4.3: Dragon Soul Hunter Gear List

Morynne —  November 15, 2011 — 3 Comments

Tier 13Hunters! Here’s your gear list for 4.3 and Dragon Soul!  With the patch being just around the corner, figured it was about time to do the roundup of gear you should be on the look-out for.


  1. I’m going to discuss each slot’s itemization assuming a Marksmanship Hunter, and looking at the stats alone — not necessarily how the gear will work together.  That is always dependent on your gear, and should be prioritized as such.  What’s good for you, might not fit another Hunter’s play style.
  2. This is still based on PTR data.  There is no guarantee that it will remain the way it is as it is when this post is written.
  3. I am not covering loot that can be obtained in the 3 new heroics.  It’s not really an upgrade from Firelands gear.


Tier for the helm has better itemization for a hunter, but Zeherah’s crown has plenty of hit.  If you’re having difficulty reaching hit cap, Zehera’s helm is the right one for you.  Just always shoot for your Tier 4-piece bonus!


No real choices here as of yet.  If I see new items brought in, I’ll update.


No real choices here as of yet.  If I see new items brought in, I’ll update.


As always, you’ll want to go for your 4-piece tier bonuses, you’ll want to take the tier piece here.  I would be careful if you choose to take Zehera’s crown and using this tier piece — it might satisfy all of your hit needs. Just balance it out, but I’d recommend tier in this case.


No real choices here as of yet.  If I see new items brought in, I’ll update.


Start with the Leatherworking bracers, they’re ultimately the best itemized for a MM hunter, but the other two are perfectly viable options.


The choice for me is either for the tier gloves, or the Sporebeard Gauntlets just because of the additional socket to be used.


The Beloved Companion and the Dragoncarver Belt are my choices here.  When faced with the choices of crit/haste, haste/mastery or crit/mastery, it’s important to weigh out the rest of your gear for the haste levels you’re comfortable with — and make your decision from there.


Either. Just remember to shoot for your 4-piece.


Treads of Dormant Dreams are better itemized for MM hunters, so just keep that in mind.  If you’re just in need of boots, there’s nothing wrong with the valor.


You have 2 ring slots.  You do the math.


This is a bit more complicated.  Without going through and testing these trinkets, it’s going to be a tough call.  I’m never a fan of “on-use” trinkets, just because without it being macro’d into an ability, you do tend to lose some of the benefits.  Purely speculation, but I’m going to bet that the Starcatcher and the Wrath of Unchaining end up being the BiS pairing for hunters.  And as a side note, I’ll make new Power Auras for these once I get my hands on them.

Stat Stick

Either, but I really want to be a giant worgen.

Ranged Weapon

If you’re not a dwarf, that gun isn’t the best thing you can be using.  Go for the crossbow until that smexy bow drops. Do it.
Did I miss anything from the Dragon Soul raid? Thoughts on what trinkets will be best? Leave it in the comments!


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3 responses to 4.3: Dragon Soul Hunter Gear List

  1. Oh my God, that polearm.

    You should label the shoulders as Tier 13 as well.

    Is it just me, or does 880 Agility from a trinket sound excessive?

    • Thanks for the catch on the shoulders.

      It does seem that 880 ago from a trinket seems excessive, but it’s just scaling with the gear levels. Figure right now we’re getting a ton of haste from Hungerer and Matrix Restabilizer when they proc together. I’m sure it’s going to be an appropriate dps increase from where we are now.

      • Hm… that’s true. I actually use Matrix Restabilizer to proc crit, but you’ve got a point. Unless I’m mistaken though, Wrath of Unchaining seems to function like Fluid Death, so it has more passive than proc potential.

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