Bad Habits: Laying it All Out There

Morynne —  August 2, 2011 — 11 Comments

Crazy thought, but no, I’m not perfect.  Never claimed to be.

Everyone has those things they’re not so good at, or lazy about, but what’s important is how we overcome them.  As a Hunter, we have several things that we can be lazy about that many other classes would never think about.

  • Aspects
    • Most other classes never have to think about how their “aura” affects the rest of the raid. (Pallies, if you turn off Crusader, we’ll turn off Pack, ok?) Personally I’m so terrified that I’ll leave Aspect of the Pack on for a boss pull, that I tend to toggle aspects before I even sit down to eat.  Admittedly, I learned this trick back in Burning Crusade when I accidentally left Pack on and we pulled Teron Gorefiend. Never. Again.
  • Understanding those “specific use” shots.
    • Many will never understand why Wing Clip might be valuable or why Widow Venom might be useful in a raid scenario, but being familiar with all these little tools makes the difference between a good hunter and an awesome one. (Wing Clip is helpful in a short range fight where you might need to slow something getting to its target, and you’re not at range.  Widow Venom is helpful if you’re dealing with a boss fight where you might have adds healing the boss.)
  • Understanding the value of bringing the right pet based on group composition.
    • In Cataclysm, Hunters have truly been put in a position where they can fill in gaps in buffs, and make a big difference in the success of the whole of a raid if say… mages and shaman aren’t available.  We can provide a “Heroism” effect. No spell damage increase in the raid? Bring a dragonhawk or a windserpent.  If everything is covered by your group, bring what you like. (WHU has a great write-up for this in particular)
  • Breaking our own traps.
    • There, I said it.  I do it.  Just be careful.  Blizzard even made it easier not to break traps, so stop trying.
  • Not watching threat
    • I’ve been caught.  I’ve pulled threat right off the bat on a boss pull and died.  Recently? No, but it was a lesson that needed to be learned.  This, kids, is why we have Misdirection and Feign Death.  If you’re misdirecting at the beginning of the fight, and using feign death when Omen says you’re too high, you’ll never pull aggro.  Unless FD is resisted, which is an entirely different discussion and peeve.
What are some of your bad habits? What’d you do to get past them?


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

11 responses to Bad Habits: Laying it All Out There

  1. Worst habit for me is my UI. I hate opening my spell book. So I have a host of extra bars sitting around with spells I hardly ever use, but are there when needed. Everything is either macro'd or bound somewhere on my keyboard or my Naga.

    The issue is, my UI looks over crowded to others and they get the wrong idea. Should I clean it up…probably. But I never quite feel compelled to do it.

  2. Klaven and Hobs August 3, 2011 at 6:30 am

    How about logging in only to raid, not saying a word on vent, then disappearing into the early morning fog? I do that all the time. I don't think it's a really bad habit, but it certainly isn't good practice.

    • I can agree that it's not the best way to create a relationship with your guild — but it depends on your situation. Some guilds are like that, others like to talk on vent all the time.

  3. I've been guilty of leaving Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Pack in the past and having my group members be dazed during combat but it hasn't happened in a while now. Now though when I have it on and we no longer need it, the tank always goes "Aspect of the Pack off now" and I respond that yea, I was going to do that in a second, I'm not an idiot. I rarely use Wing Clip in PvE or PvP but I should learn to use it more. As for Widow Venom, I haven't found the need to use it in PvE but I keep it on my targets all the time in PvP. For the pet thing, I have the addon RaidChecklist and I know what buffs/debuffs are missing right from the start. I haven't broken my own trap in a long time now, but I have broken my Wyvern Sting but only to Misdirect the mob to the tank that doesn't notice that the sting is almost up. I haven't died from pulling threat in a while either.

  4. I wouldn't say 'habit' but I do sometimes misdirection to a non-tank… such as a healer… like last night in Firelands. ><

    I've also Disengaged off high places a few times… say like the Lich King platform.

    One habit I've recently developed is pulling for the group.. or raid. I blame it on the Careful Aim nerf.

    @Harvoc: Widow Venom also works well on fights that have two healers (such as in DM or VP), pop one with it and focus on that one.

    RaidChecklist is awesome; one thing I noticed was it assumes some things. I had a Warrior in group and I was avoiding a specific pet because it overlapped with the Warrior. I asked the Warrior and it turns out they didn't have the talent that got the bonus. So it's great for a quick look, but sometimes it's good to ask to make sure they have whatever it is you need.

  5. I'd say misjudged disengages is potentially the most detrimental sin I have. Flew completely off the platform in the Jin'do fight a couple of weeks ago, and did the same back in Wrath on the LK fight. I probably need to hot-key it to a different position as it occasionally goes off as I'm intending to use another ability.

    My worst habit is judging when to interrupt my cobra shots to go ahead and get that explosive shot off when it goes off cool-down around the middle of the cast. It's a problem I usually get when my rotation is brought out of flow for one reason or another. I probably need to start using power-auras to let me know when heroism like buffs, and rapid fire are close to done so I know to anticipate a change in my focus regen cast times and can go ahead an mentally prepare myself for changing my allowances for delay.

    • A flaw I have is probably not using Disengage enough. I think a few mis-placed disengages really made me not like the ability as much as I probably should.

      I concur on the power auras thing. I was considering it last night and thought I really probably should be using it, so I get to play with that as well. If I come up with any awesome settings for Power Auras, I'll be sure to share.

  6. I have done everything at one time or another that everyone has talked about – once, or even 3 times. :D But I learned. My big one right now is being slower at the beginning when everyone wants to hurry up and kill everything. I tend to say things like, "slow down please.", "hey, you going to mark what you want me to go full bozo on?" and my favorite, "oops". I still make small and sometimes big mistakes. I don't think that will every stop, but they are getting fewer. Thanks for the article.

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