Hunter Tier Transmogrification Guide

Morynne —  August 26, 2011 — 18 Comments

This past weekend I ran a whole bunch of old instances to work on completing some sets for transmogrification in 4.3.  Some by myself, some with my husband (Enhancement Shaman).

I’m going to go through who drops what set, and what I had difficulty soloing or what we had trouble with as a duo, tier by tier.   I will not recommend soloing or duoing any of the level 80 content.  I’m sure it’s possible, but it’s easier if you have at least 3-4 people.  Please also note that there are non-tier pieces that look like tier that might be easier to attain.  Follow the Wowhead links to see what shares the same model.

I’ll cover awesome weapon skins for hunters in a later post, and I will maintain this in a page on my site going forward. (Transmogrification Guide: Hunter Tier)

Tier 1: Giantstalker

Tier 1: Giantstalker

Giantstalker (Tier 1): Molten Core

This set is exclusively from Molten Core, and 6 of the 8 pieces are found from bosses.  The remainder come from trash drops (belt and bracers)

This weekend I was lucky enough to see the drops for the shoulders  in Molten Core, though one downside I’ve found with running this, is one class tends to be favored.  I think I saw a full rogue set, and several paladin pieces.  I snagged the bracers from the Auction House for about 150g.

You really shouldn’t have any issues soloing MC.  The trickiest part I found was taking down the packs of core hounds that reignite if one dies too quickly.  The trick to that is letting your AOE do all the work.  Explosive traps, multi-shots, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Tier 2: Dragonstalker

Tier 2: Dragonstalker

Dragonstalker (Tier 2): Blackwing Lair/Molten Core/Onyxia (pre-redux)

The only piece that can’t be gotten (the level 60 version anyway) is the helm, everything else is still fair game.  It’s worth noting that they did add the helm back in with a level 80 item that mimics the tier 2 model.

Cryptstalker (Tier 3): See Tier 7

This gear is no longer available since Naxx moved.

Tier 4: Demon Stalker

Tier 4: Demon Stalker

Demon Stalker (Tier 4): Karazhan/Gruul’s Lair/Magtheridon

I solo’d all of Kara up to Chess, and did Gruul with my husband.  Mag was done in a group, but could easily be solo’d or done in a small team.

Kara was nice enough to drop gloves and helm for me (Curator and Prince).  Both boss fights in Gruul’s lair and Mag dropped the remaining pieces, so I will be able to rock the fel fire shoulders if I want to on 4.3.

Gruul was a pansy by comparison to High King Maulgar for 2 people to take out.  I was running with my turtle pet to tank anything and everything.  The key to this fight is taking out the healer first, then shoot for the Warlock (who fears), after that it doesn’t matter, as long as Maulgar dies last.  If you don’t have anyone who can heal with you, this might become even more difficult.  We burned Heroism right off the bat just so that healer would drop really fast.  I saved my Rapid Fire for the next mob, once he went down, it became infinitely easier.

Tier 5: Rift Stalker

Tier 5: Rift Stalker

Rift Stalker (Tier 5): Serpentshrine Cavern/The Eye

Hands down, this is my favorite Hunter tier, and unfortunately I never saw a single piece of it as I raided these instances before we moved on to Hyjal and Black Temple.  SSK and TK were done as a duo — with the exception of Vashj and Kael’thas.  Because of Kael’s MC ability, we brought in an additional Shaman, and Vashj we just left alone.  Vashj posed a problem just because of the sheer surface area that needed to be covered.  Two people covering a space that was designed to accommodate 25 just didn’t work. We ran into similar issues with Karathress, just not enough bodies.  This would have been far easier with 4-5 people.

For our strategy with Kael, knowing that he MC’s after you take out his council for the second time, both Shaman popped their elementals, and I stayed at max range to hopefully resist the Mind Control.  It worked, so I am now the proud owner of both shoulders and the chest piece for tier 5.

For Void Reaver, at least one person (likely you, hunter) will need to stay range to take the arcane blasts.  Your best bet is to stay in Aspect of the Fox, and just run around in circles with the boss in the middle.  Profit.

Tier 6: Gronnstalker

Tier 6: Gronnstalker

Gronnstalker (Tier 6): The Battle for Mount Hyjal/Black Temple/Sunwell

By no means would I recommend soloing Tier 6 content.  I did this with a group of about 8, maybe 10.  Hyjal will eat your raid alive if you don’t have enough AOE or range damage to deal with the trash waves, and Black Temple will go infinitely faster if you have a group together. (I had forgotten how big that place was)

Tier 7: Cryptstalker

Tier 7: Cryptstalker

Cryptstalker (Tier 7): Naxxramas, Vault of Archavon, Obsidium Sanctum

This tier involves farming all of the tokens to purchase the set in Dalaran, and is not available to purchase with Valor/Justice points. Note that this is the 25-man version.  The 10-man version is likely to be solo-able or done in a pair.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it’s possible.

Tier 8: Scourgestalker

Tier 8: Scourgestalker

Scourgestalker (Tier 8): Ulduar, Vault of Archavon

This set can be partially purchased with Justice points, but for shoulders you will have to kill Yogg-saron.  What better time than now to finish off that Ulduar drake?

Tier 9: Windrunner

Tier 9: Windrunner

Windrunner (Tier 9): Trial of the Champion, Vault of Archavon

This set will require you to run Trial of the Champion to get Trophies of the Crusade, but the plus side is that you can get most all pieces from Justice Points.

