Hunter’s Guide: Ready for Raiding II

Morynne —  August 5, 2011 — 7 Comments

With the Molten Front dailies, there’s a set of achievements that can be great big jerks as a hunter if you’re not sure how their mechanics work.  Ready for Raiding’s quest, Strike at the Heart is only available after you complete the Ancients portion of the dailies on the Molten Front.

Here’s the criteria of the achievement:

Slay the following Lieutenants of Flame in Ragnaros’ Reach without getting hit by their special attacks.

  • Ancient Charscale
  • Ancient Smoldering Behemoth
  • Ancient Firelord
  • Cinderweb Queen
  • Devout Harbinger

Ancient Charscale

This guy throws spears and creates fire lines.  If you’ve done Firelands and seen Rhyolith, the fire is like the Magma flows on that fight.  He casts this stuff in rapid succession, so it’s important to stay light on your feet.    Staying at max range seems to help, as does any movement speed increases you use.  Remember that Aspect of the Cheetah has a downside, as does Disengage, but used sparingly will get you out of a bind. Darkflight is very helpful, but it has a cooldown.  If you’re lucky enough to group with a feral druid, their Stampeding Roar will be very helpful as well.

Ancient Smoldering Behemoth

This guy is pretty similar to the giants out on Sethira’s Roost, just with a little more “umph.”  He does Rain of Fire, chucks bolders, and does a Flame Leviathan style flame vents (groundfire).  Ultimately, keep moving, and if you happen to see Rain of Fire, stay out of it.  As a Hunter, your best bet is to stay at range for him, and likely stay in Aspect of the Fox, so you don’t have to worry about stopping your DPS rotation.

Ancient Firelord

The Firelord is a pretty typical elemental, but this particular one is like a sprinkler.  He will periodically spray in a cone in front of him while rotating in a clockwise direction.  The trick is to stay out of his fire breath while he’s doing it.  If he’s not doing that, you’ll see orange circles on the ground — that’s his other special ability.  Stay away from those.  The trick here is treating his fire breath like the Twilight Cutters in Ruby Sanctum.  Stay behind it, and you’ll be good to go.

Cinderweb Queen

The Cinderweb Queen is a typical spider.  She has webs she flings out and tiny spiderlings that hatch.  The key to this fight is to kite the spiderlings (it’s a piece of cake with traps and multi-shot), and stay out of the fiery webs that get shot out on the ground.  She will also occasionally flame spit, so keep an eye out if it is shot in your general direction.

Devout Harbinger

Truly this is the only one I’ve had issues with.  The Harbinger lights the ground on fire in 2 different ways.  She’ll make you trail fire around, and will fling boulders at you that will give you a debuff.  The intended way to accomplish this is the following:

  • Watch for her to cast Creeping Inferno.
  • When the cast ends, a blast effect will appear at your feet.
  • A second or two after that, a big, slow-moving, fiery boulder will hit you.
  • Just before the boulder gets to you, JUMP. If you’re not in the air when the rock hits you, you will get the debuff.
  • After that, just make sure to run away from the flame trail.

The easy way of doing this is tag the Harbinger to start the fight, run like hell about 60 yards out, and just watch her health.  When she’s at approximately 50k hp, run back in, kill the mob.  You can also feign death, but be careful of people kiting their fire lines over you… it may drag you back into combat and make you susceptible to the debuff again.

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

7 responses to Hunter’s Guide: Ready for Raiding II

  1. Honestly, I found the best way to do all of these, including the Harbinger, was just to travel in a circle at max range around the boss constantly. Doing this will let you avoid almost all of the abilities the mini-bosses will throw at you.

  2. Like Hierakles said, just stay run around the whole time. I stay in AotF and stay on the move. Sure the fight is a bit longer, but it keeps me from being caught in an unforseen explosion.

    A few other tips for this achievement. First, track the achievement. When a new miniboss is available each day, enagae them while you are on the quest. When the boss dies, you will see it removed from the tracking if you succeeded in dodging the mechanics. Unlike some of the other achievements (Ludicrous Speed) you do not have to be on the quest to complete this one. If at first you don't succeed, wait for the respawn and try again.

    Also, use portals and wind buffs and such that appear. They really come in handy to make you scoot faster or teleport you out of the path of fire.

    • Solid tips. I'm still trying to execute getting the harbinger down without getting hit by a special, but no luck. Not saying I don't know how! It's probably the most annoying from a range perspective.

      • Heh. At least you have seen the harbinger. I'm still waiting for her to spawn on Frostmane. I've had a steady dose of firelords and queens. It's becoming frustrating, as I only need the Harbinger for my achievement.

        • It's true, I've seen her… what's killing me is the randomness of the fiery lords out on the bombing runs. There are 2 I have never seen, but have had that section unlocked for about 3 weeks now — maybe more.

  3. just wanted to point out that there is a small red circle on the ground that shows which direction the firelord is casting his fire breath.

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