I agree with your analysis completely… we only attempted the hunter once, but spent the vast majority of our time with trash and the spider boss… now known affectionately as the B*****…. Concussive Barrage and Improved Traps are going to have to be added to my spec for that fight… just not sure where I am going to take from Peter to pay for the new Paul….

    • If you're running a SV build, you can easily remove your points from Careful Aim, since it only affects you in the first 10% of the boss fight. For MM? I created a lockdown build for something pre-4.2 as MM that worked pretty well. You can see something I just threw together here — giving the benefit of the Concussive Barrage plus the Ice Trap lockdown.

  2. We did shannox last night. came to the conclusion that you need to have one guy tank shannox and the other tank riplimb while ranged takes down rageface. Have the tanks as far apart as possible, and try to set it up so the crystal prison trap will hit riplimb while he's retrieving the spear. This means setting the ranged dps is a long spread out line between shannox and riplimb to ensure the trap lands in the right place. This is hugely important because riplimb and shannox both apply a stacking debuff to the tanks that will kill them if it gets too high. while the spear is out of his hands shannox won't apply it, and while riplimb is retrieving the spear he obviously isn't applying it. Maximizing the time of the spear retrieval will allow the debuff to wear off and make the fight manageable.

    Rageface desperately needs ranged heavy hitters who can reliably catch him with a 30k+ shot to move him off a player when he starts to maul them. When we couldn't move him off he was downing players in 3-7 seconds unless the healers popped everything to save them, and then we'd lose a tank. MM is pretty much a must for hunters on this fight, as SV I just could not reliably hit the 30k+ shots needed to move him to another target, even though the other hunter in the raid and I were pretty sure we were pulling similar dps numbers.

    As for gettign to Shannox, ignore getting to the higher ground in front of Sulfuron keep, just kill everything in the lower area. The fights near the keep are much harder and much more close together, making it a real pain to avoid accidentally pulling something, especially since some of the fights involve knockbacks and fears.

    Also, there's a real pita couple of fights near the gate to the keep. Don't want to spoil the fun, but it's safe to say you damn well better not ignore the guys channeling around the lava pools in favor of the big guy that's with them.

    • I agree on the MM front for Shannox. The ability to hit 30k in a single hit is critical for this fight — and in 10-man especially, you need all of your range to have that capability. I did the fight as SV last night, as did the other Hunter in the raid, plus we had 3 mages blowing up the dog — so there wasn't much chance he was going to hang out for too long.

  3. We attempted Shan in 10 man a handful of times. We were dpsing down Shannox first off to 40% and honestly, that wasn't cutting it. We tried dpsing the doggies too…not much going. Myself (always SV) and a Mage were pulling around 18-20k on the pulls but the rest of the dps was somewhere around 10k. Simply too low to make a dent in those mobs. When people were trapped, at first it was auto death….but after a couple attempts we found we could get people out. Not sure if perhaps it was simply people being unfamiliar with the mechanics and being hesitant.

    As for the trash…couple of thoughts here…

    1) Treat this place like Molten Core. LET THE HUNTER PULL TO THE TANKS! Trust me on this one. Tanks were doing their thing and we had bad placements, wipes etc. As soon as they let me do the pulling….smooth as ice.

    2) Core Hounds are Core Hounds….watch the fear they do. That's what will wipe your raid on trash…was the case in MC, and is the case here.

    3) Turtles are easy as pie if you kill the Matriarch then babies and leave the patriarch for last. We tried a few different combos, but that one worked best and easiest by far. The patriarchs shell shield can be interrupted, but not spell stolen or tranq'd.

    4) The roaming packs of harbingers (look like naga), really don't need much CC. We did a full CC and found it ROLFstomp. We tried no CC and got owned. Just CCing the small casters was the right mix.

    we got 2 trash drops. 1 caster dps staff and the other was a BS pattern.

  4. We have found that the first 30% enrage shannox does when a single dog goes down isn't so bad. And as such have been killing rageface first then bringing both shannox and riplimb down equally until shannox gets to are 35% hp. Dps stops on shannox and finishes riplimp, who should be close to dead.From there its a blow CDs and rape phase.

    A good thing I found is that there is plenty of time to blow all cooldowns in the beginning because the fight lasts long enough to have them all back before you lust during his 2nd phase when you will absolutely need them.

  5. My 25 man got down Shann and Beth last night. I wasn't in for Shann so I can not comment on that fight, however I can comment on the Beth fight.

    Def. should use frost traps as often to help your raid members. I would also pick up concussive barrage, as it it highly helpful on the spiderlings.

    • We did a 100-0 strategy for Beth'tilac. To be quite honest, it made it ridiculously easy. I'll get something posted on that very soon.

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