Tier 10: Ahn'Kahar Blood Hunter

Tier 10: Ahn'Kahar Blood Hunter

Ahn’Kahar (Tier 10): Icecrown Citadel, Vault of Archavon

Easily one of my favorite tiers, but then again, I tend to love the raids at the end of an expansion in general.  There are 3 levels of this gear, all with different coloration, so do some research into what color you might want.  If you’re interested in the purple, you’ll need to run 25-man ICC for some tokens, but remember you’ll also need to have already purchased the justice points versions.

Tier 11: Lightning-Charged

Tier 11: Lightning-Charged

Lightning Charged (Tier 11): Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Baradin Hold

Love the murloc head.  Most current raiders will likely have this set already, and if you want to keep looking like an undead murloc ate your head, this is worth holding on to.

Tier 12: Flamewaker

Tier 12: Flamewaker

Flamewaker (Tier 12): Firelands, Baradin Hold

This is one of the better looking Hunter sets in my opinion.

Find your matching Belts and Boots here.


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

18 responses to Hunter Tier Transmogrification Guide

  1. iam gowing for the tier 1 and you dont even have to kill those strange packs of dogs you can walk past them whit came and lock your self at the far end richt wall to aviod getting feart in to them

  2. Just a heads-up: The T7/T8 sets you're previewing are the 25-man versions, but the pictures accompanying them are the 10-man versions. Not sure if that was intentional.

    Otherwise, nicely done! I'll be wearing the black/green alt-coloration of T8. Good luck!


    • Wasn't intentional, but good catch. It's certainly worth mentioning that the Wrath tier sets all have different colors available for them, depending if you complete on 10 or 25-man versions.

  3. P.S. Nefarian in BWL now drops the original level 60 Tier 2 helms as well for the real completionists out there. ^_^

  4. I'd add matching belt + boots to each tier.

  5. Great post. I appreciate the simple breakdown of where and how to find the different tier sets. Still haven't decided what I'm going to go after yet though. Good thing I have plenty of time to decide and then to work on it. ;)

  6. Great guide, I already did research on which set my Hunter will be wearing (T5). Since this is the only set that's appealing enough for me, I looked up the matching belt and boots (and wrists even though I'm not too fussed to attain them since you won't see them anyway).

    Boots: Cobra-Lash Boots, drop from Lady Vashj.

    Belt: Belt of the Black Eagle, BoE crafted item (TBC recipe, drops in SSC).

    Wrists: Bands of the Celestial Archer, TK: The Eye trash drop.

    As weapons I chose Black Ice (Malygos 10-man Normal) as my polearm, and Avalanche (Hodir 10-man Normal) as my bow. And my cloak is a simple-looking blue-colored one, Devilshark Cape that drops from the last boss in Steamvault Normal. Yup, I'm gonna be 1 very blue Hunter ;)

  7. Great work!

    I'd like to suggest to add the nonset items like belts, boots and maybe even bracers for the perfectionists. Otherwise, the look will not be complete. They usually drop in the same instances as the sets.

    And what about the AQ set? Despite not being a set, you didn't mention the sunwell gear as well, which is partly t6 (belt, boot and bracer). Both had characteristic looks and shouldn't be forgotten.

    Naxx10 is doable with 2 people, but some bosses are quite tricky and it's long… I did a part of it with a hunter friend, both with a ilvl of about 380. We completed the plague wing, monstrosity wing and the end bosses. Didn't attempt the spider wing.

    - Patchwerk: does more damage than a fully specced turtle can take. Did it with a pet-rotation (one tanks while the other is being rezzed). Stay on max range to maximize his run time, as he'll sometimes aggro a hunter and is rather slow.

    - Thaddius: mind that the pets are thrown to the other platform at the beginning. Immediately send it to the other guy or it will attempt to run back which causes quite a bit of damage to the group.

    - Razuvious: we gave up after a few tries. Pets can't tank him, but only one can control one of his students, or damage will be too low. We were in there for quite a while at that point.

    - Kel'thuzad: you absolutely need to bring a spirit beast or another uncomplicated heal of some sort. The ice block takes 104% of your HP and can't be survived with talents. Apart from that, it's cake.

    • Also, I'd like to provide a few very rough time estimations for the instances i've been farming recently. Mind that my and my friends ilvl is about 380, speeding and easing things up quite a bit. No boasting (now who cares about gear, really! apart from the looks of course :D ), these numbers are supposed to help you decide what instances are to be tackled how and when.

      - MC: solo, 20min

      - BWL: 2 man, 20min (the trap part and the 1st boss are slowing things down, and we do some trash groups for the elementium ingots)

      - Kara: solo, 40min (haven't done it for a while)

      - BT: at least 4 ppl (tank+heal needed), 40-50min (haven't done it for a while)

      - SWP: at least 4 ppl (tank+heal needed), 40min

      - Naxx10: 2 man, count at least 20min per wing

      - Wintergrasp: 2 man, 30min (didn't do it for a while)

  8. i think the T9 you pictured is the Alliance version – sadly the Horde one doesn't look as nice.

    great guide overall, but i second the belt / boots requests (they are mentioned in the wowhead comments already, not much additional work for you)

    you could also add the AQ40 set, i think it's quite pretty and unusual looking

  9. I saved my 8/8 Giantstalker and Rhok', for some strange reason, so that's how I'll roll!

    Fencer – Muradin – 85 Dwarf Hunter

  10. It's my personal taste to like the Windrunner set. Haven't seen it in action yet. I made a visit to Dalaran valor mail vendor to see how many valor and trophies it would cost and it's all very affordable with….. woohoo!! just valor points. 8^)

  11. If i see right the tier 2 for hunters doesn’t come from all 3 of those instances anymore. anyone else notice that?

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