Blizzcon 2011 Summary for Hunters

Morynne —  October 23, 2011 — 3 Comments

PanderiaFirst of all… Rainbows in Pandaland is REAL!

I’m extremely excited for the new expansion — it seems like Blizzard is not necessarily trying to cater to the casual gamer exclusively, but really work toward providing fun and interesting content for everyone.  I’m sitting here watching the Foo Fighters concert on the live stream — I apologize now if I run off on a tangent.  I’m a little distracted by Dave Grohl’s hair. >.<  First I’m going to summarize what we’ve learned.  I’ll throw in my $0.02 a little later.

New Race: Pandaren

  • Available Classes: Monk, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior
  • Racial Traits: Epicurean, Courmand, Inner Peace, Bouncy, and Quaking Palm (see image for explanations on these)
  • Neutral! Choose either Alliance or Horde at level 10.

Panderan MonkNew Class: Monk

  • Can function as a tank, healer, or melee dps.
  • Available Races: Everything except Goblin and Worgen
  • Uses Fist Weapons, One handed axes, One handed maces, one handed swords, pole arms and staves.
  • NO Auto Attack, and runs on a Chi based system. (not a lot of details yet)

Hunter Specific Changes

  • Minimum range is GONE!
  • So is our melee weapon. (Everyone else loses their “range” slot, and it sounds like the stats on our range weapon will be bumped to compensate)
  • There have been considerations toward a Hunter Stampede ability, but nothing official yet.


  • Talents are overhauled entirely.  You will no longer talent into a spec.  You’ll talent into the flavor for your class.
  • Frostheim has a full write up of the new talents over at Warcraft Hunters Union.

Morynne’s Take

That’s really the big stuff for Hunters in the expansion.  I’m not going to kid when I say I’m on information overload.

I’m interested to see how the new talents are implemented and balanced — especially with the addition of Monks to the class landscape.  I’m very optimistic about the removal of minimum range, and the elimination of the stat stick for Hunters — giving us only the ranged weapon.  I like the simplification of the ranged weapons slots for the other classes — and the fact that it’s gone.  I just hope they compensate hunters accordingly with some awesome stats on our bows.  That’s going to be key.

As it stands right now, I think Pandaren will be a viable class for Hunters in high end raiding.  Do I think it will top Worgen for the Alliance? Hard to say, but based on the racials, probably not.  The 1% to crit is really amazing for any dps class.  Do I think it will surpass Draenei? Most likely because of the stat increases from well fed.  On the Horde side it’ll easily fall behind Trolls and Orcs — unless something drastically changes. (which it probably will)

So that’s my initial glance through the stuff for the expansion — I’ll have some thoughts on the mini-pet combat system, dungeon changes, and the WoW Annual Pass later.

Quiz Time!

How many Sylvanas Windrunner costumes were there in the contest Friday night?  Leave your answer in the comments, if you’re right — you’ll win a mini-pet prize!


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3 responses to Blizzcon 2011 Summary for Hunters

  1. I believe one of the Q&As said that they wouldn’t do too much to compensate for the loss of a melee weapon because everyone else is losing their wands, relics, etc.

    5 Sylvanases?

    • Don’t forget that by comparison, our ranged weapons have FAR less stats than everyone else’s melee weapons. If we’re only going to have that, they’ll have to buff the stats on ranged weapons to match those of the main/off hands that other classes get. They will not; however, be compensating other classes for the loss of their ranged weapon, because we’re losing a slot too — just happens to be the weaker slot.

  2. I am pumped about no minimum range and hope that now you will be able to see my gun on my back. Not sure about the whole talent thing yet. I still miss my mana and ammo :)

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