4.3 Too Easy?

Morynne —  December 1, 2011 — 16 Comments

Last night was my off night from raiding with my guild, so I took it upon myself to give Raid Finder a try.  I quickly was placed in a raid, which was fantastic, but I have a feeling the queue times will increase over time as more people no longer need Raid Finder gear.

The group I was in seemed pretty solid from a mechanics perspective.  We 1-shot Morchok, 2-shot Warlord, 3-shot Globule guy, and 2-shot Hagara.  Having already completed those bosses from the previous evening, I knew the strategies, so I was expecting it to be easier just from a familiarity perspective.  I was pretty shocked at how easy the Raid Finder bosses have been turned down in difficulty.

In my opinion, too much.

Regular 25-man bosses were easy for my guild, in fact, probably far easier than the first time we stepped into Firelands.  I walked into Raid Finder with 24 perfect strangers with no past understanding of how well they performed.  These people were standing in bad, dying to easy stuff, and sometimes even DPSing the wrong targets.

We still downed those bosses.

To put things even more in perspective, I did all the encounters in Raid Finder as Beastmastery.  I had no real practice with the spec anymore (the last time I played BM was during the 1-button macro BM during Burning Crusade). I was constantly in the top 3-4 DPS.  I’m not sure if that accurately comments on how good BM has become (but it really is good), or even how skilled I am at adapting to a new spec (I’m not, really — I practice a lot), but that’s also telling me that the group I was with likely didn’t have a lot of Firelands gear, or were very novice raiders.

Basically what I’m getting at is if that group could do it, pretty much anyone can.

After I ran through raid finder, I random grouped my way through the 3 new heroics.  They’re also easy, but some have very different mechanics. I’ll cover those in my planned strategies for those (just have a lot to do over the next few days).  I think I maybe spent a total of 3 hours between the 3 heroics and the raid finder last night.

That’s a lot of content!

I know the goal is to make the content accessible to everyone, but is this just too easy? I’ll let you know if I have a different opinion once we’re into Heroic modes.


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

16 responses to 4.3 Too Easy?

  1. I have yet to step into LFR on live servers, but even on PTR with unfinished tuning, the content felt too easy. I’m not sure if the normal difficulty is easier or if my group has just improved that much, but it does seem like easier going this tier than the previous tiers.

    The thing I do like about LFR is that the stress on individual accountability is still there, but your group won’t get wiped just because someone didn’t position right. The lack of positional requirements is too forgiving for my tastes, but I’d rather deal with that than trying to coordinate without Mumble.

    Can’t wait to start getting people’s takes on Heroic modes. Best of luck.

  2. I have tried LFR and I felt kinda disappointed too. We killed Hagara with 10 ppl dead for 90% of the fight (those ice spikes really hurts on someone) with no really difficult time. Tho it’s raid finder … you get ppl you don’t even consider getting into normal 10 man or 25 man raid. But for someone with skill you will still need to get normal group instead of raid finder as raid finder will get boring as hell.

    Our raid downed 4 bosses in 3h. The most difficult time was with ping pong boss because of dispells. But I honestly don’t think we will ever wipe on that fights in the future. We did 25 man.

    But what I am very happy about is that those fights don’t really hurt hunters a lot. Yes stacking in melee wasn’t really nice thing but it wasn’t as hard as I though it would be. So in that way I’m happy and looking forward to next raid to try Ultraxion and the last 3 bosses. Should be a lot of fun from videos.

    Raid for now it looks too easy from my eyes. Could be harder, but let’s hope heroics will make a difference :P

  3. It’s going to be based on a player’s history, though. I haven’t been in a raid in Cataclysm (haven’t raided since ICC) so my gear isn’t even viable for LFR yet. Plus, with my guild, we’re not able to get through the new 5-mans, yet. We’ve gotten through End Times and the Well of Eternity one, but we didn’t finish Hour of Twilight yet. For raiders in FL gear (or especially h-FL gear) it’s going to be pretty easy, I bet. But I bet for the majority of other players, they’re quite challenging and a boatload of fun.

  4. I feel that they removed too much of the mechanics.

    On Morchok, the crystals just plain don’t do enough damage. You don’t need to move near them. You’re just going to take the damage and expect the healers to heal you up.

