Mists of Panderia: Press Week

Morynne —  March 12, 2012 — 5 Comments

It’s here!

MoP is getting its official press tour this week, but because of a week long NDA, we have to wait until next week to hear more. Blizzard did tease us with this little gem.  We’re getting to see female Pandarens well before we ever saw female Worgen — in fact, we’re getting to see them  next Monday, March 19th.

What do I think is going to come out of the press week?

First off, I really like the silhouette of the female Pandaren.  I think they have loads of potential, and am really looking forward to seeing her.

Here’s what I think is likely to come out of the press event:

  • More detail regarding new zones.
  • Final display of the Pandaren mount. Yaks were brought up, but were never said if they were the racial mount or not.
  • A smattering of information regarding new raids and dungeons, but nothing specific to encounter.
  • Lore. This new expansion will open tons of doors for new stories. I look forward to hearing more of this.
  • More information on pet battle system.
  • New cinematic.
  • Expected beta timeline.

Here’s what I don’t think we’ll hear:

  • We won’t see the Diablo III release date. (Duh, it’s the MoP press event)
  • We won’t see an exact beta date, or a release date of the expansion.

What do you think we’ll see? What are you hoping we get out of this press event?



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5 responses to Mists of Panderia: Press Week

  1. the image reminds me of Dwarven females. I like it just fine….though TBH, the body shape and details are never going to skew me one way or another. Blizzard has a strict mandate on their style. They don’t ever want the body frames to be perfect instead opting for slightly exaggerated or cartoony feel for all of their models.

    I am however critical of the faces. So, that is essentially where I am holding out hope for something that appeals to me. I like how the recent Goblin and Worgen faces turned out. They match what the racial concept is, IMO anyway. Hoping they do well by the Pandas too.

    • I’m hoping the female faces reflect a calm and largely positive race… I know I’m in the minority, but I really did like the original proposed design for Worgen female versus the more fierce and angry looking model.

      • I would agree on the serenity aspect. This race according to the “lore” is really about peace, tranquility, and unity. If that’s the case I want the facial expressions to be jovial and positive (as you state).

        And I think Worgen should be angry…wouldn’t you be if you were one? :)

  2. Oh! Sweet. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the lore and zones – more ammo to fire at the “lolpandas” crowd, mainly (aside from, “Guys, pandas are still bears and you don’t want to make them angry”).

    I’m satisfied that the female Pandaren will have a Dwarf-like figure.

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