Strategy: Hagara the Stormbinder

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We’re going back to the Eye of Eternity for this one! No giant blue dragon and shattering platforms though.

  • Name: Hagara the Stormbinder
  • Raid: Eye of Eternity Dragon Soul
  • Tanks: 1
  • Trick: Raid coordination and awareness
  • This guide is for the normal encounter.

This is largely a 2 phase encounter, but there’s a lot to it, so I’ll break it down so it’s as easy as possible.

Hagara begins the fight in a pretty plain phase, but she has a couple of abilities that she’ll use here.

  • Ice Lance – Hagara conjures crystals of ice that launch Ice Lance missiles towards a random player standing near Hagara. Ice Lances inflict Frost damage in a 3 yard area around the first player the missile impacts.
  • Ice Tomb – Hagara traps two random players in a tomb of ice, stunning the targets until other players destroy the Ice Tombs.
  • Shattered Ice – Hagara Launches a blast of ice at a random player, inflicting Frost damage and reduces the players’s movement speed for 4 sec.
  • Focused Assault – Hagara rapidly slices at her current target, swinging for 50% normal weapon damage every 0.5 sec. for 5 sec.

The first thing we have to deal with are Ice Lances, and it’s a good idea to have your range players soak that damage, especially if they are targeting melee, which will make your healers unhappy.

Important: You won’t see Ice Tombs until Hagara phases out of either the Lightning or Ice phase once.  When you do see them, random raid members will get an arrow over their head.  Do not scatter like on every other ice block encounter.  The key here is grouping up so that the tombs can be AOE’d down.

The remainder of the abilities just need to be healed through.

The initial phase seems timed, so when she emotes to summon either lightning or frost, get out of the center of the platform.

Phase 2: Ice

Hagara moves to the center of her platform and bubbles around her, reducing all damage done to her to 0.  She summons 4 Binding Crystals around the platform (at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock).  Any player caught int he bubble will have their movement speed slowed and will take damage the longer they’re in the bubble.  She drops ice from the ceiling (think Hodir) stay out of the blue ice patches. During this phase, Hagara will summon four ice waves going out from the center of the platform that will rotate clockwise around the platform until all 4 of the Binding Crystals are down.

Long story short, stay out of the center of the platform, watch for ice walls and DPS the Binding Crystals until all 4 are down.  You’ll basically be running behind an ice wall for this phase.  When all 4 Binding Crystals are down, it will stun Hagara, she’ll take increased damage and you’ll enter a dps burn period.  After a short while she’ll return back to phase 1.

Phase 2: Lightning

When Hagara phases into lightning, she’ll again put up a barrier that prevents her from taking damage, and forcing everyone to the outer ring of the platform again.  She spawns 4 lightning rods around the platform, evenly spaced at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.  She also spawns an add that needs to be killed near one of the rods.  When the add dies, the lightning then arcs to all players around the lightning rod, grounding the beam to the boss.  All 4 rods need to be grounded before you can DPS the boss in another burn period.  To get the lightning to chain to all rods, have your raid either run together the entire way around the platform to arc it to the next rod, or have your raid spread out evenly in the quadrants to arc around the platform.  Use whatever works best for your raid.

When all 4 rods are grounded, the boss becomes vulnerable again, and you’re back to a burn phase.

The Lightning and Ice phases repeat in cycles until the boss falls.

What does a Hunter need to know?

The biggest part that a Hunter needs to know on this fight is to make sure you’re helping soak the Ice Lances during the first phase (not ice or lightning).  You can deterrence if you find the damage is too much, but it can be healed through.

During the ice phase, make sure you stay moving.  It is a perfect opportunity to switch to Aspect of the Fox while continuing to damage the binding crystals.  Your pet isn’t impacted by the ice waves that rotate around the circle, so make sure you send your pet onto the next crystal as you’re running.

During the Lightning phase, the most important thing to know is you need to stay in position.  It’s a good idea to max range the add so you’re closer to the next lightning rod so it can arc over quickly.  Once one is down, move to the next one that your raid might be having trouble with to get them down as quickly as possible.

After each lightning or ice phase, use any DPS cooldowns that are available to you, the boss takes increased damage.  After the first lightning or ice phase, the regular phase will have the ice tombs, so make sure if you get an arrow over your head, you group up with your raid when they spawn, so they can be AOE’d down.

Hunter Loot from Hagara the Stormbinder

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

As always, good luck!


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  1. It is also a good idea during the lightening phases to switch to aspect of the wild for the nature resistance. Helps the healing-types out.

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