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Morynne —  July 25, 2011 — 7 Comments

The Firechicken!

I adored this encounter.  It’s hectic, there’s lots of stuff to avoid, but it’s different, which is what makes it awesome.

Alysrazor looks complicated, but it’s really not too bad.  As a Hunter, you’ll likely not ever see the flying part, but if you do, it’s a lot like Starfox.

There’s a bunch of different phases in this encounter, but it truly breaks down into two.  Air and ground, with transitions.

Phase 1: Air Phase

Phase 1 begins by initiating Majordomo in Alysrazor’s area. You’ll go through a lengthy RP, but on your second and subsequent attempts, you won’t have to endure that again.  On those additional attempts, there’s a feather you touch and the boss comes into the area, pooping out feathers in the middle of the space.

Here’s what we’re up against:

  • Firestorm – At the beginning of the battle Alysrazor ascends into the sky, inflicting 30000 Fire damage to players and knocking them back. Alysrazor continues to inflict 10000 Fire damage to players every 1 sec. for 10 sec.
  • Volcanic Fire – A massive eruption creates patches of Fire which block escape from Alysrazor’s domain. Volcanic Fire patches inflict 92500 to 107500 Fire damage to players within 6 yards every 1 sec.
  • Blazing Claw – Alysrazor claws her way through the center of the arena, inflicting 92500 to 107500 Physical damage to enemies in a 0 yard long 90 degree cone every 1.5 seconds. Each swipe also increases the Fire and Physical damage dealt to the target by 10% for 15 sec.
  • Molting – Alysrazor molts, creating Molten Feathers nearby.
    • Molten Feather – Players can pick up to three Molten Feathers. While holding a Molten Feather, all spells can be cast while moving and movement speed increases by 30% per feather. Once a player obtains three Molten Feathers, they gain Wings of Flame.
      • Wings of Flame – The Wings of Flame allow the player to fly for 20 sec.

Feathers? What? Where? I’m confused.  Just like Beth’tilac, your raid will end up being split.  You’ll want to send up 5-6 (in 25-man) to dps on Alysrazor.  Those 5-6 will pick up feathers to fly, so it’s very important not to pick up a feather her first swath through the area — for those of us on the ground, just wait until the second time she molts.  There will be plenty to go around.

If you’re being sent up to DPS Alysrazor, fly through the rings to refresh your buffs and damage her as you’re able.  You’ll be sent back down for the transition, don’t worry.  You get to feel that pain too.

For those of us that remain on the ground (there should be 2 tanks on the ground too!), we’ll be dealing with adds.  Range seems to commonly be left on the bottom because it’s easier to avoid some of the mechanics.

We’ll be dealing with two types of adds in this phase.  Hatchlings and Initiates.

Voracious Hatchling – Early in Stage 1, two Blazing Broodmothers drop off two Molten Eggs. After several seconds the eggs hatch into Voracious Hatchlings. Voracious Hatchlings throw a Tantrum if not fed Plump Lava Worms.

  • Imprinted – Upon hatching, Voracious Hatchlings imprint on the nearest player. The hatchling only attacks that player, but they gain 1000% additional damage against the hatchling.
  • Satiated – The Voracious Hatchling will not throw a Tantrum when Satiated, which lasts for 15 sec. Voracious Hatchlings hatch Satiated, and can become Satiated again if a player feeds them Plump Lava Worms.
  • Hungry – A Voracious Hatchling that is no longer Satiated becomes Hungry. When Hungry, hatchlings have a 20% chance on hit to throw a Tantrum.
  • Tantrum – The Voracious Hatchling throws a Tantrum, increasing damage dealt by 50% and haste by 50%.
  • Gushing Wound – The Voracious Hatchling strikes all targets within a 10 yard 60 degree cone, causing them to bleed for 3000 Physical damage every 0.200000003 seconds for 1 min. or until the target’s health falls below 50% of their maximum health.

