No Blizzcon in 2012

Morynne —  January 25, 2012 — 1 Comment

I can’t hide it, I’m disappointed that there’s no Blizzcon this year.

Blizzard announced today that they’re holding their championships in Asia, and the next Blizzcon won’t be until 2013.

Now I’m all for Blizzard publishing more games.  That is the upside here.  They’re taking the time to get Mists of Panderia on shelves, Heart of the Swarm launched, and Diablo III to customers. Because well, let’s face it.  Blizzard doesn’t want to give people Diablo III for the WoW Annual Pass and not have them locked in for a few more months.

Conquest typically would get together at Blizzcon to hang out, catch up.  Drink. Heavily. Make Matt regret ALL THE THINGS.  This would have been the year I could participate with this guild, but alas — that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, unless we plan a different guild get together. (Which I’m all for)

What are you going to miss most about no Blizzcon this year?


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One response to No Blizzcon in 2012

  1. Hopefully I won’t miss too much, because I really enjoy getting together with all my guildies at the event and meeting fellow twitter followers and bloggers. But recently many folks on twitter have moved over to my guild, so I have to say my guild for being around 7 years we are creating our own Con if you will and hopefully will be meeting up, plans are in progress.

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