Mists of Panderia NDA Lifted!

Morynne —  March 19, 2012 — 4 Comments

There’s all kinds of information to sift through, and frankly, I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me to go through it all, so I’ll highlight what caught my eye for now, and dive more deeply into it over the next few days.

I love the female Pandaren model.  She’s cute, curvy, and has a mischievous look to her.  I can’t tell you how pleased this model makes me.  I’ll get into all my thoughts on this in an upcoming article. It might be Morynne the Pandaren come MoP, I haven’t decided yet.

Every single screenshot that has come out of Press week has been breathtaking.  I can’t link nearly enough of them, I encourage you to check out everything that MMO-Champion, and Wowhead have.

Monk information is coming out like crazy.  I love the fact that it’s entirely possible to deal legitimate damage as a healer, while still having the flexibility to tank or do straight damage in alternate specs.  I am glad they gave the Monks back their auto-attack, as it will likely make their damage a little more intuitive to work with.  I’m very interested in playing through all 3 specs during beta when it comes around.

**SPOILER** The last raid instance of MoP will be a siege on Orgrimmar, removing Garrosh from his position of Warchief.  It’s been awhile since the Horde and Alliance have been fighting directly with each other, then have a really horrifying turn of events to band together for the same goal.  Clearly Garrosh is going to do something that is so horrifying that both the Horde and Alliance agree that he can no longer function as Warchief.  I’m very much looking forward to learning all of this story.

I like the premise that this expansion is going to be largely a return to exploration of a new world.  We don’t immediately have a big-bad to take down, or anyone to hate.  Looking through some of the screenshots, how can you hate on some of these critters?

Oh, and did you hear? They’re talking about making Stampede a reality! It will likely be a level 87 ability for Beastmastery Hunters that calls all of the hunter’s pets out to do 80% more damage for a short time, and on a long cooldown.  I love this.

What do you think about the information so far? Are you as excited as I’m getting?


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Morynne is an avid hunter, and prefers Marksmanship. She has co-hosted the Hunting Party Podcast, and appeared on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. For more information, click here.

4 responses to Mists of Panderia NDA Lifted!

  1. I’m stoked about the possibilty of stampede. My plain old Southshore turtle, Harry, has “saved the bacon” for endless 5 mans and a few raids when the tank has died and I have had time to dismiss my dps pet and pull him out to hold the boss for the final kill. I’m seriously thinking of taming 5 turtles for 5 man dungeons just for the hilarity of a turtle stampede. :D

    I’m a wee bit concerned that they will make Panderan Monks OP …but will wait and see. I also hear that the Dwarves are going to be one of the first races to get a make over……………..makes my wee dwarven beard quiver in anticipation of being even more good looking :D

  2. I’m *really* looking forward to MoP, i just hope that I’ll actually be able to run it on my computer. If I get the job I’m after for the summer, though, I’ll most likely be able to afford to upgrade my laptop. >D

  3. Excellent post! I’ll definitely be pinning this !

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