Strategy: End Time

Morynne —  December 4, 2011 — 2 Comments

I absolutely love how much story you get from this, and the other two instances added with 4.3.  This is the start of the series of 3.

Here’s the details

  • Location: Caverns of Time (Tanaris)
  • 85, heroic only
  • Bosses: Sampling of 3, plus Murozond

I’ll let the instance tell the story, but here’s how you handle each boss.

Echo of Baine

This encounter takes place in the Obsidian Dragonshrine, except unlike the last time we were here, there’s 4 different platforms and no Sartharion around. (We killed that guy already). This fight is effectively a tank and spank fight, so just focus on DPSing the boss.  Periodically the boss will target a random player and slam into the platform, destroying it and dumping anyone who was standing on it in the lava.  Positioning it’s wise to have healers and range on different platforms than the boss, and each other.  If you happen to be the one he targets, just get out of the lava as quickly as possible and continue to damage the boss.

Echo of Jaina

This takes place in the Azure Dragonshrine. The key to this fight is dispels from healers, and popping flare core embers.  If you don’t pop the embers, they will detonate after 10 seconds for 94k fire damage to everyone in the group.  Otherwise, DPS the boss, and she’ll roll over.

Echo of Sylvanas

Sylvanas is in the Ruby Dragonshrine.  This is an add-control fight.  Sylvanas pulls all players under her and summons a bunch of ghouls.  The trick is to kill the ghouls before they reach Sylvanas and sacrifice themselves.  These need to be handled in a single-target, focus fire way in order to escape. By killing ghouls, it severs the link other ghouls have with Sylvanas, making life easier.  Sylvanas will also occasionally shoot Blighted Arrows  beneath a random player and leaps into the sky, then firing a volley type ability into the cone below her.  Stay out of bad, kill ghouls, you win.

Echo of Tyrande

Tyrande is in the Emerald Dragonshrine.  It’s worth noting that if you want a white shiny cat with glowing eyes, the ones here are the ones you want to tame.  There’s a leopard and a tiger, and it might take you a couple tries to get the one you want.  When you get to Tyrande, the fight is ultimately an awareness fight.  Glowy things coming at you, get out of them.  Stardust and Moonlance are her primary abilities.  Moonlance will split into 2 parts after a few seconds, and expands into a cone.  Stay out of bad, DPS the boss.


Murozond (Nozdormu) is in the Bronze Dragonshrine, and does all the typical dragon timey-wimey things.  He breaths and tail-swipes too, so stay to his sides.  It’s safer.  As you start the fight, you’ll notice a new bar show up with several hour glasses on it.  The trick here is that you can click the hourglasses to reset the fight – well, all but his health. (Yes, even your cool downs) He primarily uses a Distortion Bomb to mess with you, creating giant yellow swirls on the ground.  Stay out of them, they inflict about 25k damage a second.  When your group feels like they don’t have enough room to work anymore, have someone hit an hourglass.  It will reset you, your cool downs, resurrect people if they died, and allow you to keep dpsing the boss.  Use these hourglasses wisely, and he’ll easily drop.

Hunter Loot from End Time

As always, good luck!


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  1. Need to correct your Echo of Sylvanas strat. You don’t kill the “ghouls” she summons. The party must focus fire on a single ghoul to take it down before they reach her, then the chain is broken and you can escape. That requires a bit of communication and awareness in a PuG.

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