Add-Ons for Effective Huntering

Morynne —  August 4, 2011 — 18 Comments

I’m such a UI junkie.  I mod out the way my entire screen looks, and I’m always searching for a new add-on that will make my life easier.

My UI right now continues be a variant of Bati’s UI, but I’ve added and removed things that make my quality of life better.  I’m toying with the idea of going back to grid for my raid frames, but I haven’t decided anything at this point. It should be known that I’m going to work with Power Auras this weekend to see if I can get something snazzy put together for what’s up notifications. I’ll share those separately, but I know many people can’t live without them.

Add-ons that make my hunting easier are:

Why ForteXorcist?

Truthfully, it’s primarily a warlock add on, and I disable most of it, with the exception of the spell tracker. Why do I use it? It helps me keep track of my outstanding Serpent Stings (especially on multiple targets), debuffs on the boss, proc’d abilities (like Improved Steady Shot when applicable).  It’s very customize-able, and you can only use the parts of it that you like/need.  If you don’t already have a cooldown timer on your UI, this one is pretty good as well.

Why MisdirectionHelper2?

This takes the complication out of creating Misdirection macros.  You no longer have to manually change what you need, you just select your targets from a menu, or type in your MD target’s name.  This add-on saves me from cursing out my game regularly.

Why Tidy Plates?

If you’re dealing with more than a couple mobs, having your combat plates on helps targeting quite a bit.  I like the customization options in Tidy Plates because you can set them to show just what you want.  You can also tell it to show everything.

Why Dominos?

This is, hands down, one of my staples.  I like the ability to change buttons, where they go, what opacity they have — that’s all nice.  What I really love is the ability to change keybinds quickly.  All you have to do is go to the config options for Dominos, select “Set Keybinds,” then mouseover the button you want, and push your new keybind.  It saves so much time and hassle from the built in UI’s “guess what button on the action bar” game.  When you’re swapping in abilities based on the fight, having the flexibility to just assign a new keybind that fast is really convenient.

Why Omen?

Omen is pretty close to the universally accepted threat meter.  It gives you warnings when you hit a threshold you set for when you’re about to pull off the tank.  It also gives you a list of people on that threat list for the mob you’re targeting — so it might help you time that Feign Death a little better, or Misdirect just a bit sooner to help save the overzealous mage who already used his ice block.

What are some of your “have to have” add-ons for combat?


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

18 responses to Add-Ons for Effective Huntering

  1. Great post! I'm going to check out Tidy Plates, as I've been using the standard Blizzard ones ever since X-Perl started giving me framerate issues in 4.1.

    I recommend you check out the addon Serenity, formerly JS Hunter Bar. It's' a very nice focus bar that might just replace ForteXorcist for you. Serenity is specifically for hunters, and allows you to setup whatever timers/cooldowns you like to display above, below or to either side of the focus bar. It also includes warnings for things such as tranq opportunities and trap/cc timers as well. Customization galore. :D

    • I truthfully can't remember if I've tried Serenity in the past… I'll have to revisit it, if nothing else. ForteXorcist is just my old standby — and it's pretty handy that it still works for my alts as well.

  2. Add-ons I have come to love:

    Serenity (originally JS Hunter Bar) – Has tons of modules to track just about anything.

    Karthus' Hunter Timers – For all those timers I don't want tacked onto my Focus Bar via Serenity

    Omni CC – Puts nice big numbers on buttons for CD management

    Tidy Plates (Threat) – adds a threat monitor onto Tidy Plates so you can see just which adds in a pack have it out for you.

  3. Thank you for showing a UI that does not have Recount up. Seeing a giant damage meter take up a hefty chunk of screen space infuriates me. Meters are important, just not during combat.

    JS Hunter Bar = I just stare at the big brown bar in the middle of my screen. Things happen around me, but damnit, Serpent Sting never drops from my target! I haven't tried Serenity. Maybe that's tonight's project.

    Elkano's Buff Bars = The default buff icons get in the way. Too big and annoying. I love EBB because important buffs can be separated and reorganized.

    Power Auras = I don't use Power Auras as much as others, but for somethings (like LnL procs and OMGBADNESSMOVE debuffs), there's nothing better.

    • It's true, the Recount is in the corner. The only time I really look at it is after a fight is over, and frankly, looking at Combat Logs after the raid is through will give you a better idea of how you're performing anyway.

