The Call for Class Feedback

Morynne —  September 16, 2011 — 2 Comments

A few days ago, Blizzard put out a request for feedback about all the classes, and there’s been a huge outcry from the community in every class, but as tightly knit as the Hunters are, there’s a lot of the same feedback being pushed back to Blizzard.  Frostheim did a great summary of that.

Here’s what I had to say… (page 11 on the thread)

What type of content do you focus on? PvE primarily, and very rarely PvP

If PvE, what type of PvE? Current end-game content (at the moment, Firelands), and the occasional heroic.

If PvP, what type of PvP? BGs

What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? 2 current issues I see are both pet-related. The issues where upon summoning a pet, they do not have all their health for 5-10 seconds. The second issue being the bug where if you zone into an area on a mount (or get summoned in) and then dismount, you do not have pet control buttons. This happens on a modded UI and a standard one. To correct, pets have to be dismissed and re-summoned.

What makes playing your class more fun? DPSing on the move is a big part of why I enjoy playing a hunter, and being able to add so much versatility to a group. Everything from interrupts (albeit with a really long cooldown), filling in buffs, to crowd control, to “kite this thing.”

What makes playing your class less fun?

Lack of viability in world PVP scenarios. The way all classes ultimately beat a hunter is to stand on top of them. Minimum range must be achieved for any significant damage, and requiring those shots to regain Focus creates a challenge, not only in PvP, but also in PvE where there are a number of fights that require the entire raid group to group up on the boss to receive AOE heals or mitigate damage, putting the hunters in the group to a disadvantage because there are no very short range shots, or usable melee abilities to maintain DPS.

Haste has created a very complicated rotation for Marksman hunters, and less so to Survival and Beastmastery hunters. It seems to overly complicate optimizing gear and causes problems in adjusting shot priorities as gear changes and upgrades. It’s almost like having to re-learn how to play the spec somewhat every time you replace a piece of gear and change the amount of haste you have. For an average player who might not be playing in Firelands yet, or only has a couple hours to play — I’m sure it’s really daunting to understand how it works.

Aspect dancing is junky, just as it was when we used to jump between Monkey and Hawk back in the day. IIRC, that’s the whole reason we ended up with Dragonhawk to begin with, so why did we bring back the need to swap around again? I get that it’s to allow for focus regeneration and channeled casts during movement, but it sucks when many of the fights in current raiding content require heavy movement, and the notion of maintaining high DPS.

How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.)

For Marksmanship – the way it’s currently designed, there is 0 room for error, which is a little frightening by itself. If you let Improved Steady Shot drop, your rotation goes bust, and it takes you a bit to recover. Making this last a little longer, or have other ways to refresh it may take some of the pressure off. Just to understand exactly how the MM rotation works, I can personally say I’ve spent no less than probably 15 hours over a 3-4 week period to get it right — and that’s standing still. Boss fights are hardly ever that simple. Most people would not be willing to make that time commitment, and should likely be considered when looking to review this spec.

For Survival – This one is reasonably easy to play, but difficult to do well. It is far more forgiving than Marksmanship for movement heavy fights, and doesn’t take nearly as long to recover from a flub in the rotation. Burst damage on this spec is lacking; however, and may benefit from either a refresh on Rapid Fire or a new DPS cooldown all together.

What’s on your wish list for your class?

I would love to see Survival scale better with gear — since that spec is designed to do magic damage, make the stats that scale for physical output convert to improve the SV magic damage output.

I’d love to see the minimum range go away, or give hunters something that can be used in close range to regenerate focus, and do some kind of real damage. Disengage, while the easy answer to regain range, doesn’t solve the problem when boss fights require a “stack on the boss” mechanic.

Make each spec feel more different in play-style. I’ve heard this elsewhere, but giving Beastmasters the ability to call several pets to battle during DPS cooldown phases, giving Marksman the ability to dual weild (provided crossbows or guns), and survival a self-heal and something they can use as a better burst damage phase.

What spells do you use the least?

Counterattack, Widow’s Venom, Immolation Trap, Eagle Eye, and Camouflage is only really valuable during PVP, or for flavor, but does not really have any viable PvE use. Raptor Strike is only used because of the glyph.

If you’ve got feedback for Blizzard about any class right now, it’s important that you go do it.  The way these surveys were structured makes me feel like they’re listening.  They might not implement any of it, but speaking from experience, it feels good to get all those little nagging frustrations and brilliant ideas into a forum they will actually read.


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

2 responses to The Call for Class Feedback

  1. Hey Mory, I love some of your thought processes here; most I also stated in my response to Blizz too. I do vary though from you statement: "Make each spec feel more different in play-style. I’ve heard this elsewhere, but giving Beastmasters the ability to call several pets to battle during DPS cool-down phases, giving Marksman the ability to dual wield (provided crossbows or guns), and survival a self-heal and something they can use as a better burst damage phase."

    Here's the issue I see…the items you asked for BM & MM are nice added features to make them feel distinct from the other specs…but for SV…aren't those merely added items from the other 2 specs? That doesn't separate it out from them, it makes it feel more like them.

    I would argue, its not about a different feel; just a different flavor (we could be thinking the same thing, just saying it differently actually). I want to be able to push more capabilities to my Elemental based damage when playing SV, as MM I want more physical range, and as BM I want more pet damage, MOAR PET DMG! I would love to see BM hunters have that stampede type ability and their damage output reverse to 60 or 70% from the pet and only a smaller portion from the hunters themselves.

    Also, as for min range…its nothing new; and I am a proponent that while closing in on a Hunter is the best way to kill them to be sure, its the good ones that have learned all the right tricks to get away!! Will a hunter always be successful, no; but again its a matter of separating the men from the boys so to speak! If anything, I ask they remove any abilities that are about melee/short range damage…give me more tools to get away.

    As for wonky mechanic fights where close range is necessary? They have shown they can code the hit boxes to accommodate range vs melee damage dealers before…just keep doing that. Or honestly…we simply take a hit during those phases and deal with it; or find ways to get out of it. Eyes of Occuthar are a simple example…Eyes, Collapse > Feign > Disengage > PEW PEW PEW!


    • Of the 3 specs, right now I think SV needs the least work, just needs to be given some bursty bits, and it’d be good to go. SV already relies more on traps than the other two specs, so for me, let that continue to be their thing.

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