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Like spiders? No?

Perfect.  This is the encounter for you to release all your pent-up aggression toward the 8-legged critters, though by the end of it, you’ll be so sick of them, you might not want to kill another spider. Ever.

  • Name: Beth’tilac
  • Raid: Firelands
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: Add control and then burn.
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.
So here’s the deal, the way my raid has done it is different than I’ve seen on most other places.  This might not work for your group. This is a 100-0 strategy.

Phase 1: The Cinderweb

On the pull, Beth’tilac will ascend to her web above.  She will need to be tanked, so you’ll need to figure out how to get people up there.  Good thing there’s an easy answer.

When the pull happens, you’ll get a number of Cinderweb Spinners hanging from above.  Your goal is to get all of the spinners down from their strings.  Anyone can get these guys down with a Taunt style ability.  They have reasonably low health, and can be taken out pretty quick.  Ideally you want to have all of these Spinners down fast because they do some raid damage.

Your Beth’tilac tank will want to immediately take one of the strings up to the top of the web and begin tanking her.  It’s important that a healer is close behind, otherwise your tank will die, and you’ll likely have to wipe the raid.

Beth’tilac slowly loses Fire Energy over time. Cinderweb Drones also siphon some of her energy when their own energy is depleted. Whenever Beth’tilac runs out of Fire Energy, she will set herself ablaze, causing Smoldering Devastation.

When Smoldering Devastation is about to happen, your tank and healers from the top will need to jump down through the web back to the rest of the raid.

What’s everyone else been doing? Why, killing spiders of course!  Your second tank will need to pick up the Cinderweb Drones that spawn (big adds).  Largely they are a tank n’ spank situation, but the DPS you have that is good at AOE will need to be killing spiderlings that spawn from 3 different areas around the room.  If the spiderlings reach the Drone, the drone will then consume the spiderlings and regenerate health.  Which is bad.  The spiderlings can be slowed, and have reasonably low amounts of health.

Timing should reflect that the drone dies about the same time Beth’tilac does Smoldering Devistation, and the cycle will repeat itself through a total of 3 Smoldering Devistations.

Note: When the third Smoldering Devistation is about to happen, instead of DPSing the drone, the spiderlings should be everyone’s priority because Beth’tilac will also consume them, regenerating health.  The Drone should be close to dead anyway, so it may take just a couple seconds of DPS to get it down.

Phase 2: Really Angry Spider

After the third Smoldering Devistation, Beth’tilac will come down from her web, and it turns into a burn phase.

Here’s what she does during this phase:

  • Frenzy – Beth’tilac periodically casts Frenzy, increasing her damage dealt by 5% until the end of the encounter. This effect stacks.
  • The Widow’s Kiss – Beth’tilac’s deadly kiss boils the blood of her current target, reducing the healing dealt to the target by 14 to 22% every 2 seconds for 20 sec. The kiss also causes the target to inflict increasing Fire damage to their surrounding allies within 10 yards. (Tanks only, so they’ll need to be spaced apart a bit)
  • Ember Flare – Beth’tilac emits a blazing heat, inflicting 18500 to 21500 Fire damage to enemies on the same level as Beth’tilac.
  • Consume – Beth’tilac consumes Cinderweb Spiderlings, healing Beth’tilac for 10% of her maximum health.
So how does the raid deal? Well first off, make sure your drone is down, then group up on one of Beth’s back legs. Everyone. Melee, ranged, healers, everyone. Tanks are the only ones that should stay at her face.  DPS your heart out.  Burn your cooldowns, but only burn Heroism when your healers need the extra boost.  Just remember that her damage output increases the longer this phase goes on.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Phase 1: Your job will be to drop ice traps for the tiny spiders and AOE them down.  When there’s no tiny spiders, be on the drones.  Don’t forget hunters have a taunt for those spinners! Distracting Shot works wonders and drops those guys like a bad habit.

Phase 2: DPS your brains out.  Make sure Rapid Fire is up and ready to roll, have potions to blow, and make sure your rotation is as tight as it can get.  The faster this phase is over, the faster your healers love you again.  Trust me, they hate life at the end.

Hunter Loot from Beth’tilac

  • Flickering Shoulders (of horrible) – I got these the first time we killed her, and the enchant is less than desireable.  Mastery/Haste, and there’s no hunter spec out there that likes both. You might get luckier than me though.
  • Widow’s Kiss – Not ideal again with Mastery/Haste, but certainly an upgrade for the beginning of T12 content.

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

11 responses to Strategy: Beth’tilac

  1. Quick addendum: Widow's kiss is only applied to the tanks. As DPS, you just sit there and as you say, blow her ass up.

  2. I got pulled into this fight last week at the last minute and had only a vague idea of what to do. My job was primary duty for spiderlings. It was a little painful, but I have had the chance to read up and think about it a little more. I ran Survival and two problems I had were focus-starving myself and sometimes missing with my Ice Trap.

    My thought for this week was to try the fight in Marks spec, modifying my normal spec to pick up Rapid Killing and Concussive Barrage. In theory, that should solve my focus-starving problem and also should allow me to not rely so much on Ice Traps (assuming I can perma-daze the spiderlings).

    I haven't seen anyone talk about this strat and just wanted to get some feedback.


    • If you're running in 10-man, I can totally understand how focus tapping yourself would be disastrous. I can't say I've tried it as MM, but what you're suggesting makes sense.

      In a 25-man environment, having extra DPS on the lower level seems to be the winner. When I would focus starve myself, I'd swap to the large add, toss a couple Cobra Shots on that guy, regen some focus, and go back to Multi-Shot.

      There are specs out there that will give you both Concussive Barrage and Improved traps – so you get the stun and the lockdown — that might also be something to consider.

  3. Our guild got our first Beth kill tonight, and what worked for us was having me solo kill the little spiderlings and taunt down any spinners that I could. I spec'd into Concussive Barrage, and it was extremely helpful. The only time that the spiders got near the drone was when I died after multiple hanging spinners nabbed me. The extra stun with the traps shouldn't be needed, and targeting macros help out a lot, to make sure that you're targeting the little spiderlings and not the spinners with multishot.

    The one that helped me the most however was this:

    /tar Cinderweb Spinner

    /cast Distracting Shot


  4. It's pretty simple, and fun (35k dps? yes please thank you!) to solo the spiderlings on 10N. MM spec with bombardment, concussive barrage, and rapid killing (50 focus back every time a spiderling dies). I also took entrapment and trap mastery in surv just to make it that much easier. TURN ON TRACK BEASTS. Then just wait till you see that spiderlings have spawned, take a look at your mini-map, and run over to them. launch a trap, and multi shot away.

    2xMS, and 2xSS should kill the first one, that refunds 50 focus, then just keep multishotting.

  5. Best spec to soloing the spiderlings. (in my opnion)

    Almost infinite focus because the Rapid Killing and Rapid Recuperation.


    • I have been battling this boss all week.. fairly new to raiding, but i am going to try this spec and see if it will give me the extra boost i need.. I have been using MM but without the entrapment.. that 4 seconds will be a big difference…thanks for posting the spec

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