Taming Kirix

Morynne —  July 25, 2011 — 4 Comments

Kirix is one of the 10 challenge tames from the 4.2 patch.  Once tamed, there’s nothing special to him other than the coloration — but it’s a challenge to make him yours.

Kirix lives in the Molten Front on Fireplume Ridge.  If you haven’t unlocked the “Into the Fire” quest, you might have a difficult time getting to his area.

This is a reasonably easy tame, you just have to know where to pull him from.  Along the ridge, you’ll see small platforms scattered all over leading up to the firehawk area.  You’ll want to use these to your advantage.  It’s worth noting that he’s immune to Ice Traps, so don’t bother.

As you go around the edge of the ledge (past the NPCs for dailies) you’ll see a couple platforms off in the distance — not the singular one, but there’s a group of two (one that crumbles periodically).  You’ll want to be on the stationary one.  Kirix will pat back and forth in front of you.

Here’s how it should go:

  1. Shoot Kirix
  2. Wait for him to use his special poison ability, pop Deterrence
  3. If he’s evading, wait to pop Tame Beast
  4. Profit!

It really doesn’t take much more than that.  If I happen to come across more challenge tames and have some success, I’ll be sure to share them!

I snagged him this morning after a few tries, and he’s certainly more exciting than your average spider. Good luck!


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4 responses to Taming Kirix

  1. For what it's worth, I believe the rock method has been fixed. At least whenever I tried it, I would always get LoS errors (at the end of the tame, in a teasing fashion).

    The method I used was:

    0. Make sure you have lots of room behind your toon

    1. Pull from max distance with arcane shot or whatever you prefer

    2. He'll skitter over, and as soon as he gets to you, should knock you into the air

    3. At the apex of the jump, disengage and immediately hit deterrence

    4. As soon as you land hit tame and you should have a new emerald beauty

    • This method above works great! Got Kirix first time I saw him. It's worth to note that if you don't have the "Into the fire" quest, you can skirt the left edge of the fire and make it past so you can have access to not only Kirix, but Skitterflame, Skarr, and the crab whose name escapes me

  2. I have tried this about 4 times and got 3 shot every time as soon as deterrance was up. I have 149k health so that is not the problem.

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