September 20th: Firelands Nerfday

Morynne —  September 21, 2011 — 12 Comments

Having gone through 6/7 in 25-man last night, and making some significant progress on Ragnaros, I can honestly say that Firelands is less fun (because of the lack of challenge) on normal modes now.

We blew through all the bosses in about an hour and a half — spending the last hour or so working on Ragnaros.

This felt like Naxx (v2.0) all over again.  It really felt like you can easily rush in with a PUG, go pew pew for a few hours and collect some purples.

Here’s what I found to be the biggest changes:

  • Shannox
    • Riplimb and Rageface drop like rocks, so does Shannox.  You’ll have to watch your timing on how fast your DPS is going.  We had to move DPS off of Shannox when we were burning the other dog just to prevent the enrage from happening early.
  • Beth’tilac
    • If the little adds were easy before, they’re stupid easy now.  These are easily done with one person hanging out at each spawn point to AOE.  The drones also drop extremely fast.  We ended up sending extra people up to the web to do additional damage on Beth’tilac.
  • Rhyolith
    • This is the one encounter I found relatively unchanged.  The damage output is decreased, but the “stay out of crazy amounts of fire” part of the fight is still there.
  • Alysrazor
    • We started this fight doing the same things we’d been doing since the onset of 4.2, and boy were we surprised.  The casters cast less frequently, the hatchlings can almost be solo’d by the tanks — and they nearly have to spam eat the worms to prevent them from being up during the tornado phase.  We had about 30 seconds before the tornados started after the hatchlings died.
    • The tornados are slow, almost to the point of being bad.  If you’re used to running behind a tornado and keeping up with it, well — get ready to change your strategy.  You’ll be running too fast, and have the chance of running into the back end of the tornado.
    • For the second air phase, we sent up additional DPS to stay on Alysrazor.  By the time she burnt out for the second ground phase, she was dead.
  • Baleroc
    • The damage output by tanking the crystals was significantly less, and much more survivable.  There was never the panic moment of “oh man, too many stacks.”
  • Majordomo Staghelm
    • He was dead by the third scorpion phase, nearly negating the need to even strategize for the orbs.  If you’ve done this fight on 10-man, 25 felt very much the same way.

The way things are going, I think it’s reasonably safe to say I’ll have a Ragnaros strategy to write by next week.

How was your first night in the Nerf-tastic Firelands?


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

12 responses to September 20th: Firelands Nerfday

  1. We experienced the same thing. Having only been 4-7 until this week we walked in and Facerolled everything up until Rag… which we decided to wait and start until Thurs. We felt that all our work was done in vain and they pulled the mat out from under us. I wish blizzard would just let new gear do the "self-nerfing".

    Thank for the great site!

  2. Great post – thanks very much. It was really interesting to get a boss-by-boss summary – that's something I've not seen anywhere else.

    We've featured you as part of our Firelands nerf reactions roundup post over on MMO Melting Pot, btw.

    I take it you didn't have any attempts on Raggy? I'm particularly interested to see how he's fared against the nerfbat.

    • We did spend some time on Ragnaros, but weren't able to drop him. We did make some significant progress though, and I'm sure I'll have some notes for that later on this week.

      Thanks for the plug!

  3. First night gave the same impression for our 10 man group. 6/7 in a couple of hours and saved Rags for tonight/tomorrow. The nerfs seem really overboard considering how long FL has been out. Much of the sentiment from our group is the sadness of how much easier it is and doesn't feel right at this point. Best of luck to everyone going forward.

  4. We were 6/7, with Ragnaros down to 19% before the nerfs this week. After progressing by leaps and bounds on the Rag fight, we extended the lockout to keep our momentum going and get him down this week.

    We went in on Tuesday and one-shot him.

    Phase 1 is even simpler than it was. The big hit from the traps is substantially smaller, making it less imperative that avoidable damage is avoided and heal-able damage is healed before setting a trap off. You also won't get knocked back by a trap or off the platform anymore.

