Chuck Norris, hunter?

Morynne —  November 21, 2011 — 1 Comment

I just want to say that I love Blizzard commercials.  I think they’re fun and bring some attention to a massive game many love to play.

Mr. T and the Night Elf Mohawk

Ozzy’s Undead Warlock

Chuck Norris’ melee hunter? What?

Now I’d like to first say that I realize it’s marketing, and should be taken with a grain of salt, but part of me wants to be offended.

Here’s why:

In Mists of Panderia, hunters are losing melee abilities.

Go ahead, go back and watch the video.  I’ll wait.

You see Chuck Norris, hunter, roundhouse kick things, and punch gnomes.

Funny, yes. Accurate, no.

I just don’t want a bunch of people to start the game thinking they’re going to play a hunter that kicks things, and end up with a Hunter that is worthless in melee range.  Just seems… wrong.  I don’t know, if I join the game just to play a hunter that kicks things, I’d be pretty disappointed with the commercial.

Here’s what I do like about the commerical:

Blizzard did a good job showing that a hunter’s pet is a constant companion and protector.  While they may have missed the range vs melee situation, they certainly did hit the nail on the head for the other defining characteristic of the class.

What did you think about the commercial?


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One response to Chuck Norris, hunter?

  1. Truth is; if your going to have Mr.Norris in a commercial, it’s not going to be serious XD

    It’s doing it’s job, to attract. HOWEVER, we may see an increase in melee hunters come 5.0…

    - Jamin

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