First off, don’t be close to the eggs right as they hatch.  They imprint on the closest target, which should be your tank.  Littered throughout the room you’ll also have lava worms that spawn, be careful to avoid their spray.  It hurts.  Your tanks will be guiding these hatchlings to the worms so they’ll stop doing quite so much damage — giving the healers a chance to catch up at least a little bit.  All DPS on the ground should be on these baby fire chickens when the casters aren’t up.

Blazing Talon Initiate – Blazing Talon Initiates periodically fly in to assist Alysrazor in defeating enemy forces on the ground.

  • Brushfire – The Blazing Talon Initiate conjures a fiery ball that moves across the arena, inflicting 37000 to 43000 damage every 1 sec to players within 3.5 yards.
  • Fieroblast – The Blazing Talon Initiate hurls a fiery boulder at an enemy, inflicting 37000 to 43000 Fire damage and 10000 Fire damage every 3 seconds for 12 sec.
  • Fire it Up! – When a Blazing Talon Initiate casts Fieroblast, they gain a stack of Fire it Up! This effect increases the Initiate’s damage dealt by 10% and casting speed by 10%.

This should be a huge priority while they’re up.  They will need to be interrupted as much as possible to minimize the damage to the raid.  Any remaining melee on the ground with interrupts should be assigned to full-time handle these guys.

The baby birds should be down about the time that Alysrazor lands — that’s the goal anyway.  By this point, you should also have 2 stacks of the feather buff to prepare you for the next transition phase.

Transition: OMG WHIRLIES

Alysrazor flies in a tight circle, removes Wings of Flame from all players after 5 seconds, and then begins her ultimate attack.

  • Fiery Vortex – A Fiery Vortex appears in the middle of the arena, inflicting 50000 Fire damage every 0.5 seconds to players within 15 yards.
  • Harsh Winds – Alysrazor’s powerful wingstrokes cause harsh winds to scald the landscape around her nest, inflicting 50000 Fire damage every 1 seconds for 5 sec to players greater than 60 yards from the Fiery Vortex. This effect stacks.
  • Fiery Tornado – Fiery Tornadoes erupt from the Fiery Vortex and begin moving rapidly around Alysrazor’s arena, inflicting 40000 Fire damage every 1 sec to enemies within 10 yards.
  • Blazing Power – Alysrazor continues to create rings of fire that appear on the ground of the arena and last for 3 seconds. Players passing through the ring gain Blazing Power, increasing their haste by 8%. This effect stacks up to $99461U times. Each stack of Blazing Power also restores mana, rage, energy, runic power, and holy power.

So here’s the deal.  You have to avoid these tornadoes somehow.  You can’t be too close to the middle, or you die.  You can’t be too far out, or you die.  The easiest way I’ve found to stay out of the tornadoes is to set your camera from the top, follow one tornado until another one passes you, then follow that one for awhile — rinse, repeat.  This whole phase might last 30 seconds, maybe less – but it’s deadly.  Expect to wipe on this for awhile.

Phase 2: Ground

Alysrazor crashes to the ground with 0 Molten Power and becomes vulnerable. This stage lasts until Alyrazor’s energy bar reaches 50 Molten Power.

  • Burnout – Alysrazor’s fire burns out, immobilizing her and increasing her damage taken by 50%. When struck with a harmful spell Alysrazor emits Essence of the Green.
    • Essence of the Green – If Alysrazor is struck by a harmful spell she emits Essence of the Green, restoring 10% of the caster’s maximum mana.
  • Spark – A bright spark burns within the heart of Alysrazor, restoring 3 Molten Power every 2 seconds.
  • Blazing Talon Clawshaper – At the start of stage 2, two Blazing Talon Clawshapers fly in and re-energize Alysrazor.
    • Ignition – Blazing Talon Clawshapers channel molten energy into Alysrazor, restoring 1 Molten Power every 1 sec.

This phase is most easily dealt with if everyone stacks up together and burns the boss as quickly as possible.  This is where DPS cooldowns should be used.  This phase is reasonably quick, and you’ll move into the last transition before she cycles through the phases again.