    The transition phases really aren't changed much. The adds all have less health, but they dropped really quickly before, so it's still a matter of spreading the damage around to all the adds to make sure they're all slowed. I guess it's a little easier to burn the big adds before phase 3 than it used to be, although it's even easier now to accidentally kill all the little ones before you're ready for the transition to end.

    Both phase 2 and 3 were noticeably shorter. We ended up with a full set fewer of Molten Seeds, and the damage from both the initial hits and the explosions was much less dangerous if you happened to not be spread out or happened to take a tick of Engulfing Flames. In phase 3, we only had two meteors spawn before the fight was over.

    After Ragnaros went down, there was a definite sense that we just got it handed to us. With the way we were executing the fight, we probably would have killed the un-nerfed version of the fight, but we'll never know.

    It honestly felt like walking blindfolded across a tightrope, then looking back and seeing the rope was only a foot off the floor. Instead of promoting continual improvement to make things seem easier, Blizzard is promoting simply waiting until stuff gets made easier on its own. I'm not a fan.

  5. We been 6/7 for a while, with some descent rag attempts, so descited not to extend. after 1½ hours we killed the first 6, and raggy went down at 4th try. Aly is in my opinion wayyy too nerfed. solo killed him, with 20 sek to spare (could solo before, but if was tight and required cd´s). If we ever do this on normal again, we will send 4 people up, and go for a kill in 1. p4 =D Majordome was nowhere near the orb phase either. A nerf is ok, but some of these where just silly.

  6. Our first night in post need was a little disappointing in multiple ways. We ended missing 2 o our team so had to fill a dps/heal slot. The heal was actually in as an offspec but frankly we Probly could have gone two-healing most of it. My impressions so far: (btw our guild was working on phase 3 of rag pre need but due to Internet issues from some of our players didn't get our last raid night in pre-nerd when we likely would have gotten him)

    Shannox: needed to watch our dps quite a bit to make sure didn't enter enrage as well. Found out via pug last night that standing in traps is no longer deadly given a few heals.

    Beth: normally we only send one dps up but two was definitely the case now (we're a 10m group). I was healing on an alt from my laptop and so couldn't see the graphics up top too well and ended up dying during the third trip up. Two heals managed reasonably well.

    Baleroc: with two tanks and 3 healers (we were on my lesser geared alt, a lesser geared backup and an offspec who hadn't healed FL before) we still had enough dps to get the achievement. My full pug from last night one-shotted despite losing a tank and two dps to crystals.

    Rhyo: I'd say about the same. Still takes just as long to get to p2 but healing is much easier now.

    Majordomo: didn't reach te burning orb phase either.

    Rag – still Hvent downed him since our fill in offspec healer had never done the battle before and was having some difficulty adapting. Hopeyllt monday we'll have our usual team and can down him so we can start heroics next week. Regardless still reached the final phase, but had lost too many people from the last transition.

    Comments from our team? Very unsatisfying experience. We'd already had 6/7 on farm but now we'll likely two heal every fight if we do normal. Hopefully heroics will still be something to look forward to as a team.

    Ps. Forgot alysrazor. The adds cast less frequently so interrupts aren't a bi issue.. We had the same problem with the birds dying quickly and worrying about worms left up. We downed alys after first down phase when we realized we could easily send a second person up after her. Our offspec healer was bored.

    Disappointing I guess but we're all geared to be in heroics just gotta knock down rag first.

  7. In our team we had done 7/7 in 10-man Firelands for several weeks but never gone past Majordomo in 25-man. We went in on Wednesday oneshotting every fight up until Ragnaros, which we had a short tactics brief during the encounter (yes, during) for those who were new to it and then we got all the way into second transition phase. With a second try it was dead and many people got their Firelands achievement. We laughed as it was dead since it was so ridiculously easy, pretty much half the team had been doing "it wrong" most of the time and it was still totally fine.

    Next week we're trying heroic modes since we want more than one raid night per week. :p



  8. We wiped on HM Baleroc for an hour or so, then had someone leave so we thought hey, let's try and 9man (2heal) the rest on normal. Was depressing easy. Alysrazor's long gap has us putting up 2 DPS at the start and then a few extra later on. We're not a pro guild or anything, we've only done one T12 HM :( It makes me a little sad.

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