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Baleroc is the gatekeeper to the tower in Firelands. He looks all mean and fiery, but really he just wants you to hug his crystals.  It’s your job to do that for him.

  • Name: Baleroc <The Gatekeeper>
  • Raid: Firelands
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: 1
  • Catch: Tank swapping and crystal rotations
  • This strategy is for the normal encounter.

On this fight, you’re going to have one of two roles.  Stand close to a crystal, count to 12-15, then move out or just DPS the boss.  Either way, it’s a piece of cake.

Here’s what Baleroc does:

  • Blaze of Glory – Baleroc’s assault periodically awakens a burning spark within his current target, increasing the target’s physical damage taken by 20%, but also raising their maximum health by 20%.Every time Baleroc applies Blaze of Glory, he gains an application of Incendiary Soul.
    • Incendiary Soul – Every time Baleroc applies Blaze of Glory, he gains an application of Incendiary Soul, increasing his Fire damage dealt by 20%.
  • Shards of Torment – Baleroc summons a crystal amongst his foes, which continually channels a shadowy beam on the nearest player. In 25 player raids, Baleroc summons two crystals.
    • Torment – The Shard of Torment inflicts 4000 Shadow damage per application to the nearest player, stacking once per second.
    • Tormented – When Torment fades from a player, they are afflicted by the Tormented effect, which increases their Shadow damage taken by 250% and reduces the player’s healing done by 50% for 40 sec.,3 Direct melee contact with any other player will apply a fresh copy of the Tormented effect to that player.
    • Wave of Torment – If no player stands within 15 yards of a Shard of Torment, the Shard pulses this effect, inflicting 14250 to 15750 Shadow damage each second to all players.
    • Vital Spark – If a player casts a direct heal on someone being damaged by Torment, the healer gains an application of Vital Spark for each three stacks of Torment on the target. Casting a single-target direct heal on a target affected by Blaze of Glory will trigger Vital Flame.
      • Vital Flame – Vital Flame increases healing done to targets affected by Blaze of Glory by 5% per stack of Vital Spark consumed, lasting for 15 sec. When Vital Flame expires, it restores the Vital Spark stacks consumed to create the effect.

Blades of Baleroc -Baleroc periodically empowers one of his blades with Shadow or Fire energy, and wields it alone for 15 sec.

  • Decimation Blade – Baleroc’s melee strikes do no Physical damage but instead inflict Shadow damage equal to 90% of the target’s maximum health, but always at least 250000 damage. This damage cannot be resisted or mitigated. Baleroc’s time between attacks increases by 100% while this effect is active.
  • Inferno Blade – Baleroc’s melee strikes do no Physical damage but instead inflict 97500 to 102500 Fire damage.

Baleroc can be tanked anywhere in his little courtyard, but it’s worth setting up an outer boundary for range to spread in (especially on 25-man) because you don’t want to have to run too far to get to the crystals.  Ideally you’ll have two sets of crystal-eaters per crystal.  So in 25-man, 4 sets of 2, and in 10-man 2 sets of two.  Divide these guys up into two teams, and swap off every other crystal spawn.  In 25-man, you’ll have one crystal spawn in melee and one at range.

I’ll talk about how the switching goes in a second.  If you’re coordinating this fight, make sure your tanks and healers know that this is their fight.  Tanks need to switch off so debuffs drop off.  Healers play an even more important role.  Tanks health goes up significantly in this fight, so the healing also needs to increase similarly.  How does this happen? Well, healers need to swap between healing the crystal huggers and the tank, and seems to be most efficient that they switch the same time that the huggers switch. It’s important to note that healers really shouldn’t be hugging crystals.

Here’s how your crystal rotations will go.  Remember, it’s critical to get someone next to the crystals as quickly as possible for no other reason than to make sure that your healers are getting their buffs to heal the tanks.  I’ve gone through 3 sets of crystals just to demonstrate how the pattern is recycled, so keep going with the rotation until the boss goes down.

If you’re one of the few that does not get assigned to hugging a crystal, just focus on pushing as much DPS as possible on the boss, and don’t accidentally get caught with the crystal next to you.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Ultimately on this fight, be aware of your role, and make sure you don’t stand in a crystal if you’re not supposed to.  That can royally mess up the rotation.  This is a perfect fight to pre-pot and blow cooldowns early because they’ll likely be back up again before the fight is over.   Don’t stand out in BFE because it’ll make running to crystals much more difficult for people if it gets dropped on you. Every second counts!

Hunter Loot from Baleroc

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

3 responses to Strategy: Baleroc

  1. i always find it usefull (as MM hunter) to have a kill comand and raptor strike on the action bar

    you can also ask your seport classes to move away 8 yards from a crystal but most of the time they cant do that because of …….

    so ts handy to do at least some damage wile you are in melee range swinging around that pole-arm

    (when kill command is on cd ofc)


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