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Morynne —  October 24, 2011 — 3 Comments

WoW Annual PassAt Blizzcon 2011, Blizzard announced they’d offer a WoW Annual Pass — meaning you commit to subscribing to WoW for 1 full year.

Why do that? Well, there’s some incentives:

  • Diablo III FREE – Download the digital version via for free when the game launches early next year. This is the full game, not a trial edition.
  • Tyrael’s Charger WoW Flying Mount – Ride for the Archangel of Justice on all current and future characters on a single World of Warcraft account. Tyrael’s Charger will arrive via in-game mail with the upcoming launch of patch 4.3.
  • Access to the Next WoW Expansion Beta Test – Get a guaranteed spot in the beta test for the next World of Warcraft expansion (at a time to be announced in the future).

I don’t know about you, but this seems pretty smart to me.

Blizzard is facing a change in the landscape of gaming in a few months.  Star Wars: The Old Republic is likely going to steal away a number of subscribers — and I’m sure the beta has stolen some as it is now.

The idea of a WoW Annual Pass means that Blizzard will continue to collect $15/month from every person that signs up for it for a full year, solidifying some of their player base.

By giving away Diablo III, it ensures it captures a decent amount of players who may not have bought the game to begin with, but planned on continuing to play WoW.

I was a bad girl last Friday and was playing the Blizzcon live stream at work.  Because of that, I can honestly say I’ve had no less than 5 people come up to me and ask me to convince them to keep playing WoW.  The one thing everyone seems to really like about the WoW Annual Pass is the free Diablo III.

Do I blame them? Absolutely not.

The allure of getting Diablo III free as soon as it comes out is more appealing than you’d think.  You’re already paying Blizzard $15 a month for WoW, and an additional $40-50 for Diablo III when it comes out hurts the pocket book quite a bit.  Just by committing to a game you already play, you’re getting another game free, and it can potentially pay for your WoW subscription going forward.  How about that? (Go, go real money AH)  If you’re a collector like me, you’ll still buy the collector’s edition and pick up your 4 free months of WoW that count toward your Annual Pass.

For the collectors out there, the mount is a nice boost — but it doesn’t give you anything tangible like getting a new game for free.

For a blogger like myself, and everyone else who is looking forward to the Mists of Pandaria, getting into the Beta? Super appealing.  That being said, I signed up for the WoW Annual Pass.  You’ll see Beta stuff from me as soon as I can get into it, that’s for sure.

So how about you? What part of the annual pass convinced you to do it? Did it deter you? Tell me why in the comments!


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3 responses to Morynne’s Take: WoW Annual Pass

  1. Given that I already pay for my WoW 6 months at a time, and I do not intend on canceling any time soon….a one year commitment from me seems like no extra skin off my back and Blizz gives me plenty of other goodies to go along with it. Its smart marketing on their part. More folks in the Beta means more press about it from the voices that matter most…ours.

    I’m in.


  2. Yeah, they got me with this… I’d let my account lapse when my guild fell apart, but was still feeling faint urges to play… waiting on TOR and D3 seems to be taking forever… I was going to buy D3 anyway, so now I can play WOW for 4 months with the money I would’ve spent on that AND I can stop being wishy-washy about quitting and save more with the 6-month plans than month-to-month. So yeah, they got me.

  3. Basically, I had already decided it was 99% likely that I will not be interested in cancelling my WoW account in the next year, despite already knowing I’ll be spending a large part of my gaming time in SWTOR. 4.3 and beyond looks fun to me and I’ll likely be a WoW subscriber as long as the game has an active player base.

    I figured, why not get something extra for the same amount I’d be paying over the next year anyway? The Annual Pass was a no brainer in my case.

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