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MorchokStompy 2.0. Now with less adds and more crystals to be tanked.

  • Name: Morchok
  • Raid: Dragon Soul
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: 2 phases
  • Catch: Tank the crystals!
  • This strategy is for the normal encounter.

This is a very straight forward encounter with easy to understand mechanics, the most important part is that everyone knows what they should be doing.

Phase 1: Stomp, Stomp, Stomp!


  • Stomp – Morchok performs a massive stomp, splitting damage between all players within 25 yards. The two closest targets take a double share of the damage.In Heroic Difficulty Stomp also increases the Physical damage taken by affected players by 100% for 10 sec.
  • Crush Armor – Morchok strikes his current target, inflicting 120% normal melee damage and reducing the target’s armor by 10% for 20 sec. This effect stacks up to 10 times.
  • Resonating Crystal – Morchok conjures an explosive crystal onto the battlefield that explodes after 12 sec. for massive Shadow damage. The explosion splits the damage between three random players, and the total damage inflicted increases depending on the distance of each player from the crystal. In 25 Player raids, the damage splits between seven random enemies.
  • Furious – At 20% remaining health, Morchok becomes furious and increases his attack speed by 30% and his damage inflicted by 20%

Morchok will be tanked where you find him, and your two tanks need to be the two closest to the boss to handle the double damage from Stomp, and they’ll taunt off of each other from the Crush Armor.  Your melee will be dpsing the boss further out in the hit box, and your range will be spread around the encounter area.

Morchok will summon Resonating Crystals periodically throughout this phase, which is where your ranged will play a big part.  Ranged DPS need to stack on top of the Resonating Crystal to split the damage it creates.  Just like on Yogg’saron with his mind links, red is too far apart, yellow is better, and blue is close enough.  You will likely never see blue, as you’re probably right on top of the crystal at that point.

Phase 2: Duck and Run!

Morchok uses the power of the earth to draw all players to him, inflicting 5% of their total health as Physical damage every sec. for 5 sec. While the power of the earth draws the players to him, Morchok also summons Earth’s Vengeance.

  • Earth’s Vengeance – Shards of Earth’s Vengeance erupt from the ground, inflicting $%103178s1 Physical damage to nearby players within 2 yards and leaving behind obstacles.
  • Black Blood of the Earth – Morchok causes the Black Blood of the Earth to erupt outwards from him, inflicting $%103785s1 Nature damage and increasing Nature damage taken by 100% every sec. while a player stands within the blood. This effect stacks up to 20 times.

This is all about execution.  Morchok will draw all players to him and push spikes up around the encounter area.  During this time you cannot move or DPS.  When you’re released back on the surface, the goal is to line of sight the boss behind one of the spikes, and stick close so you’re not taking damage from the Black Blood of the Earth.  When the Black Blood is gone, phase 1 starts again.

What does a Hunter need to know?

Being ranged DPS, a Hunter’s role on this fight is to tank the crystals.  It’s critical that enough players get to the crystals before they explode to prevent wiping the raid.  During phase 2, it’s possible for Hunters to continue to DPS the boss given the right angle around some of the spikes, but this should not be done if it means you die by standing in bad.  You should be able to use your Rapid Fire DPS cooldowns once at the beginning of the fight, as well as in the last 20% of the boss’ health to power through his soft enrage.

Hunter Loot from Morchok

Still having trouble? Check out Learn to Raid’s video.

Good luck!


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

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  1. “splitting $%103414s1 damage” LOL
    Nice guide as usual Morynne, just a heads up that Seal of Primordial Shadow is not hunter loot, it has expertise on it. But lets face it; everything is hunter loot :D

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