4.3: LFR Causing Raiders to Ignore 5-mans?

Morynne —  December 12, 2011 — 9 Comments

I was doing some thinking over the weekend, and I realized that I have no reason to run the new 5-mans beyond getting the achievements.  I don’t need the Valor points after my normal raid week, nor do I need the gear.

I’m wondering if Blizzard intentionally made their new 5-mans in 4.3 something that raiders can skip?

Here’s the deal, if you do LFR and clear all the bosses, you get 500 Valor points.  Each normal raid boss you complete gives you 100 VP.  If you’re doing the first 4 bosses in Dragon Soul and Alizabal, you’re getting maxed out before you even get to Ultraxion.

I like that Valor is normalized between 10 and 25 man raids now, and I like that if you’re in game, and doing something, you’ll get maxed out valor points. What I don’t like though is the fact that Blizzard has created these 3 amazing heroic dungeons with some great stories in them, but hasn’t given a reason to run them, assuming people are running LFR and being moderately successful in normal mode raids.

What do you think?


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

9 responses to 4.3: LFR Causing Raiders to Ignore 5-mans?

  1. I suppose, mathematically, you’re correct, but for those of us who are unlikely to ever see normal modes (or, if we do, it won’t be for weeks or months), LFR gives us 500 and then the other 500 is going to come from a few runs of the 5-mans, most likely. Considering I haven’t raided since Wrath, I was pretty much in the troll 353′s with a few of the pieces that were better than those from the Firelands questing (like the back-piece from the Thrall questline). Thus, I didn’t even have the item level for LFR for the first week or so of 4.3; to get that, I had to run the 5-mans.

    If anything, I think the that the item level of the 5-mans and of the Firelands were so close might have been the problem. But, since I never raided the TotC either, I don’t know if the 3.3 5-man gear had a similar relationship to that which you could have gotten from TotC.

    Either way, I think allowing raiders to skip the 5-mans is probably working as intended. Do them once for the story and then get to the raiding might have been the plan from the get-go anyway and, if you’re in Firelands heroic gear, the 5-mans are pretty much a joke anyway. I was with a warrior on the first or second day of the patch that was consistently doing 35k or more DPS. Made my paltry 13k on a good fight seem pretty bad. Mostly because it was.

  2. I’m still running end time because that bloody arrow of time trinket will not drop!

    I raid DS 3 nights a week and LFR 8/8, so I’m not there for the valor, but I can assure you once I get my trinket it is highly unlikely that I’ll set foot in the 5 mans unless I’m helping out a friend.

  3. I suppose the only factor to say do 5 mans, for most, is the ilevel cap of 372. Good point, mind you :0

  4. I’m still working on 372 so I’ll be doing the dungeons a lot. Also, I don’t know if I’ll have long enough play times to really do LFR; in the past I couldn’t commit the time for raids at all except for rare cases on weekends. So we’ll see. But as you said, for raiders, there isn’t much point to do the dungeons more than once.

  5. As a raider I still run them to quickly cap and sometimes to help other guildies (alts etc). I find these much faster than LFR, as you can clear these in a matter of minutes (a nice change for when the zandoms were initially introduced) – Not to mention they are practically child-proof.
    I agree there isn’t much left to go in and get, or even for valor as a raider.. However, I guess it may be up to personal flavour.

  6. Since my computer isn’t really fit for raiding, I’m relegated to running the Twilight Heroics to cap my valors. Once Christmas vacation comes around, I’ll have enough time to set up a better computer but until then the dungeons are very important.

  7. A very interesting post! I run the 5-mans on my hunter for the ilevel. When I have that i’ll do both LFR and the 5-mans since I don’t have the play time that I used to have. Going from 4-5 hours per day down to 3 hours every 3-4 days is a huge difference.

  8. I beg to differ really. The point of the new heroics is to increase your iLvL and get epics compared to the blues you get in normal heroics.

    Plus people will be more inclined to do the New Heroics since:

    1. They are like a breath of fresh air for JP or VP Grinders compared to the old Heroics
    2. People tend to shy away from Z’G and Z’A dungeons still even thought the nerfed the requirements
    before you can fight the final boss since it is part of the “Cata” Heroic in the Cata Random Queues.
    3. I could even say that the HoT Heroics are easier and definately as you said, more interesting with the story
    and all especially how the three are all related to each other.

    LFR is the allow non-raid players to have a chance to easily farm VP imo. Before LFR, people who cannot raid, or arent part of a raiding group find it hard to find groups, BH + the weekly Heroic Bonus do not capp the weekly limit of VP if I recalled correctly.

    Raiders are still going to raid, they need the gear and gear at Raid Heroics compared to LFR are like worlds apart (maybe about a hundred stats or so.

    LFR, imo, also provides non-raiders or even raiders a chance to get experience on the new content before they do it in 10-man/25-man. Of course there will be some things that are different but at least they get to experience first hand what it is like to be in the raid instead of just reading or watching a guide. LFR also do not provide the other Achieves and Titles etc etc.

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