  4. I'm with you on TidyPlates. It's fantastic. I use the ThreatPlates skin for it to also give me all the information I need from Omen. I really don't care how much threat the rogue and mage are doing; all I care about is whether I'm going to need to Feign Death soon or exactly which add to stop attacking to avoid pulling aggro.

    For tracking short-term buffs, DoTs, and cooldowns, I use NeedtoKnow instead of ForteXorcist. While it won't show my Serpent Sting on multiple targets, I set up Tidy Plates to show my sting and/or daze right on each unit's plate.

    Kharthus's Hunter Timers is the best addon I've found to show how long until my trap disappears and/or wears off. That's all I use it for.

    Power Auras is my favorite. I use it to show me all kinds of stuff… if I'm low on health, if I'm missing a flask/food buff, when I'm entering combat, whether I have aggro on anything, what aspect I'm in (especially Aspect of the Pack x_x), when my target's over 90% health, when my target's under 20% health… etc, etc. It's amazing.

    Having important information front-and-center is what having UI addons is all about. :)

  5. Bartender4

    X-Perl UnitFrames


    Tidy Plates – Threat Plates










    Prat 3.0


    A bunch of different Broker addons

    The rest are for alts and AH stuff

    I'm an addon addict…

  6. Get a Focus bar. I use JS' Hunter Bar and love it. Also includes a Tranq shot notification for those times when you can be a hero.

  7. JS Hunters bar…..or Serenity as it's now called…… all I need :)

  8. Given that I've seen a lot of response about Serenity, I might have to add that to my "Addons to mess with" short list and see what it's all about. Thanks all for the suggestions! I'll post something when I've had the chance to run it through its paces.

  9. The one addon that I've come to appreciate that is missing from everyone's list is Rangedisplay. This tells you how far you are from your target and focus target. Since I usually have the tank or off-tank set as my focus target, this is helpful especially during fights with a lot of movement.

  10. test comment

  11. I'm an addon minimalist – I try to use as few addons as possible without compromising my efficiency in the raid. Here are the ones I use:

    - Omen

    - Deadly Boss Mods

    - Skada (not for the damage really, but to see why someone died)

    - Stay Focused + Hunter plugin

    - Watcher

    Stay Focused is basically just a focus bar, color coded to help me decide when I can afford to shoot an arcane shot (I play SV)

    Watcher is is cooldown timer that also tracks debuffs on the mob (espcially Serpent Sting). The nice this is that this is shown in a time line – the icon for the ability is running from right to left, if it has arrived at the start the ability is ready / should be refreshed. I find that much easier the just the numbers.

  12. I like your broker display bar Morynne, or at least the one displayed in your full screenshot. I've been using ChocolateBar, but that's only because that's the first one I found when first checking out broker display bars. I like the opacity option for that bar and the quick reference tracking of things like conquest points, gold, etc..

    I know they're not Hunter related add-ons but I'd sure like to give them a gander if you don't mind sharing what broker add-ons you're using?

    • I know I'm using Bazooka as my Broker handler — that's the bar at the top.

      Going left to right in the screenshot, I'm using Atlas Loot, BunnyHunter, GuildXP, SocialState (or had been, the add-on broke but seems to be fixed now), Broker Group, WiM3, FuBar_Moneyfu, MisdirectionHelper2, Archy, and ArkInventory (just puts it there)

      The bar in the middle of my screen is a combination of KG Panels and SLDT, plus CoolLine cooldown bar.

      Hope that answers your question!

      • Never thanked you for sharing the other add-ons. Been using Bazooka and some of the others to a much greater level of satisfaction. I really like Wim3 too.

        Thanks for sharing those; they've made my UI much more enjoyable!

  13. nice^^ i cant say that i use alot of addons for my hunter… but i have been using bartender4 coupled with spellflash (only use it for interrupts, its not accurate rotation wise) i have recount in a small corner, but i too never look at it during a fight.(the exception being 10 man baleroc. doing the shards kinda messes with my concentration slightly) and i just recently DL'd omen. Never had trouble managing my threat with the regular blizzard threat gage, but my MT wanted everyone to get it so i did.

    for non raid addons i use onebag3, postal and Atlas Loot. this setup's comfortable for me^^

    (MM is my baby ;P i only every use SV for add control on fights like cho'gall and Beth'tilac. Entrapment is a godsend for that^^)

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