Strategy: Lord Rhyolith

Morynne —  July 11, 2011 — 8 Comments

The lesson I learned on this fight is don’t expect to see what you’re shooting at.  This guy is monstrous! The mechanics are very different than I remember in the past, but nonetheless fun.

  • Name: Lord Rhyolith
  • Raid: Firelands
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: 2
  • Catch: Steering is hard! Add management.
  • This strategy is for the normal encounter. Heroic guide can be found here.

Phase 1: Drive the Giant

During phase 1, Rhyolith ignores players, and is steered by dpsing on his legs to turn him in a particular direction.  You’ll see a meter pop up on your screen that shows you what direction Rhyolith is turning.  The more you DPS on the right foot, the more the meter will show toward the right, and the opposite for the left.  Rhyolith will occasionally stomp the ground, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  If Rhyolith reaches the edge of his platform and gets into the magma, he’ll drink it, and bad things happen.

So why are we steering this giant anyway? Well, Rhyolith has all kinds of armor on, and the only way we can remove it is to steer him over the randomly forming volcanoes.  Lord Rhyolith’s Obsidian Armor is reduced by 10% every time he steps on an active volcano.  When Rhyolith reaches 25% health, he’ll move into phase 2.

Sound too easy? It is, until you bring in the adds.  Lord Rhyolith releases a jet of cinders, inflicting 15000 Fire damage to players within 0 yards and creates either 5 Fragments of Rhyolith or 1 Spark of Rhyolith. Range DPS’ role on this fight is mostly to handle adds, while melee steers the giant around.  Here’s where it gets tricky.  First off, you can’t see very well because of the giant on your screen, so targeting becomes a challenge. Nameplates help a lot. (Just hit V on your keyboard and they’ll show up if you haven’t changed that bind)  There are two types of adds. Fragment of Rhyolith – Fragments of Rhyolith have low health. If not slain within 30 sec, they inflict damage equal to their current health to a random player. In 25 person raids, they deal damage equal to half their current health to a random player, and Spark of Rhyolith – Sparks of Rhyolith inflicts 8075 to 8925 Fire damage to all players within 12 yards.

Priority on the adds is really to get them down as quickly as possible, but when faced with Fragments that are about to explode, make sure you swap to those and then keep burning the Sparks.

While all of this is going on, when Rhyolith steps on a volcano, he’ll create a crater.  When he’s feeling saucy, Lord Rhyolith causes streams of lava to flow from a crater. The moving stream of lava inflicts 75000 Fire damage to any player in its path. After 10 sec. the stream of lava erupts, inflicting 150000 Fire damage to any player standing within a lava stream. So really, instant death.

The lesson on phase 1 is kill adds, and fire is bad.  There’s a lot of chaos, so it’s important to have those priorities straight.

Phase 2: Burn the Armorless Giant

The positive to this phase is that the chaos stops with the adds and the volcanos.  Your focus needs to immediately turn and DPS Rhyolith.  Burn cooldowns, and light him up.  Since he’s armor-less, this phase is over very quickly.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Phase 1: Know what tank is handling which type of adds. Misdirect appropriately.  The sparks will be tanked further off into the distance, where the fragments will likely be closer range.  There is a lot of damage going out on this phase, so any mitigation will be helpful. If you’re having difficulty staying alive, it might be worth glyphing Raptor Strike since you’re likely to have a bunch of small adds close to use it on. Stay out of the lines, and staying vocal about when they’re spawning will help your raid immensely.

Phase 2: Misdirect to the tank, since he no longer ignores his aggro table.  Light up the boss.  Blow cooldowns, use potions.

Hunter Loot from Lord Rhyolith

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

8 responses to Strategy: Lord Rhyolith

  1. We didnt kill him, but we had some success with pet-tanking the Fragments. Kept them off the healers and dps, and grouped them nicely for more efficient Multi-Shots.

  2. I was noticing a problem when we we're doing Rhyolith last week. His legs were behind me and I was multi-shotting adds on the other side of the platform, yet I was still hitting both of his legs. I found it odd and noticed it on each attempt. We still have yet to get him to Phase 2 we're having attendance problems and cant keep the same group make up we usually have. My RL has decided that I will be on legs alongside an Arms warrior tonight to dps the legs to see if that makes any difference in how we're doing this. Our comp usually isn't too bad, most fights we have 1 Prot Warrior, 1 Prot Pally, 2 Fire Mages (one usually goes Arcane), 1 Boomkin, 1 Hunter (Me), 1 Resto Druid, 1 Rest Shammy and 1 Holy Pally or 1 Priest usually disc. We are very ranged heavy. The problem I'm worried about is when I'm killing adds they usually are dead shortly after they spawn, and with me on legs, I'm not sure exactly how long the adds will stay up, but once again being ranged heavy we shouldn't have problems with adds.

  3. I used an assist macro for my pet set to the melee calling out which leg the melee group is on. This way my pet can help them while I focus fire adds. We're still working getting him to stomp volcanoes faster to reduce raid damage.

  4. The thing that bugs me most about this encounter is that the Fragments (and I believe even the Spark) do not trigger Rapid Killing and thus do not trigger 50 focus from Rapid Recuperation. I'm constantly focus starved.

    When I nuke the spiderlings in Beth'tilac, once the first one dies I'm at nearly full focus through out the rest of my multi-shots. I'd imagine if this were not the case I'd be as equally frustrated in this encounter as well.

    I also tried going BM and that was a disaster. I couldn't keep the pet on the right fragment/spark in order to use it's AoE.

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