    There just aren’t enough mechanics (other than the ice crap on Hagara) that are threatening at all.

    • I feel like they’re pushing toward raid awareness, coordination and overall execution versus individual performance or stupidity checks. Take the Glob boss for instance, he will eat you if you choose the wrong ooze to kill in a combination. Same thing with Hagara — you have to coordinate how to get the lightning to chain around the room. While the lightning doesn’t hurt so bad, it certainly points out bad execution when you have people running around like headless chickens when there’s still a conduit up.

  5. I think the key that finally tipped me over from thinking LFR was too easy was a blue post stating it’s INTENDED to be about as hard as Baradin Hold. WIth that as a marker, Siege of Wyrmrest, at least, is exactly where it needs to be.

  6. Many guilds had Deathwing down on the first night patch 4.3 came out on Normal, showing that the Dragon Soul raid is too easy, nothing like what ICC was like!

    • I think the reason many guilds had Deathwing down was that they had practice time on the PTR. Unless my idea here is mistaken.

    • Therein lies the point though. Blizzard has the data behind the numbers of players downing each tier of content and when. They want the product to be more accessible to more players. Making the Raid Finder content much much easier allows this, without diminishing the “accomplishment” of a standard raid group.

  7. “Basically what I’m getting at is if that group could do it, pretty much anyone can.”

    Working as intended, then.

  8. It’s plain too easy – the LFR and Normal Raid. The mechanics are not terribly difficult and the LFR groups I was in had no problem walking through the content. Even for the normal mode raid, my guild cleared four bosses with minimal effort and with some under geared non-core members. The “ping pong” boss being the most difficult of the initial four.

    What troubles me more is this: For the Firelands content, raiders had to work awfully hard to get their 378 gear, and the non-elite guilds were still running FL to gear their players. With the release of the patch, a few runs of the new 5-mans and a LFR, and suddenly those months of work in FL seem worthless given how easy it is now to get equal and/or better gear.

    One of my guild members, who raided FL weekly, still was missing a lot of 378 gear. First day of the 4.3 patch, and several 5-mans, and everything is 378 or better.

    I just don’t see this patch holding on to players as Firelands did. Between the LFR and normal mode raids, people will gear up quickly and then be standing around with nothing to do.

  9. I feel the difficulty is spot on. It’s intended for non-raiders to ‘see’ end content. I’ve been in groups that have one-shotted everything and other groups where I wonder how half the people managed the process of logging into the game. But the feel I get from LFR is: this is perfect for my husband and son, who rarely play, to be able to step into a raid with me and have me walk them through the mechanics quickly. I love it.

    I do feel that the rewards might be a bit high for the difficulty level, though. It’s pretty much killed FL for all the raid groups in my guild.

  10. On patch night, my 10 man team went 4/8 in 3 hours. I tried LFR on an alt, and I also found that the fights were dumbed down significantly. On the ping pong boss, one player kept standing in the way of letting it get back to the boss, and another guy would go let it bounce off him to prevent it hitting the wall (former guy was bad, latter guy was good), and after about 10 stacks or so it would accelerate quickly into the boss and start p2 even though the bad guy was still standing in the path.

    That said, on the globule boss we did wipe a few times because people were uncoordinated in killing a single ooze and grouping and spreading appropriately. I eventually asked for raid assist and marked targets and used /rw to tell people what to do, and we downed it no problem.

    Since there’s a ilvl 372 requirement, I think on this first week the majority of people eligible for LFR are people who do have some raiding experience, so that might make it easier than it will be in a week or so when people who only do dungeons start becoming able to queue.

  11. Hey.

    I think the Raid Finder, no matter how dumbed down is an awesome tool. I only play casually and although I’m part of a guild which regularly downs and clears high end content, becuase of my work schedule I rarely get to take part.

    Having a tool which lets me roflstomp through the raid content of wow is excellent. It allows me to pick up some decent gear I might not otherwise have time to even sniff at, and also lets me experience the things I’d only otherwise hear about.

    Yes it’s easy, but for someone who can only get on for a few hours a week it’s grand. :D

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