Transition: Power up!

Alysrazor’s fire reignites at 50 Molten Power. This stage lasts until Alysrazor reaches 100 Molten Power.

  • Ignited – Alysrazor’s fiery core combusts once again, rapidly restoring her Molten Power. The core restores 2 Molten Power every 1 seconds.
  • Blazing Buffet – Alysrazor’s fiery core emits powerful bursts of flame, inflicting 9250 to 10750 Fire damage to all players every 1 seconds while Alysrazor remains Ignited.
  • Blazing Claw – Alysrazor claws at her current target, inflicing 92500 to 107500 Physical damage to enemies in a 0 yard long 90 degree cone every 1.5 seconds. Each swipe also increases the Fire and Physical damage dealt to the target by 10% for 15 sec.
  • Full Power – When Alysrazor reaches 100 Molten Power, she is at Full Power. This deals 50000 Fire damage to all players and knocks them back. Alysrazor then begins her Stage 1 activities again.

This phase is largely dealt with by healing through it.  Remain stacked up, and make sure your tanks are facing her away from the raid.  In my experience, I didn’t even really realize she entered this phase before she took off again.

Once you’ve run through the Air, Ground and two transitions, the cycle will repeat itself.  You’ll probably see 2-3 cycles of at least the hatchlings phase before the boss will drop, so living through that cyclone phase is critical.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Phase 1: If you’re on the ground, don’t pick up feathers until her second molt.  Even then, only grab 2.  You have no need to fly if you’re dealing with adds.  If you’re in the sky, pick up 3 immediately, and then start flying through rings and damaging the boss.  Avoid the clouds up there, they hurt.

In dealing with the adds, save your Scatter Shots and your Silencing Shots (dependent on spec, of course) for the casters.  Any additional interrupts will be good.  Otherwise, make sure the casters are down and DPS the birds.  If you find that DPS on the birds is too slow, you might be assigned to stay on the hatchlings since a hunter’s interrupts are on a 30 second cooldown.  I found that it was worth blowing Rapid Fire on the birds after the second caster was down just so it’d fall a bit faster. Watch your feet, you’ll have to be avoiding the spray from the worms.  If you ever played in the sprinklers as a kid, it’s the same idea — don’t be right in front of the business end of either of them — and if you’re lucky you’ll find that one spot of the yard that doesn’t get any water.

Whirlie Transition: Avoid tornadoes. Avoid tornadoes. Avoid tornadoes.  Did I mention avoid tornadoes? Ok, good.

Phase 2/Second Transition: Group up with your raid and DPS the boss as quickly as possible.  This is where you’ll want to utilize any DPS cooldowns you have (Rapid Fire, potions, etc.).

Hunter Loot from Alysrazor

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

7 responses to Strategy: Alysrazor

  1. Scatter shot does not work as an interrupt for the caster adds, neither does intimidation. IMO this really sucks as it almost forces us to go MM for this fight which I don't want to do as I am very comfortable with my BM and SV specs. It also makes having a couple of Shaman for the interrupts a huge advantage making me wonder what happened to "bring the player not the class" mantra from Blizzard.

    • I've been using Scatter Shot to attempt to interrupt at least, and I've seen the icon show up on my Tidy Plates — so if it's not interrupting, it might be locking them out of that spell class for a few seconds. I wouldn't go so far to say it's forcing people to go MM, but I agree if your raid doesn't have enough interrupts to handle the casters (which is a stretch), you may be right.

      • I can definitely confirm Scatter does not work. Tonight we had quite a good success with 2 melee, 4 ranged, 2 healers and 2 tanks. Got her down to 12% and called it. I think if we would have given it one more go we would have gotten her. One of our melee was having problems staying alive I think he was eating too many bushfires. Still sucks that it requires at least 2 melee in 10 man mode. Our raid team is usually ranged heavy and short on melee.

  2. what do i do with my pet if I'm on the air team? will it get wings too?

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